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    one in where I could respond to those criticizing me.

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  1. Would you close my account here, please. I've seen what I have expected so consider my presence here terminated, thank you.

    1. Strange


      I suppose running away because you can't provide any evidence for your idea is one solution.

      I have reported your comment for you, so that the mods will see it and can ban you if they see fit.

    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Pointing out flaws or misinterpretations shouldn't be seen as kneejerk rejection, but it too often is. I don't understand why people come here if they don't want constructive criticism (unless they don't understand how it's being constructive if it disagrees with them?). 

      Anyway, you can just stop posting if you don't like it here. No need to ban you, and we don't delete anything, so the only thing banning would accomplish is to keep you from being tempted to post.