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  1. I leave that to you. I hope I do not need to wait until 2100 for the breakthroughs with your models.
  2. A big deal to me, as I am not from academia. I am literally from the jungles with two machetes. So, yes, it means everything. Like I mention before, me and you and everyone here have an expiry date. Humans must continue onwards before the inevitable happens to us.
  3. Its okay, At least it is out. Its mine and its here, its for everyone to extract ideas, concepts, philosophy and a vision.
  4. Oh I am not, I just like Prime Mechanics alot, btw, I told you PM can scale, I am taking notes. All you are is just making PM even stronger. Nothings has been disproven but expanding in my model.
  5. Ha, Thanks The field will be represented as a physical system (dimension), and the system will be based on vector space, calculated with matrix math, built, measured, and mapped with geometric, symmetrical shapes, with tensors and subsections establishing curvature manifold fields. The operation operates in a trajectory wave with an equation from Prime Laws at each dimension. Mapping this field (Prime Field) will be placed inside a scalar field, a vector field that can be mapped and measured at each point of a region with added tensor operations and motion activation, such as spinor for a generated with long Compton wavelengths, to create energy. J^μ = -F^μν * D_νΛ The equation is a long chain, explaining a step continuation. That includes: Yang-Mills Noether’s theorem Gauge Fields Hilbert space Hamiltonian/Lagrangian QCD
  6. No one is forcing you to adopt my model. You have your 1960s to 2023 models. I’ll wait until 2100 for the next breakthrough with those models. All those ideas I master and yawn. It is 2023, I do not see a breakthrough with those archaic, not forward models, ideas, and concepts. All right, Baron, go make your own, right? Correct, I reinvented Physics. Created my own model. Design my own path and self-discover Everything beyond the military-industrial complex useless particle accelerators that has stalemated itself into oblivion. Question to be... "If you do not like our military-industrial complex machines, what is better? " Gravity Machine. All your questions and others are the same 1960s ideas, concepts, and questions. “What is 10-43, what is 10-43, what is the damn 10-43?” The same old 1960s; those are the wrong questions and ideas. Let us repeat 1: Newton’s Gravity is Earth-Based Einstein’s Gravity is Cosmos Based Delamotte’s Gravity is Origin Based Let us repeat 2: Newton explains the objects, Einstein explains the curvature, and Delamotte explains the origin within Gravity itself as Gravity is a open and closed system. That can be open within itself. Gravity can generate and create toward the equilibrium point within itself, at the center of itself. Let us repeat 3: Newton’s Gravity is an object-based Gravity Einstein Gravity is a Cosmos, grand scale based Delamotte’s Gravity has internals and externals that acts as an open and closed system. Open to the ground state, the vacuum state, can be extracted for Potential Energy. WHAT? Let us repeat 4: Gravity can be sliced like an atom, open to the ground state, where Dark Matter can be extracted and manipulated, and harvested for potential Energy. Gravity is a closed state that Einstein, and Newton’s Gravity takes center stage. WHAT!? Let us repeat 5: Gravity is an open and closed system that is internal and external. On the outside, aka closed system, it is Einsteins’ laws, and in this, at an object level, is Newton’s laws. WHAT!? Let us repeat 6: Gravity is a internal and external system. Gravity is a two-system phenomenal. I call it "Elemental Gravity" Let us repeat 7: Gravity Closed system has Newton and Einstein’s ideas. Gravity Open System has internals that generates the vacuum state, where Dark Matter is created and generated between 0 and 1. At the center at ½, in where Dark Energy is produced as 1. WHAT!? I repeat Gravity’s closed system is a like a compressization system (Curvature) that generate inside Gravity’s Open system to generate Dark Matter. Let us repeat 8: Gravity is based on Zeta ½, we can create a system that using prime numbers for pin-pointing mass distribution. This leads to the densification towards ½, where a rarefication happens, and the physical universe aka Big Bang, starts and expands from a negative and positive interaction. WHAT!? Let us repeat 9: I am not explaining the 1960s stalemate ideas. I am creating the machine that will generate and create Aether. WHAT!? Let us repeat 10: Lastly, Prime Field is the Model. The tools are zeta ½, and all Prime Mechanics ideas are used to create the Field, and pin-point all the matter and generate a rarefication at the center ½ and create Aether. Afterward, Gravity closes, and Einstein and Netwons ideas take center stage, leading to Darwin’s evolution. That is the Theory of Everything. —Prime Mechanics Page 88-89 "I am not explaining your 1960s models. I never intended."
  7. I'm going to sleep its 230am here. You too much lol! I want that Supersymmetry Chirality math discoveries from you on your thread. Prime Mechanics pg. 76
  8. Not even close. its done and complete. I answered everything that needs to be answer. If I missed anything, that's all nit-picking and irrelevant. My main job was to create the big bang from gravity and its done. S = ∫ d^11x √|g| [(1/2) g'^μν ∂_μ φ ∂_ν φ - V(φ) + Λ(g') θ(z)θ(1-z) - 1/2κ^2(R' + m^2(z)h') θ(z)θ(1-z) + L_m' θ(z)θ(1-z)] Here, the step function θ(z)θ(1-z) ensures that all terms in the equation are active within the range 0 ≤ z ≤ 1, while outside this range, the terms effectively become zero. Breakdown: Integral notation: The expression starts with the integral symbol "∫," which represents integration over space. The term "d^11x" represents the differential volume element in 11-dimensional spacetime. Square root of the determinant of the metric: The expression continues with "√|g|," where "g" represents the metric tensor and "|" denotes the determinant. Taking the square root of the determinant is a mathematical operation commonly used in the theory of general relativity. Kinetic term: The next term is "(1/2) g'^μν ∂_μ φ ∂_ν φ," which represents the kinetic energy of a scalar field φ. Here, "g'^μν" represents the inverse of the metric tensor, and "∂_μ φ" denotes the partial derivative of φ with respect to the μth coordinate. Potential term: The expression includes "- V(φ)," which represents the potential energy of the scalar field φ. The specific form of the potential function V(φ) is not provided. Λ(g') term: The term "Λ(g') θ(z)θ(1-z)" introduces a coupling between the scalar field φ and a cosmological constant Λ. The function θ(z) is the Heaviside step function, taking the value 1 for positive arguments and 0 otherwise. This term is multiplied by θ(z)θ(1-z), which restricts its contribution to a specific region in the z-coordinate. The Heaviside step function θ(z)θ(1-z) ensures that this term is only active within the range 0 ≤ z ≤ 1. Curvature term: The expression includes "- 1/2κ^2(R' + m^2(z)h') θ(z)θ(1-z)," which represents a curvature term. Here, "R'" represents the Ricci scalar curvature of the metric, and "h'" is a tensor related to the metric perturbation. The factor "m^2(z)" introduces a mass term that depends on the coordinate z. Similar to the previous term, this term is also multiplied by θ(z)θ(1-z) to restrict its contribution. This term involves the curvature of spacetime. It includes the Ricci scalar curvature (R') of the metric tensor and a tensor (h') related to metric perturbations. The term also incorporates a mass term (m^2(z)) that depends on the coordinate z. Matter Lagrangian term: The final term is "L_m' θ(z)θ(1-z)," representing the Lagrangian density of matter fields, denoted as L_m'. Similar to the previous terms, this term is also multiplied by θ(z)θ(1-z) to restrict its contribution. It describes the dynamics of the matter content in the theory. The integral is performed over 11-dimensional spacetime, denoted by the coordinates "x." The notation "d^11x" represents the differential volume element in this 11-dimensional spacetime, which is a generalization of the usual 3-dimensional space. The integral symbol "∫" indicates the integration over all possible values of the coordinates. The coordinates "x" represent the points in the 11-dimensional spacetime over which the integration is performed. The determinant of the metric tensor, denoted as "|g|," provides a scalar quantity that characterizes the scaling of the coordinate system, and taking its square root, as denoted by "√|g|," ensures the action functional is coordinate-invariant. Overall, the action functional represents the total energy associated with the field theory, considering the kinetic and potential energy of the scalar field, contributions from the cosmological constant and curvature, and the dynamics of matter fields. The step function ensures that certain terms are only active within a specific range of the z-coordinate.
  9. Yes, I have the impossibility job. Technically the hardest science question of all time. No other one can trump this. I am still finishing off your previous question at 2am. better to rewrite it again tomorrow or sloppy input it here now... Lets see.
  10. with a approximation. But on Earth based it is next to 100% correct.
  11. ? Newtonian gravity, is an Earth-based theory. It describes the gravitational interactions between objects on a relatively small scale, such as the motion of planets, moons, and objects on Earth. Newton gravity does not provide cosmological phenomena's, on a very large scale os the cosmos. Only Object based. its technically an object based theory aka Earth based. Now hold on I was trying to write the answer to your other questions. No wonder why I missed your questions. You literally asking a thousand at a time LOL! I might sleep and wait until tomorrow now.
  12. What the heck? Your statement is incorrect. Again another one I caught you on... Hey man... You will convince others you are the gospel truth person but I am catching you!! LOL! Newton's shell theorem does not contradict the concept of gravity or falsify the principle of General Correspondence. And the shell theorem describes the gravitational field inside and outside a spherically symmetric mass distribution. I am not talking about that... Newtons gravity is earth based, Einstein's gravity is cosmos based, and Delamotte's gravity is the the origin of origins. Prime Mechanics is 100% Newton and Einstein's Gravity. It is the Full and Final description of gravity. Aether is irrelevant, no need to bring this here. I reuse Newtons Aether and transform his version to the cosmological constant aka Prime Energy aka Dark Energy. It is not what you think, of course because you not aware of prime mechanics work still.
  13. Of course! I am literally challenging existing paradigms. I am developing new theoretical frameworks, and exploring novel experimental techniques. We have gatekeepers in the science world if you haven't noticed. Saying the say old stuff and the same old ideas and using the same old models.
  14. I think you missed the whole point, the zoo of particles is archaic and old school. Sure, do more testable predictions on the zoo of particles with no real advancements until the year 2100. It is time to reinvent physics.
  15. Why are you looking into this? It technically do not exist? Or you just want a philosophical footing?
  16. Have you looked into cosmic microwave background radiation and how it affect it? It may have influenced the generation and the amplification of chiral asymmetry and may have played a role in the emergence of chirality overall.
  17. Hey, don’t make fun of my homeboys, Aliens. They will zap you all. LOL! The decimal system is only used as time intervals, distances, masses, concentrations and such. Quantum field theory a 1920 breakthrough and 1940s and 1950s breakthrough. Standard Model of particle physics, is a 1960s breakthrough. Electroweak Theory in the 1960s. Cosmic microwave background radiation is a 1965 breakthrough. All models and papers and ideas are still being worked on that was discover 70+ years ago. Almost all significant advancements happen from 1900 to 1960s. Everything afterwards were minor discoveries of particles findings, and research areas in topics. All theories are worked on a old traditional yesterday model that everyone think is perfect and bulletproof but yet close to zero real advancements have happen. Good, let Prime Mechanic be the original contribution to this field. As stated by you many times now, prime Mechanic will lead this field on its own.
  18. My favorite scientists are Wallace and Darwin. Started originally writing a Darwin book, Prime Selection (Called it something else before, systematic progression). Look up here in page 4, you can see my Darwin work, 1/10th+ of it. Explain and answer in full detail how single cell was created to how religion was form on Planet Earth. A full work on Darwin, but it was only 50+ pages and knew that was not enough. And outside the internet people kept on saying, nonsense like, Big Bang what a joke, and no one knows, god did it and stop with this nonsense Baron you will never figure it out... I was like okay hold my beer. Like literally. 15 years later in 2023... here I am Also, spare time in 2021 I published a Political sci-fi Novel, 400pgs, setting the year 2076. So yes, I am aware. In the book lots of A.I inventions and Ideas, so I incorporated that into Prime Mechanics as Prime Principles. In total Prime Mechanics is 340pgs. So to answer your question, I mention it here before, Thesis papers and everything on arvix are so boring and dry and explain why the layman average person hates science and stays away from it. I remember Lex Fridman said, all these thesis and papers are not intuitive with no graphs, diagrams. How can it inspire the average person to be passionate and spark a eureka in them with no creative expression in those papers. And most importantly, Einstein, "If you cant explain it simply, you do not understand it enough." "Gravity Generated and Created." —Prime Mechanics ' Prime Mechanic was not written as a Story, but I made sure it was easy to digest, with the hardest unsolved ideas of math and ideas incorporated in it. From Gravity to Single Cell to Lucy to a Type 3 civilization. "In other Planetary Systems with life, we will encounter many monstrous, dangerous species. We must reach type III civilization before anything happens to us." —Prime Mechanics You ask the heart and soul of Prime Mechanics. Pg, 9 The Prime Field will be our architectural model of Gravity. It is based on the world equation, Prime ½. It is part of the Riemann Zeta Function Re(ζ) = ½, as it is the distribution of Prime Numbers (Matter) and Zeros (Constants). This will lead to renormalization and invariant systems within our model. pg, 10 They are well-known, established numbers that are not probabilistic but deterministic that create functions, actions, and motions. Below the pages, we will go through all the constants and explain that each one acting as one to create a singular constant, the Prime Field. A fixed and well-defined constant combined will create a physical property like Aether. Throughout the chapter, you will see Prime Numbers as a representation of Nature, Forces, and Constants; Prime is “Prime” in reverse order. pg, 14 The book’s layout will show Prime Numbers and dedicated numbers to represent how to create Gravity, solve singularities and showcase determinism. With the laws of Prime, recognizable, repeated numbers are shown such as Permutable Prime Numbers. Pg, 14 Let us take two numbers from all Prime Numbers, 37 and 73, and use them throughout the book as an example. 73 is a permutable Prime Number that can be switched like a rubric square rotation to 37. This operation follows the essential step of the loop system of Prime Field of going upwards from 37 to 73 and then looping back downwards as part of the Prime Laws—Prime Laws are 3n + 1 into the Xn + 1 repetition loop to cause a state of balance in a continuous fundamental repetitious function throughout the 11 Dimensions. Pg, 16 Gravity as zeros based on Prime Numbers gravitates towards Prime ½, a place between 0 and 1. This region is a confinement area, a placeholder that densifies and creates Prime Matter, a vessel, and a place to build a rarefication called Aether, Prime Energy. Hell yeah, its the math of the ALIENS! —Prime Mechanics
  19. @Mordred Prime Mechanics is not a ‘convenient’ scapegoat in not explaining the exact measurement of particle creations, especially the strong energy force. It is not about rewriting physic but providing the origin of time, the creation of the big bang, and our existence. It provides a new systematic tool, a program that can create Gravity and find the distribution of Matter. 1. New Model 2. Particle accelerators 3. Mathematical feasibility 4. Observational compatibility 1. The New Model is the Prime Field. A place that is based on ζ(1/2) We are creating Gravity without particles. We pin-pointed Dark Matter and creating a physical system, “Aether.” 2. We are not using a particle accelerator, as they are obsolete. We are building a Gravity Machine. The technologies of the Aliens. A type 3 civilizations machine. The works of PM is not of today, but for the future seekers. Particle Accelerators are War mongers, WW2, military-industrial complex trash pet projects. 3. I said this before, Mathematical feasibility? Prime mechanics can be easily debunk, by disproving Riemann hypothesis, P versus NP problem, Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, Hodge conjecture, Navier-Stokes equation, Yang-Mills theory, Poincaré conjecture, and so many others like Prime Numbers. Prime Mechanics is Yes to them all, and needed to prove them as ‘Yes’ for the creation of the Prime Field. As I said, Prime Mechanics math is not ordinary but extremely complex and beyond the traditional norm. Again a Type 3 alien civilization math as I kept on describing it. 4. The very first observation was the Google discovery of “Gravity created Light.” And the funny thing is it discover 3 weeks after I published Prime Mechanics. Overall, no one knows what the true theory of everything is. I am literally saying a dozen times we are stuck in the 1960s with models and math that are not getting us anywhere. We are only explaining the zoo of particle physics. That’s narrow, and what Einstein said, “Quantum Mechanics is incomplete.” So yes, as you noticed, my model and yours are completely different but the same in other areas. Here are prophecies: “Of course, we all knew that Gravity created everything. Well, duh, we all knew this.” Another prediction, “Well duh, the Universe is a Steady State hosted by Gravity that converged towards the equilibrium point that initiated Aether, and our 4D existence was created. Well, duh, we all knew this.” Another prediction, “G=EM, Gravity generated, within itself electromagnetism, the weak and strong force, creating ‘Aether’ the Big Bang and producing our 4D Universe. Well, duh.” Let it be known; Prime Mechanics stated it first. For fun anyone wants to challenge my Darwin Science I posted on top? It is beyond a master Biologist 😊 "I wrote the exact origins of a unicellular organism. Prime Mechanic explained, it is not a mystery anymore." — Prime Mechanics
  20. This is it. This is what I meant by my Prime Field. This is why I do my jabs and punches. We need a new math, a new method, a new idea. A new way figuring this out. So, I build a system, a tool, a new but well known old math structure. The equilibrium point is between 0 and 1, located at 1/2. The distribution of matter is within a 1 dimensional line. 1/2 is a concentrated area, a place of congregation, the location of Dark Matter. A density spot for the origin of the physical universe. The origin of spins, the origins of where Gravity gravitates.
  21. That is sad to hear. With your knowledge, experiences, and data, GUT should be the final end goal. You do realize that humans at the moment have an expiry date. I made sure, Prime Mechanic is out. I wrote a book as it is symbolic and a tool that lives forever. I know how to use the blockchain, so it will be tattooed into the internet sphere forever. Once A.I is build they will know Prime Mechanics as I created “Omnigear” A Yes to "A P=NP, martial artist robot." “If I was going to write, I make sure it’s a masterpiece.” Prime Principle
  22. I will not give you a overview. I will give everything I wrote on it in the book. Its only 1/10th of Prime Selection Prime Mechanics Prime Selection Prime Principles Those are the three Parts of my Theory of Everything. One of my favorite quotes, and its by me "One of the first is in the family group of ‘flagellate species,’ which looked like serpent dragon monsters. At this point, the reader should know that alien species can evolve into monstrous-humanoid species. A zoo of universal alien (monstrous) species can easily be replicated throughout the cosmos." -Prime Mechanics
  23. Yes, it is an original contribution to the theory of everything. It is about the origin of Gravity, the Final Relativity, and the connection to all ideas as 1. Prime Mechanic describes all particles as gravity pockets. This means all are excited state points. A density point, a marker for locality, and a place for pin-point extraction for potential energy. Overall, all particles are not waves or points, its, drum roll, Elemental Gravity. I wrote this 10 different ways here in the thread. Yes, of course, 😊 , its technically similar to the news articles that are floating on Google and stealing my thunder. Gravity moves onto itself, generates, and creates. Yes, on substack, I drew a diagram (in the book too), a picture, a massive black hole in the center, a Dark matter halo around Galaxy, and all objects are in a constant straight flat trajectory fall towards the center as the center increases. Yes, pg. 158, “Let us move on to Dimension 1 to keep the Dimension flowing.” Here I use math to penetrate through a black hole. With everything said from pg.1 to 158, I concluded that we live in a finite, infinite-limit universe. We can go beyond a black hole, I technically stated. Let me state, Blockholes are part of Elemental Gravity, it is gravity itself as a dense deformation. Conditions, yes, not for the specific original Galaxy. The first Galaxy was a gas and dust. No, No such thing. Prime Mechanic disagrees with String Theory, Geometric Unity, A Big Graph, M-theory, E8 theory, and any many-world interpretation. Did not write about FTL, Warm-holes, multiple existences, and multiple world ideas. This stuff I consider poison and a waste of time. All anyone needs to know is Gravity. I specialized in Darwin; this is my bread and butter. Page 205 to 252 I explain the origin of single-cell organisms and the transition to muti-cell. An in-depth technical detail process of how a single cell can be created from nothing! Move into the ocean and continue onwards to fish, mammals, dinosaurs, and our ancient primates (Platyrrhini and Catarrhini) and ancestors. Chapter 2 I explain the origin of Religion, proving it is Earth-Based Chapter 3 I explain the origin of Religion pt.2, as a human creation. Your next question: More? Afterward, I explain the tools and applications of prime mechanics and build an artificial Robot. A Terminator. I build the brains, the heart, and the materials that need to be used. I posted this last page on the bottom in a picture read. If you are not well verse in the discussion above or Prime mechanics, that stuff will be too foreign, because I am applying all concepts, ideas, connections', maths https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langlands_program in this. This is the key to the theory of everything. Must apply all ideas as 1. Afterwards, Explain, GEM can create Gravity force fields, Prime Computers (Beyond Quantum mechanic computers) Explain, for predictions and warnings, how to reach a type 3 civilization and the warning of monstrous, dangerous alien species in our universe and conclude stating Gravity is the host of host.
  24. It seems like you want that Nobel Prize, huh… I know what you are up to. It’s funny, your model is the possibility of a standardized approach for the theory of everything. And my model is an impossibility of a type 3 alien civilization of the theory of everything. Good, I went my route, as my discoveries still blow me away, as I can not get it out of my head. Well, people will hate this; it’s tattooed into my brain, “Gravity is a process that begins with small, discrete bits that transform by fluxing, dragging, and decaying onto themselves, generating and creating invariant manifolds. This continuous process involves a combination of 11 dimensions, spins, heat bath, positioning, and clustering at ½, between 0 and 1, which leads to a densification at this region. As the densification occurs, mathematical deterministic fundamental, dimensional constants are formed that led the way to the center of the equilibrium point, which is a point of infinity towards s=1. This process generates a negative force from the positive, leading to the creation of a physical system where our current existence is located, in a 4 Dimensional flat surface universe.” So that’s my model, written in many ways in this thread now. Okay, now your model starts 😊 Once the creation of the physical system is created, aka Big Bang (Aether), we can figure out all the things you want to find out. Big Bang (t = 0 seconds) - the initial singularity, a state of infinite density and temperature. Planck Era (t < 10^(-43) seconds) – The supposed origin of Time. (It’s wrong, Gravity motion is Time) Inflationary Epoch (t < 10^(-32) seconds) – Explains the uniformity and structure of the universe. Particle Era (10^(-32) seconds < t < 10^(-12) seconds): – Hot, dense plasma state. Nucleosynthesis (1 second < t < a few minutes): – The creation of LIGHT. And the rest is amateur hour… Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: (1 second to a few minutes): This is where Gravity creates light. It’s not 380,000 years later like the old traditional idea. What Prime Mechanic is stating, and the new discoveries that Gravity created light can be placed here. People must take this seriously. Prime mechanics is not playing around. So a reformation of thinking must be applied in my opinion. So, with the Specific timings, number densities are highly skeptical unless you find out the exact methods and procedures of Gravity’s motions and actions and transformation in creating stuff. I hate that people are stealing my thunder , but they could never say my model how I said it! 😊 - https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/deep-space/a43567763/gravity-can-create-light/
  25. Yes, this is the key. This was what I was trying to express with my Prime Land. But for me was a multi-level connection. Not only mathematical methods, but concepts and even philosophy. A good philosophical approach is good because you can twist and manipulate a math methods to strange areas of connections. Here in Pg.82, as an example I am taking ideas and combing them. Its crazy because with this approach you can clearly checkmate yourself but if you don't a whole new world will be created. Creating a grand system. No I haven't. I think you are after a particular model (models on Higgs?) and my model is strictly Gravity. I just used Yang Mills instead, what I needed to solve was the Mass Gap, the Vacuum state and transformations with my system. Figuring out the distribution, keeping a transformative invariant transformation within each stages. So, is your Model strictly based on Higgs? Are you trying to find Dark Matter or a Phase Transition?
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