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  1. When,one way or another, most of our daily choices are, for the most part, quite trivial, does it really matter too much how or why we make those simple choices? Witnessing the heart-shredding anguish of those poor parents in Manchester and wherever else children are slaughtered, perhaps the only choice of any real consequence in life, when we are able to make a sane choice, is just to do no harm.
  2. Great link. Thanks. He can even make rubber-bands interesting!
  3. Yes.Thanks. To me, the canvas is our daily life, and whatever we are inside ourselves is what we add to that canvas - for better or worse. Thanks, too, for the Feynman post: he talks a great deal of good sense.
  4. It's clear to me that the only possible " canvas " we have to work on is each moment of our daily life, and whatever we are within ourselves is the colour we add to that canvas. Life is our relationship with each other and the world,and, as sane and sensible adults,when able to act rationally and make our own choices, whatever we bring to that relationship, be it love or hatred, order or disorder, kindness or cruelty, tolerance or intolerance, peace or conflict, or whatever else, is entirely our own responsibility: what we are within ourselves is what we project onto the world. Chaos within cr
  5. You're forgiven. Ha ha! Please don't get me wrong - i love science, but a purely scientific interpretation of the physical world just isn't fulfilling enough for me.
  6. Keats was actually complaining about philosophy, not science, when he wrote that: " Philosophy will clip an Angel's wings........and .....unweave a rainbow. " He also studied medical science for many years so i think we can give him some credence. I certainly wouldn't call him an idiot.
  7. For certain, we can philosophize about life, and philosophy has been a great help to me in my own life. Philosophers, poets and scientists, too, have long been trying to to give a clear, satisfying explanation for, and a description of, Life; but however sound the logic, however beautiful the poetry, however clever the science, the description is never actually the the thing described: the word " table " is not the table. Perhaps i should have been clearer when using the words " religious experience ". I didn't mean " religious " as in belonging to a religion,but " religious " as it derive
  8. I can appreciate this too, Prometheus: everything that exists in our universe is, in essence, a different expression of, and from, the same source. Some things occur naturally, others are man-made fabrications, but everything from a pen to a shoe, from a daffodil to a lobster, from an amoeba to a coral-reef, from an eyelash to Enceladus, even the universe itself ,has this common source, whatever that source is, or however science and/or religion try to explain that source. Nothing that exists is separate from the universe, and all exist in the same moment of time and space, and each part of th
  9. Question answered. Thank you, Strange. ( And Mr. Lagrange! ).
  10. It's highly improbable, but i'm thinking of a binary star system wherein both stars are identical in all properties,( size, mass etc. ), but just not near enough to cause each other any gravitational disturbance or exchange of matter, and a planet is situated exactly at the barycenter of the two stars and , so, in effect, the stars are orbiting the planet ( sorry Copernicus! ). Would that planet be completely immobile in space and/or affected in other ways by the gravity of those stars?
  11. DrmDoc, please tell me if i've understood this correctly: Is it that, without the subconscious as a " go-between ", there would be no interaction of the conscious/unconscious brain functions? Yes: reading books or newspapers, i have often " read " a word in my mind that, looking back,wasn't the word on the page. Read your post a few times, TAR, and i would only add one thing: that conscious thought can also be abstract, not completely tied to the needs of survival. Apart from that, i agree with just about everything else. The apparatus of consciousness is the same for ev
  12. I don't doubt for a moment,TAR,that you saw something in that driveway years ago, or that your then future brother-in-law has different recollections of what happened - my sister and i have very different memories of growing up in the same house together and of going to the same school at the same time. Police often tell,too,of eye-witnesses giving conflicting accounts of the same incidents. I've never had any " supernatural " experiences like that myself, but i would never scoff at anyone who says they have. I recall that, many years ago, shortly after my mother died, her young grandson, then
  13. Very helpful reply. Thanks again, Strange.
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