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  1. Anyone know if this propeller would actually work? When spinning up it would creat a vortex energy field that matches the universal field.
  2. Peterkin. The top dogs do not allow good ideas to take over their own ideas. You may want to live in a reality that is just and fair but it’s not as u say here. And here you say the elders keep the young one in check. Exactly. The elders make sure the young ones only make progress in the elders theories and not their own new radical ideas no matter how good the ideas are. Again I’m going to say trust me, I know, I saw. Another point to make here is that physicists claim to have revealed nature as it is with their theories but the truth is they have figured out how to expose nature in one of the many ways it can reveal itself. So long as their sponsors make money from the theories technologies than why change anything. Why look for something better if what you have is working, unless the better idea is from the same group in charge, of course.
  3. Swansont. Trust me and watch the video. Lee goes on for a while on the whole concept of quantum mechanics and How the Copenhagen interpretation is the prevailing philosophy in physics. He’s a realist and thinks the top physiatrist are lunatics. Not physiatrist I meant physicist. Bloody autocorrect. The lecture is “Einstein’s unfinished revolution”
  4. This is not a conspiracy. Watch Lee smolins lecture at the perimeter institute one of the worlds top research lab, he’s a top physicist and he’s complaining about it. Why, cause he has a good idea for quantum gravity,”loop quantum gravity”. Probably is being ignored by the guys above him.
  5. There are top physicists that have great ideas to progress scientific progress but are held back by the very top. The very top physicists choose to continuously pursue established but old theories mainly to their own benefit. Only when they die off will a whole new generation of physicists take over and pursue new ideas. In other words, the direction and pace of human evolution is controlled by very few people with a personal agenda.
  6. Spyroe Theory states clearly that nothing exists except an energy field. Humans make things like matter reality. I know mass energy equivalency and i understand what I am proposing here. What Spyroe Theory is claiming is outside of science but uses science as a base. Why, use theories like gravity to explain a mysterious energy field you may ask. Because I don't know any other way of describing it. I cannot make up words that no one else but me will understand. The shape of a spyroe could be a better way of of understanding this field. Math is needed I know but there isn't any and there probably will never be math developed for it because besides being very difficult, to describe this shape, no one would attempt it for an outsider. Vortexs are not self propelled. Right, but if they are all connected and the center one is wound up more then the outer ones then you would have them trying to un-wind.
  7. Thanks for the input Studiot. I read those papers. Spyroe theory has similarities to a lot of modern theories. that is why i find it interesting. Such a simple idea of putting vortexes on the three axis. Dimreepr, I say it is not factual because using the work "fact" is sensitive. Modern theories are just ideas, not fact. I cannot do the math and the scientists will not work on outsiders ideas. They work on ideas within their community. They have no interest in proving outsiders ideas.
  8. What about plastic, dice with no corners My website link was removed so I will write a long explanation on this thread. Disclaimer: Spyroe theory is not a scientific theory; it’s a concept, developed by an artist. For a concept to be considered a scientific theory it must be verified. The verification process starts by developing a math equation that can represent the concept. From the representative equation, physical measurements are predicted and then observed using experimental data that supports the concept. As an artistic concept, Spyroe Theory does not claim to be factual. As there is no math currently supporting the concepts involved in Spyroe Theory, it does not claim to be completely accurate in its assumptions. Spyroe Theory is an interpretation of physics, coming from a standpoint that has yet to be explored. The intention of Spyroe Theory and this website is to bring attention to theories coming from outside of the scientific community. To show an interpretation of reality from a viewpoint that may be overlooked and invite interest from those looking for a fresh idea. The proceeding text will attempt to display the similarities and differences of Spyroe Theory to other leading scientific theories. These attempts are purely visual, no math will be used, and therefore the similarities should be considered non-scientific. Theoretical Physics Today: Without any doubt, human use of modern physics has helped advance our civilizations greatly especially in the past 100 years. Since the discovery of general relativity and quantum theory, physicists have been working to figure out how the two theories can work co-operatively. Physicists predict that with this knowledge the human race would be able to time travel, move across space while avoiding time, and would have the ability to collect unlimited clean energy from the universe. Some physicists believe that general relativity and quantum theory cannot be combined, have run their course and cannot help humans evolve any longer. A completely new physics must be created for man to survive. Math is a tool we use to explain our reality. We know something is real when it can be measured. If something cannot be measured, it cannot be considered real from a scientific standpoint. But this does not mean what you cannot measure is not there. It just means we cannot make a claim that it is there. Our ability to measure is limited by what we are as much as what we are trying to measure. Spyroe theory claims that everything in the universe is part of one holistic energy field. Particles are created when there is human disruption to this field. Everything that is real is created, and limited, by how it was arranged in said field. If man had been aligned differently in this field we would perceive a vastly different reality. Can Spyroe Theory represent this mysterious energy field better than our science today? This is what any new theory would hope for. To be useful, a new theory’s characteristics’ would need to resemble the field better than the old theories. The Birth of Spyroe Theory: The shape of the Spyroe is a visualization of the accumulation of many shapes in theoretical physics. The construct of a Spyroe is simple. A pairing of 2 vortexes connected at their ends. This pair is replicated 3 times and placed on each of the x, y, and z axis, creating one singular shape with 3 of the vortices pulling towards the centre and then continuing outward. A spyroe bears resemblance to theories in physics. For example, take the notion of curved spacetime gravity, the vortices can be used to represent this. They can then be arranged to show an average of possible movements in our 3-dimensional perspective of the universe, which is shown in the 3 axis of the Spyroe. Can the physical construct of a Spyroe represent space-time gravity, with its arrangement representing the average probabilities of all interactions? With three helixes converging, what happens in the centre of this shape? At the point where they meet, there seems to be a state of indifference with 2 of the 3 helixes. Does this contradict Newtons law of motion? The Spyroe has a top and bottom as well as polar ends. Looking closer at the Spyroe, each of the vortices is spinning, and where they meet at their crests they are moving in the same direction. This is true for all but the polar ends. Three of the vortexes spin inwards and three spin outwards. Each axis has a vortex that starts from its crest, moves in to the centre then back out to the crest. The bottom half of the Spyroe is spinning inward, labeled a negative charge and the top half spinning out labeled a positive charge. At the centre of the three positive and negative charged vortexes are the polar ends. What would happen when more than one Spyroe meet? If you apply simple rules, using the labeled charge as directional and colour for wave parameters, the vortexes can combine, but with restrictions. The Spyroe can move around, attached to many others, as long as they follow the rules. Imagine the whole universe as a combination of these Spyroe, constantly unwinding into each other. The double slit experiment: The classic implementation of the double slit experiment is, a single particle that travels through empty space towards a wall with 2 slits. The particle continues through one or both slits to a sensor wall that registers a pattern. What we have learned from this experiment is that although separated from any grouping, single particles have wave like characteristics. Spyroe theory has a completely different way of describing this experiment. It assumes the particle to be a Spyroe, unwinding down through other Spyroe until it reaches the sensor wall and unwinds the Spyroe that makes up the sensor. Spyroe theory will say that everything in the experiment, the particle, the empty space, the slit wall and the sensor is combinations of spyroe. The universe: While looking at the universe from the perspective of Spyroe theory, it is one large field of energy. But this field consists of six distinct sections. Three sections wind inwards, towards the centre, the other three do the opposite, winding out. We live and interact with only one of these sections. Our section is one of the three winding out. This may be why we observe the universe expanding, and why we cannot account for missing matter. Can the notion of dark energy really be energy in the other 5 sections we cannot perceive? How we fit into the universe: Let’s look at this idea from a big picture point of view. Spyroe theory states that the universe and everything in it (including mankind) is part of a holistic field of energy. Our DNA and our position in space-time limit our perceptions. Our tools, our brains, and our emotions limit us; all being made of the energy field that we are trying to comprehend. In our attempts to describe our reality are we creating our reality?
  9. It might be, I'm not a good writer, in fact I would say I a terrible writer. But I was hoping that it would be enough for people to see it and understand the concept. Spyroe Theory claim is instead of using particles and forces to understand nature, use interacting vortexes instead.
  10. Hello Check out this concept, it could be a great idea. <link removed by moderator> What do you think?
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