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  1. For a science fair project, I am going to test some various organic dye sources and see how that affects the efficiency of dye sensitized solar cells. I was curious if I needed a specific type or titanium dioxide or if normal TiO2 would work if I friended it in a mortar and pestle. Any information would be appericiated, thanks.
  2. Any age or skill requirements?
  3. Jessek

    Where to learn

    Thank you for the reply. I have watched all khan academy videos on physics and liked that, I am also learning engineering and computer sciences. Chemistry (and nano tech but I don't have the equipment for that) are the 2 fields that I like the most. Aerospace engineering would also be fun. As for biology, and geology, I can tollorate them but I do not love them. Sorry, I meant to say I would like to work my way up to synthesis.
  4. This may be a bit late but you can... Mix a nitrate salt and sulfuric acid and distill it over, a video goes over this in more detail on nurd rage YouTube. Also, there are some reactions with hydrochloric acid that will produce it. Lastly, you can order some from united nucleur but I believe that the price is pretty high.
  5. As an idea, You can also get zinc from lantern battery cell casingsand get some magneese dioxide in the process. Also, phosphorus can be obtained from matchboxes. This is just an idea for anyone looking at this topic.
  6. I am setting up a home chemistry lab and was wondering what the best place to order chemicals and glassware is. I have found that a good sulfuric acid supplier is duda energy but I can't find a good website for glassware. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Jessek


    Can anyone recommend a good chemistry book for a beginner. I know I have learned up to the mol and Avogadro number so I know about isotopes and the atom. I also know a little bit about bonding but I would like a refresher on that. Thank you.
  8. Jessek

    Electrolysis help

    I am using electrolysis so I can experiment with different types of electrodes. For example, I believe if I use copper electrodes, I could make copper chloride. Thank you for your concern, I am starting to reconsider this reaction and maybe go with HHO as I believe it is safer.
  9. Jessek

    Electrolysis help

    I understand your concern. Some of the safety precautions I am taking are respiratory protection, protective gloves, ventilation, and eye protection (obviously). I am planning on using it for making soap and possibly experimenting with neutralizing acids compared to sodium bicarbonate. As for the crystillization, I have fun doing that and have done it, I just would like to learn about electrolysis.
  10. If I am trying to do an electrolysis with NaCl and water, would the reaction be NaCl+H2O --> NaOH+Cl+H. Also, if it matters I am using graphite epectrodes and a 6v DC wall adaptor. (Sorry if I am bad at this, I am in 6th grade and am in the proccess of online totorials (khan academy) for chemistry)
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