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  1. The Elephant in the littlest room!

    lol the discussion is very hilarious @DrP Why don't you check out about using a Indian style toilet bowl you are right about the clearance part too and also if you know about what angle you should be shitting as to avoid infections in your bladder . if you use a western toilet , you are mainly at an angle of around 90 deg , making it bad for your bladder and hence your body And if you use a Indian style toilet bowl you got to to sitting around an angle more than 90 deg , making it more comfortable for your bladder to function and hence be clean. -demon
  2. Deja vu Mystery Solved?

    are you kidding me ? you dont lose your imagination , it is just that you are more busy and your brain gets occupied almost all the time . experiencing Deja vu is good your brain too , it enhances your thinking and reasoning skills .
  3. Cool Facts

    f there used to flea circus too , according to the " Ripley's believe it or not " book performing stunts to firing mini canons . and about snake , how do u know that ... if they accidentally end up eating a leaf ?
  4. is our clothing scientific?

    I guess all we have to look into is that : is the cloth comfortable enough the longevity of the cloth and the how eco-friendly it is . The topic is just not making any sense to me .
  5. if 0 is used as a divider , then why is it in the first place ? and also the code is not ending with a zero , so thats confusing me , is it the right code? oww it is solved I see ... ' HELLO ' .. afterall .