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  1. The borate pool approach has been abandoned for years. Chlorine still is king. The major pool service/suppliers do not touch the borate idea. I deal with one of the biggest names in pool supply/service in the nation. They buy my analytical chem products. Thats all I can say about it. I thought about borates,for my own pool, but had to abandon the "idea".
  2. It has finally sunk in, exchemist. Thanks for taking the time to explain further, although, many members did the same. i now understand much better the whole process of combustion and "burning". Thanks to all here.
  3. Right- matter of fact, archaeiologists, etc, have made finds of ancient cultures, based on the charcoal deposits/residues/evidence for their fires for cooking, warmth, etc. Many examples of Native American finds, dated back some thousands of years ago in N America........
  4. But the carbon that remains did not convert to CO2 gas. It remained a black residue/by product. (right?) But so far, thanks , people, for so many helpful replies. I am still unclear though. What am I not understanding..........
  5. So, in a routine fire, burned matter , mostly charcoal is actually not fully "carbonized"? And charcoal compounds can react to give new building blocks for new life forms?
  6. People, I often wondered, about what happens to all the carbon compounds, primarily cellulose, from the "wood" of plants/trees after a fire destroys the plant. Isnt the product a combination of charcoal, or outright burnt wood/carbon? If so, isnt it true that such a state of carbon will not react in nature, since carbon is so difficult to react with any compound. Imagine- how can charcoal react to form new plant growth if it has been destroyed by natural fires/volcanic heat/etc over billions of years. The plants growth comes from CO2 in the air, then converted to cellulose, then burns up
  7. Thanks, people. Good to know I am not the only one a bit mystified. The lipid idea seems to make much sense. It is their "antifreeze", I suppose.
  8. People, A bacteria cell has water in it, so once that freezes does not the cell lyse/explode? As in ice forming, expansion, and cell wall bursts? Sure, there is not just pure water inside the cell, salts/proteins/etc, but mainly water. There has to some kind of "anti freeze compound protecting them, correct? Thanks, people.
  9. Religion vs pseudoscience are different?? Academically, yes, perhaps, but what's the point? One is a cult, and the other is quackery. Both are threats to advancement of science, knowledge, and the general well being of human life/living standards. The fact they may be different does nothing to validate either belief. I agree with your take on judaism being perhaps less "heinous". Still, does not validate or justify that cult. Yes, the Holocaust is a Black Page/Chapter in human history, with unspeakable crimes against Jews (and let's not forget the crimes against Muslims too). Bu
  10. Thanks, Chen! That seems easy for me to do (for the Mn Cl). I dont have any of those reducers around though for the Copper chloride. But at least I got one of those taken care of! Thanks again! Goofy website useage- I click quote and difficult to know where to type, then I end up with 2 quotes. I will learn eventually, I guess.
  11. Copper I chloride. I should have explained that. Also, while we are at it, wanting manganese chloride, but have just Mn sulfate..........Thanks.
  12. People, Have some cupper sulfate pentahydrate, wanting to concert it to the chloride. Aqueous solution for is OK. Can I just add an excess of conc HCl to the solution of the sulfate? Then crystalize the chloride and wash off the sulfate solution? Thanks.
  13. Well then, be careful how you use the word "God". Your post is a bit confusing.......
  14. I prefer not to view God as my Master, thats why I dont believe in any God. And I am not his child, and he is not my Father, nor is any Priest my Father. I do not abide by his so called "rules" (to observe the Sabbath, etc etc). The Hindu cult is much like any other. Based on fiction, superstition, myth and legends. And as far as 'coming back as .......life forms", no "evidence" of reincarnation has ever passed scientific scrutiny.
  15. Maybe, but then that was what Walt Disney said. Not sure if he would be considered a crackpot- racist maybe, but perhaps not a crackpot. Now, there was a time when his bankers DID worry that he may have been a crackpot. Until he proved them wrong. Sometimes it does take a crackpot.
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