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  1. Trying to clear my doubts before my test. Thank you!
  2. Trying to clear my doubts before my test. Thank you!
  3. But is there any scientific reason for this phenomenon?
  4. Well i am only 14 years of age and i don't think it its required to write it like an english essay paragraph xD.But it won't hurt to try! Thanks alot for everyone's contribuition!
  5. Ahhh.So is it possible if i answer it like this:"Since the disturbance of the liquid medium caused the surface of it to be rough,a diffused reflection will occur as it reflects off the liquid medium,leading to the blur image of Martin". Please do correct me if i'm wrong
  6. But why is there a reflection on a transparent liquid :/?
  7. Well if light hits a smooth surface,it will be reflected in a regular manmer(angle of inc=angle of refr)and if it hits a rough/agitated surface,it will be diffused and scattered. Unfortunately that's the only thing i learnt so far about reflection.
  8. Sorry!I honestly have not much idea what you guys are talking about :/.I'm pretty sure the reflection would be "diffused".But the liquid is transparent though.
  9. So i have a homework question regarding the topic "light".Here's the question(Note:This is a three part question and i am only asking the 3rd part,the whole question basically asked me to plot the graph of angle of incidence and refraction when a light ray is shined through air and then liquid(transparent),and predict the angle of refraction with a given number of angle of incidence.) Martin had,on several occasions,accidentally pushed the container containing the liquid medium.As a result,some light was observed to have reflected iff the boundary of the liquid medium instead of passing through it.Martin saw a blur image of himself on the disturbed liquid medium. Suggest why the disturbance of the liquid medium could result in the formation of a blur and unclear reflected image of Martin. Any basic but vivid explaination would be greatly appreciated(Since i'm only learning pretty much the basics of light) Thanks
  10. Nope!Apparently i have to seperate some questions from a previous post of mine(request from moderator).And nope this aren't homework questions. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
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