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  1. NNY

    U.S. Immigration

    The majority of your "leftovers" are given refugee status in Australia. Held in overseas Held in Australia
  2. NNY

    U.S. Immigration

    The decisions made by the Australian Parliament are, in theory, representative of the general population. "leftovers"? In the past 13 years Australia has accepted about 174,000 refugees. My policy on reps is: I only give positive reps. I never given negative reps. I just lost all my reps, but I'm fine with it. I hijacked the thread, unintentionally though, but I still hijacked it and suffered the consequences.
  3. NNY

    U.S. Immigration

    Australia's economy survives on immigration. Australia accepts about 200,000 immigrants a year, and this is what drives the Australian economy's growth. Without it, the country's economy wouldn't be so successful. But Australian immigration policy is extremely regulated. Most of our immigrants are skilled workers, well educated or rich. And it isn't cheap to get citizenship. Most people spend about 10 to 20 thousand to get 4 year visa. Not too sure how much a permanent residency visa is though, is about $4,000 without a lawyers help, but more if a lawyer is employed.
  4. To an extent yes, eg: Because Obama was President when the same thing was happening under his presidency, there is little difference between Trump's stance and Obama's stance on the subject of immigration. I summerized the NYtimes article in order to clarify the facts. Nothing else is intended. Those facts being Obama eased up on the zero tolerance policy, it was the Republicans who initiated it under Bush and that Trump is responsible for its reinstatement.
  5. Ok. According to this article, the original 'zero tolerance' policy was initiated by Bush #2 in 2005, and the zero tolerance policy was 'scaled back' by Obama, but it is Trump who has re initiated that zero tolerance policy again.
  6. Silvestru stated the following Which I agree is the original OP. US Immigration law is not the fault of the Democrats, it has always been there. But now I'm wondering what decision is it that Trump has made.
  7. The immigration "problem" in the US has been an ongoing problem for a long time. Under the Obama administration from 2010 to 2012 over 200,000 parents were separated from their children according to this article. (http://www.latinainstitute.org/en/obama-lets-down-immigrant-women) The "Wall" was first initiated by the Secure Fence Act of 2006 both Obama and Hillary supported the Act and voted in favour of it. 90% of the wall was built during both the Bush and Obama administrations. Under Obama, 2.5 millions illegal immigrants were deported. (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-deported-more-people/) But the snoops article does state: Also, the OP is funny because it is pushing a narrative that Trump is a villian, but doesn't push that same narrative against Obama, who was the President of the US when the exact same thing was happening during his term in office.
  8. My favourite Chinese learning website is LearnWithOliver, they send a sentence to your email account for free everyday, and have 4 levels. I find it pretty good, so I don't lose my Chinese. Their twitter account for Chinese is https://mobile.twitter.com/LWO_Chinese This shougi website lets you practice, and uses Western pics. https://japanesechess.org/shogi2014/ But the Japanese one is good once you know the basic moves. You start at 5級(level 5) but 1級 is the best level and 10級 beginers. You can wait from somebody to offer you a game or press one of the rectangle icons (which is a Japanese player) If offered a game just press はい(hai, yes)
  9. If you ever want to play online Shougi, ShougiOnLine is pretty good. It's pretty easy to log in, just Press the Red Button, then enter a user name, tick the check box, and a login Button will appear.
  10. I'll just do the headlines. (Probably a few minor errors though) Pic One: ニッポン人は生保が好き?Do Japanese like life insurance? (They spelt this Nippon, not Nihon, because Nippon has a more nationalistic tone to it, eg: We Japanese) 1世帯2千万円越す。Each household is covered by more than 20,000,000 yen 石油製品輸入拡大をガソリン含め9月に increase in petroleum products including gasoline in September 関税下げ更に further decease in tarrifs ボンネットバンに本田が再進出 Honda reintroduces the Bonnet Van Pic Two: 米ベトナム関係 Vietnam related 一括解決方式 One Swoop Solution policy. (About US-Vietnamese relations, US soldiers, Cambodia) Pic Three: 90日間保存できます It can be kept for 90 days (food preservation) 液晶テレビがついてます With attached liquid crystal television (Matsushita's intercom with TV) Pic Four 精神汚染批判主導 The first word is missing from this sentence but I think its about "criticizing the mentally ill leadership" 鄧宣伝部長を解任 Deng is dismissed from the CCPPD (I think this isn't Deng Xiaoping but probably Deng Liqun) 中国共産党 Chinese Communist Party オーストラリアのワイン。スキャンダル Australian Wine scandel.
  11. Hi beecee, You might find the village of Al-Sayyid kind of interesting. YouTube link.
  12. This YouTube video explains the beginning of the process in a simple manner. https://youtu.be/cx582P7HkAc?t=229
  13. In Japan this way of sitting is called 猿座り(to sit like a monkey) ,うんこ座り(to sit like you're taking a shit) ヤンキー座り (to sit like a delinquent) , カエル座り(to sit like a frog )and this way of sitting is never considered a nice way of sitting in public, it always has a negative nuance when done in public. So I wonder if this way of sitting is also considered bad manners in China when done in public. This is an interesting link (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/15/chinese-defend-einsteins-diaries-filthy-obtuse) one comment, by a Chinese person, from the article being: I wonder if this is just a sales ploy for when the translations of his diaries are bound and sold at the local book store. Controversy is a great way to guarantee interest in a product for sale.
  14. 25 might have to do with repeated shapes. So answer is E. 26 could be a continuous line puzzle. So answer is B.
  15. Marketing = Earl Admin = Dan, Carol, Betty
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