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  1. Predictably, schools and life teach us what we want and need to learn. I want to also learn the unpredictable. Science without imagination is like toast without butter. I prefer homemade apple butter on mine. There are many great minds here but some of them remind me of the first video games that came out...stuck with what they were "programmed" with.
  2. the speed of light changes as it passes through different parts of space and we cannot calculate the speed as we once thought....correct? If we send a beam of light from earth and between earth and the target there is a collapsed star or a worm hole then that beam of light could slow way down....???? so...like everything else there must be a plan, a rule, a map etc...to engage a test. But even after the latter we can't be at the point of light to measure it...thus proving math is just a concept WE have made to try to place order in our minds...."if we don't cast out a fishing line nothing will get caught...." becomes an oxymoron because EVERYTHING "we" do is explicit to our reality of which we create FOR us. We can only see our reality because we are blinded by the shades we place over our own eyes BECAUSE of our "reality".
  3. This may not be the place to discuss this but thought i'd give it a try. Why doesn't anyone make/sell a personal huge hard drive DVR that we could upload a thousand movies to and create a personal organized library of movies so we could watch one at any time? A device that we can insert a DVD, record it onto the device and then manipulate it in an organized library. Then watch it, record it onto a another DVD disk or a thumb drive...does anyone make this type of hardware?
  4. Hope all is well with you during and after your operation.
  5. I apologize for my ignorance, I just find this topic fascinating and will do some research before I make a fool of myself again...or at least try lol. Thanks
  6. I would say plant life had a long time to develop and grow and multiply thus creating soil because isn't soil made from partial plant life? The earth had to of been all rocks, fire/heat from volcanic reaction, water and different gases. No plant life, no life whatsoever. Ok then, if earth was just a molten sea of rock and then eventually cooled down I guess a type of soil could have developed via rock movement and wind/water/fire erosion. This soil would have been sand and powder having the elements of whatever the types of rock held, water, ash, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide but no methane or oxygen yet? So obviously the latter "basket of goodies" had to of created the very first plant life. I'm sure those of you much smarter than myself know the correct terms and names for the above but essentially the above scenario is about right? If I missed some ingredients for that (place in time) please fill it in and then answer the question above. If these set ingredients created the very first plant life then it would be astounding to know what this first plant would look like and the cells/dna picture. Since it seems it would be easy to determine this very first soils elements, it also seems it would be easy to replicate it in the lab. But then again i'm sure there were different (and less) elements available back then, that we have no clue about.... So if we have the basic known elements from the above scenario has any lab tried to create a plant life....or "life"? Because knowing what was there at the beginning rules out much other elements that would not have been there before plant life...I am assuming plant life was the very first "life" form because from plants we got methane and oxygen right? And we needed the latter two elements to start other life forms next...right? Would be nice to see an updated synopsis from the time the earth cooled until the first life form... showing the elements to that point (very first life form).
  7. So in this "soup", which came first in the Genome? And what is the finding for how different genomes manifested...was it part of the evolutionary process or happened right off the bat?
  8. The way I lost weight quickly was to go on a strictly seafood diet.. you can eat as much as you want but no bread (no buns or breaded coatings), no dairy and also eating a lot of spinach salads with traces of chicken, onions and a little dressing. When you get tired of seafood eat a plate full of green veggies and a few Kiwi's....no potatoes Stay away from any drive through. If stuck in a restaurant dont eat any bread or breading or gravy, pasta etc. My rule of thumb is If a certain food fills you up quickly it is a sign to not eat that particular food at all.,,example is potatoes, cereal, cakes, almost everything lol. Some foods that do not fill you up quickly are seafoods, veggies, watermelon, etc......think about it...it is usually the crap put over/on the food that makes you fat.
  9. I still find it hard to fathom the millions of life forms (plant, insect, hominid, homo sapiens etc.) that have evolved from the original bowl of soup....yes there were many different bowls of soup scattered across the globe (had to of been) but the primordial soup would have had the same or very similar ingredients. What is the theory on how we got so many life forms from the original primordial soup? Over time I'm sure new bowls of soup arrived starting a new life form. Why have we not witnessed a new life form appear in the last say 500 years? Besides in the lab...
  10. i agree and disagree. In some cases we need control and in others we don't...depends upon the circumstances. If we "live and let live" and do not try to grow won't we become stagnant? But I think I know what you mean. You hit on another great point "The only mindfulness you need is to understand yourself well enough to forgive the same faults in others." I think I said earlier some people do not need to practice controlling their thoughts so this thread would be focused on those who do. I feel the aspect of actually being in charge of what our brain thinks is a practice many people need, but in order to obtain a level of triumph they first need to know that they need to use this practice. In other words there are many people who live their lives in an angry pit, or in a naive pattern, a defensive mode etc. etc. Picking out a problem area we have and applying this practice...if one does it enough he/she will succeed and eventually it will be a part of their norm...a happy ending. And what's wrong with being happy all the time? Or most of the time? Being content/happy is not saying one doesn't strive for more knowledge...it's saying the journey will be a more relaxed and enjoyable one. Why choose to be angry when we don't have to be...or sad...or worried...or or or or. Because when we are the latter things we are "choosing" and "deciding" subconsciously to be those things. I know that when my dog died I was sad and still am...I chose to keep this emotion because of the love I have for her, but I chose to not let the emotion ruin my work or play or day. When I had to have my horse put down a few weeks ago (because of her age and health) I could not be there when the vet did it or when the tractor dug the hole and buried her because it (for me) would have been to difficult. I chose to avoid the scene in hopes of remembering our years riding together and her yelling at me for food etc. In the past before I practiced being in control of my actions/brain I probably would have become angry, got drunk and caused other drama to myself and others like so many people do today. All in all the practice of being aware of ones thoughts does change lives for the better and cannot see any way it could change lives for the worse..of course unless a person has serious mental disorders and should be medicated the rest of their lives.
  11. Lol you're right! This has probably already been said but some obvious reasons to say animals have a conscious is that they learn, listen and react and also have a kind of reasoning. To say that the latter is all instinct.... Maybe they have progressed to the point beyond our intellect and realized the things that matter the most lol....food/survival..the rest being redundant.
  12. Why is there no forum for it? Just asking....(new guy) Or did I not see it somewhere?
  13. I think I can say in all honesty that most of us here do not understand the functions of thought inside an animals brain and that this topic is very interesting to say the least. I just wanted to throw-in my .02 and say...what if animals do have a conscious and use it but do not have any emotions? I know that my last dog would "pout" when he was yelled at...he would put his head down (like in shame) and walk away and lay down somewhere for awhile. Is that an emotion? or is it a conscious? If animals had no emotions then maybe this is why we cannot understand how they think because humans main base is emotions. I'm probably all wet but wanted to throw this in the mix. Also, regarding the following quote by Ten oz I want to thank Ten oz for putting it on here because although I am a big dummy, this quote has ran through my mind in the past regarding these types of people but of course not in those exact words.I just hope I am not one of them....or maybe all of us are in some small way.
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