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  1. Thanks, Chen! That seems easy for me to do (for the Mn Cl). I dont have any of those reducers around though for the Copper chloride. But at least I got one of those taken care of! Thanks again! Goofy website useage- I click quote and difficult to know where to type, then I end up with 2 quotes. I will learn eventually, I guess.
  2. Copper I chloride. I should have explained that. Also, while we are at it, wanting manganese chloride, but have just Mn sulfate..........Thanks.
  3. People, Have some cupper sulfate pentahydrate, wanting to concert it to the chloride. Aqueous solution for is OK. Can I just add an excess of conc HCl to the solution of the sulfate? Then crystalize the chloride and wash off the sulfate solution? Thanks.
  4. Well then, be careful how you use the word "God". Your post is a bit confusing.......
  5. I prefer not to view God as my Master, thats why I dont believe in any God. And I am not his child, and he is not my Father, nor is any Priest my Father. I do not abide by his so called "rules" (to observe the Sabbath, etc etc). The Hindu cult is much like any other. Based on fiction, superstition, myth and legends. And as far as 'coming back as .......life forms", no "evidence" of reincarnation has ever passed scientific scrutiny.
  6. Maybe, but then that was what Walt Disney said. Not sure if he would be considered a crackpot- racist maybe, but perhaps not a crackpot. Now, there was a time when his bankers DID worry that he may have been a crackpot. Until he proved them wrong. Sometimes it does take a crackpot.
  7. Actually, we should be talking about Dawkin's teacup , orbiting a planet between earth and mars. Doesnt anyone here worship that?? Im the atheist, so dont blame me.
  8. Interesting you ask- I actually have read one book too many, Trul. I am an old scientist, with multi disciplinary background. Thats all I can say so far on the internet. I should have qualified my question as "what positive, beneficial contribution has Religion made in 3000 years". As of yet, you have not provided any answer. You did however mention education. You mean Sunday School? Where "teachers" teach how Adam and Eve were the 1st man/woman on Earth? And how Moses met God on Mt Sinai via a burning bush? Do you actually believe Religion spawned the Renaissance? Then how did we
  9. Religious cuts have contributed almost nothing beneficial to humanity over the span of about 3000 years. Worshiping an imagined God just serves to generate more superstition, myth, fallacy, and plain nonsense. Science has provided most of what we depend on daily, for healthy living, and convenience, not to mention wealth. Without scientific discoveries we would be dead within 3-4 weeks (think chlorine to disinfect water, the Haber Process for the generation of fertilizer , etc). Your idea that "a utopian world will happen when we learn to control science" is also , in my opinion and bas
  10. Who said that the above is true?? I make buffers every day. Tell us what your goals are regarding buffers then we can get somewhere.
  11. In a way, yes, respect, in context of course. I should think there is a better word for it, perhaps acknowledged, maybe not so much "respect". The problem with the Bible is that too many people still believe much of its content literally. It is full of falsehoods. Therefore, it has no credibility. That doesnt mean we shouldn't understand why it was written that way, but respect maybe is too strong a choice of a word. Of course, Charles, as you mentioned, since it was the 1st attempt, one should expect that. And the main problem today with the Bible is that is seems to have a privileged
  12. I agree, except that it was considered reasonable based on what man knew about biology, earth science, astronomy and chemistry 3000 years ago. It is not considered reasonable today.
  13. I goofed on the entire reply/edit, sorry people. I even accidentally erased inows words. Just wanted to post : Inow, thats your opinion, and you are entitled to it.
  14. But even the revered activity of observation has recently been proven unreliable. Not only in our justice system relying on line-ups and witnesses to a crime, testimonials on having witnessed a crime, but the famous Gorilla Experiment done at Univ of Illinois. Observation now is even considered not essential in scientific method by some scientists.
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