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  1. I was curious if anyone could recommend a useful resource for learning c++ and other programming languages. I am already using Lynda.com but was wondering if anyone could recommend any new resources to back up the ideas that I have already learned. Thanks
  2. Maybe run ice water through steel or glass tubes. (Like a condenser for distillation)
  3. Maybe pressurize it in a container rated for pressure. (Or just put it in and let it pressurize itself). Not sure though.
  4. One good book that is fun to read is general chemistry by Linus Pauling. It is a bit old but is still relevant and covers on many topics.
  5. I work with visual studio on linux
  6. Can anyone explain how I would make a visual interface to use with c++ to create desktop applications and how I would go about doing this. I am currently in the process of learning it from Lynda.com and I am just curious how I would do this.
  7. In my case I would know almost all of the data, I am doing this for fun and just trying to explore chemistry. So I would know all of the data that could be easily aquired.
  8. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I was curious if anybody could explain or link to an article that would explain how to predict the product of a reaction? I know how to balance chemical equations but I have never gotten this. Thanks in advance
  9. Yes, I have tried both of those and still no sound. The headphones do work though. I think I have a headphone to USB adapter somewhere so I may try that
  10. I have already tried this but it does not detect anything, I may try getting a headphone to USB adapter. When I plug in a USB headphone it works so this may work
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic but I have windows 10 installed on my laptop with Realtek audio drivers up to date but no audio manager. All of the sudden, the audio is playing from both headphones and speakers. The computer does not detect the headphones but there is audio coming out of them. Can anypody tell me how to disable the speakers? Thanks.
  12. If it is nitric acid it should dissolve copper
  13. jessehk


    Thank you. I looked around the fourums for some more ideas and I am now in the process of reading General Chemistry by Linus Pauling. This is a great chemistry book that covers on many topics
  14. Hello, I am 11 years old but love science. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a course or book I can read that teaches chemistry. I already have the basics of the periodic table down but that is about it. In the end, I would like to learn about synthesis.
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