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  1. Some words of wisdom but funny at paris
  2. I think you mean gravitons is not scientifically proven. The gravitational field is well established. I think you maybe have to much time watching happy feet and playing with yourself instead of learning English in Belgium.
  3. I am wondering if multiple farts from a person who has eaten a lot of baked beans can run maybe a small sized generator. The wind force will be used to turn a turbine which in turn turns the coil through a magnetic field. This should be able to power a small generator right, like a hand sized generator.
  4. This is basically what I got out of my textbook but I switch it into my own words The uncertainty principle says that you can't know both the position and momentum of particle without it affecting one or the other. Is this correct, also could you add more depth to it like tell me WHY this is so... thanks in advance
  5. I believe in God and I believe in science, but I also believe in the limitations of science.
  6. That is not great news. God loves us all and he wants us to be with him. Turn back to God!
  7. I have a question. When light bends due to gravity does light slow down or what. Cause I am wondering since mass produces gravitational field that extends to non zero everywhere in space. Even if it is a slight bit, light must always be bending in different directions, so why it doesn't slow down. Does it slow down is my question basically?
  8. Are they fuzzy looking balls of energy. I know that they are excitation in their respective fields, but that doesn't help me to imagine it visually. I want to imagine how it looks according to current quantum theory.
  9. The stupidity is what your gravity generator is producing and that is what creates the suction power which is causing the paper to go in towards your gravity generator. It is like how a fart is produces from the rectum, the fart creates a sound wave and pushes the air outwards. In your fart generator you are sucking in the fart power and that pushes the paper towel inwards with fart power.
  10. You are most likely generating stupidity. Quit the experiment it will lead you no where.
  11. What are some of the mysteries in physics that we have yet to be understood or discovered?
  12. So due to the existence of mass producing gravity, we can say that light never propagates perfectly, even in a vacuum cause interference of gravity is always there?
  13. Since everything which has mass has gravity, and the gravitational field is extends to non zero everywhere then does that mean light is always affected by gravity in even the slightest bit due to simple particles with mass existing and mass producing gravity.
  14. I was watching a documentary on YouTube, well I have watched it ages ago but someone else posted about the Ferris wheel looking thing that supposedly produces "FREE ENERGY" on here and it popped up back in my mind. I am wondering what they mean by free energy as they talk about it when referring to perpetual motion as well. I know this is impossible according to current laws of physics. So what is free energy?
  15. I have one warning point. I am wondering how many warning points can I have before I am banned. Thank you in advance.
  16. Does every elementary particles have its own field in which the elementary particle is an excitation of its respective field.
  17. Like why is my desk brown, why is my laptop black, why can I see all these things in difference colors, shades, textures and detail. My hypothesis is simply that electrons absorb and emit electromagnetic waves to our eyes. Is this true?
  18. Care to give an example of your theory in action.
  19. So for magnetism we have earths magnetic field, that occurs naturally Electricity we have lightning We have electromagnetic waves come from the sun That covers electromagnetism I think What about the other 3 fundamental interaction of nature
  20. Is it like arXiv where people post their scientific journals?
  21. So basically two questions 1. How do scientists see subatomic particles 2. How do they define their intrinsic properties to what accuracy (like mass, spin, charge etc)
  22. Is the magnetic field around the electron the same as bar magnet (rectangle magnet with north and south)
  23. Welcome back, I am just a newby here so you won't remember me.
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