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  1. I want to invite anyone in the Baltimore, MD area to come visit us for one of our weekly meetups. We get together to work on all things related to science and technology. We mostly focus on the technology portion right now but I would like to get more people who are interested in science to start hanging out with us as well. Visit http://baltimorehackerspace.com for more information. FYI, this is not some lame group of guys. We have mathematicians, robotic engineers, bio engineers, and more all hanging out together sharing ideas and working on projects. Together we can accomplish anything.
  2. I am researching the necessary components to build a Rapid Protoype 3D Printer. Check out http://www.reprap.org for the open source example I am basing my project off of. I was wondering if any of you knew of a fast drying liquid that cured into a solid nearly instantly. I was thinking that perhaps there is a product that drys faster under a UV light. I'd like to spray this liquid in layers to form 3D objects. Any Ideas?
  3. I need an algorithm for reducing fractions. There is a little twist to the problem. I am not viewing the problem as a fraction. For example: a = 2 b = 4 I know that a and b will eventually be combined to produce a a/b string. But I need to keep them seperate for this particular problem. So knowing the values for a and b I need an algorithm that will reduce it. Something like a = 2 / 2 = 1 and b = 4 / 2 = 2 I understand the prime factors plays a roll in the reduction of fractions but is the only way to find the prime numbers of a given number by looking it up in a table? Is there an equation for obtaining the prime numbers of a given number? This is a learning exercise for a computer programmin class. It's not homework but I figure I would let you know my limitations. Please move this if you think its better suited in the computer science forum. It was more a math problem then a computer problem which is why I put it here. The computer science equivalent question would be: How do I reduce a string representation of a fraction?
  4. How about converting the site into an image using PHP. PHP has the ability to dynamically create a fairly decent image on the fly. Or you could use something like flash or a java applet to mask the actual content of the site. I like the image idea the best.
  5. How about: Hey doc, is that a rolex?
  6. When I read the title of this thread I thought for some reason that you wanted to dissolve permanent marker. So since I know the answer to that question which isnt the question you were asking I figured I would post it here anyways. If you have marker that you want to remove from any surface use 50% Toluene and 50% Isopropanol. The mixture is commonly known as Rosin Solvent which is used to remove solder flux residue from electronic circuits. Micro Measurments M-Line sells the stuff but you could probably get it from radio shack also.
  7. How about the other theory that they ate so much that there was nothing left for them to eat so they ate each other and the last one standing died of starvation? A meateor sounds like a good theory to me and I have heard some of the facts that back it up but I don't think they have proved it yet.
  8. Awesome explaination. Thanks a bunch. Univeristy of Maryland University College is the home of the Terrapins also known as the Terps. They are a fairly popular school here on the east coast which is why I was leaning towards their program but since they have still not returned any of my attempts to contact them I am assuming that they dont want my buisness. I'm going keep trying to contact maryland for a few more weeks just to make sure im not missing out on something. Thanks again.
  9. http://www.wsu.edu/NIS/Universe/sleep.htm
  10. I looking at going back to school for my BS in either information technology or computers and information science. The two schools in question are Univeristy of Phoenix Online (IT) and University of Maryland University College (CIS). I live in maryland so I have a little biased opinion in thinking that UMUC is the better of the two online programs. Both programs are similar except that it will probably be alot easier for me to get my degree from Phoenix because of the type of classes and amount of credits needed. But I don't want to attend Phoenix if the degree isnt going to mean anything. So what I need help with from you guys is to help me make a choice. Is Phoenix a reputable school which will look good on my resume and does it look as good as UMUC. Also to take into consideration is that Phoenix has already accepted me and accepted 35+ credits from my previous school wheras maryland has not contacted me yet. So should i start school at Phoenix just to get the ball rolling and get my BSIT or sit around and wait for maryland because Phoenix isnt good enough. What are your thoughts?
  11. Im no expert and dont have an educated opinion about this subject but based on the last post that basically stated that it is easier for a man to become erect when he is relaxed is not true with me. In fact in order for me to become erect I must extend my legs and tighten the mussles in my legs and butt. This is not the case every time but more times than not. I'm thinking that every man is different and it all comes back to hormons and what triggers the homons in each individual
  12. My initial post was basically just me trying to start a discussion because all types of forensics is interesting to me. So please feel free to discuss anything you may have learned in the past about PC's that I may not know or anyone here may not know. Here is a question... If a disk becomes fragmented AND unreadable by a standard PC how do they piece together the large amouts of bytes. Where on the hard drive is the information stored that one part of a file belongs to another part of a file?
  13. Just curious as to what is possible with todays technology. What equipment/tools is available (Professional and Amature) to analyze computers for evidence. This is just a general thread i want to start because Forensic Science is cool!
  14. All i see is [LaTeX Error: It doesnt seem to be working for me.
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