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  1. Simple answers: 1. what is a 'god' Answer: A imagination of a human being creative thought 2. how could a 'god' be Answer: By the actions of a man to convince himself and dupe others in the creation of a physical entity. 3. what proof is there of a 'god' Answer: The domination of a ruler A.K.A Man to rule and judge over other human beings gives a sense of a God. 4. how do you know the bible or some other religious book wasn't just some storybook for kids to behave way back when. It wasnt. The bible is just a history book for a generation to keep on g
  2. I think a easy way to explain this is Elementary particles have spin. A 3 degree freedom function. 1. charge 2. Spin 3. Orbital momentum of a massless particle can in theory create a gravitational field
  3. Where are you guys getting these awesome pictures From?
  4. The Greek Septuagint was written around 400 A.D Archimedes was born around 200 B.C Translation of it from Hebrew to Greek around 400 A.D and put in the word "Eureka" Translated: I have found among the exiles from Judah a man who will make known to the king. From Daniel 2.25 "I have found" replace with the word "Eureka" Only 2 times the word was used. One time in Daniel and another time in Hosea And both times "I have found" is replaced with "Eureka" or another way to write it in a similar way. Also even thou the word was used 130x. Archimedes made it famo
  5. Hahaha. No I do not have an agenda. He asked. I wrote for fun about it. He asked me an argument on it and I wrote a response. I didn't want him guessing why the heck I said that and ran away without any feedback
  6. Socrates is a mix bag of everything. He resembles Jesus without any divine abilities. A teacher/philosopher/poet and mentor. Never wrote a single word on paper and taught many and was prosecuted for his belief. Just like Jesus, Socrates death and philosophy inspire his pupils to follow and write stories about him afterwards. Maybe the argument could be he was just like Mohammad or Homer a illiterate individual who others wrote wonders about. Or those individuals are the real authors of their figment of imagination to create a hero / antitype. Plato was a proflic profound remarkabl
  7. That last list was for fun. Of course it's not scientific. You did read the fun part right? And also rhetoric and drama and comedy and tragedy can easily be label next to my personal favorites. Plato invention of Socrates - Well this could be classified as rhetoric and comedy And Greeks inventions of Gods/Demons - this can be classified as drama and tragedy Sorry bud I pretty much listed everything Cheers P.S. now don't start the insulting wars for no reason
  8. Greek inventions: Hydraulic wheel Cement Analog computer Odometer Umbrella Cranes Papanicolaou test Alarm clock Sieve of Eratosthenes Catapult Cartography Automatic door Archimedes’ Screw aka "screwdriver" Basic Medicine Concept of democracy Coined money Basic heating (not like how the Romans did it thou) Anchor ------------------------------------------------ My own personal favorites: (For fun) Plato invention of Socrates Aristotle imagination Greeks inventions of
  9. Lol that is a little harsh.. I meet him at 25% the bare minimum. Why? Well his view points are basic theological belief system. And my assumption he and most likely you and others here not familiar with jewish kabbalah. Long time ago I study the logos system and he's getting to somewhat to those types of points. It's pointless and useless now these days but in a mystical sense it's attractive. Not to me thou. I consider it folly. Hello Mike, What you are trying to get at will not be in science sadly. I have a feeling with the the absolute hard evidence o
  10. Thank zeus he never did that!! Selfish Gene was absolutely thought provoking by its title and it's content.
  11. God has filled the mind of man with darkness, and kept him in ignorance of his real duties and true interests. It is only by dispelling the clouds and phantoms of Gods, that we shall discover Truth, Reason, and Morality. God diverts us from the causes of evils, and from the remedies which nature prescribes; far from curing, it only aggravates, multiplies, and perpetuates them "The definition of God is the downfall of humanity"
  12. Wait a minute. The concept of the date was not the period of how we discover this process! Of course I know the Greeks knew this! And over time through theological belief of God and hierarchy we thoroughly ponder on it more. And than the middle ages theologians/philosophers developed a better understanding of it but not as scientific of it untill the 19th century. I did a poor job in mentioning that I was quoting a professor from the 1980. Eminent paleontologist and evolutionist Niles Eldredge since the 1980’s, came up with the hierarchy theory And it's fascinating
  13. This is a easy one: Gold dose not oxidize. Gold is highly efficient conductor Gold is free from corrosion Gold is helping with arthritis Gold has been used for over 4000 years. And it is the most beautiful and scared item of all time. Gold is flexible and malleable Gold is good for like to absorb heat. Great for space travelling Gold is rare and hard to come across and it is a perfect unit for currency exchange. Gold is not toxic And 1 thousands more important values for gold
  14. I completely disagree. Hierarchy is an evolutionary movement. If you look at it in a biological perspective you realize that smaller units form all the components of the larger system. Examples, cells, organism, organs, trees in forests etch.. This idea was from the 1980s. Hierarchy formed out of simplistic multi level structure to complex deterministic phenomena. And this works in all categories. Especially in human being who will to the end of time will always look upwards and advance himself to become stronger. And the question is "who is above or below" is the thing that humans
  15. Thinking how you think we will never get rid of this errorness monstrous idea call a "God". Evolution dose not need a pervert sky man to over look things. The definition of God is the downfall of humanity
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