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  1. I just find it very strange that we can measure relativity through atomic clocks and then people automatically assume that we'd age differently because of speed just because the clocks move differently when they speed. I just can't make that mental jump. It makes no sense to me that ageing must be dependent upon a clock, or that just because a clock slows under certain conditions that the ageing process would slow too. 

    1. Outrider


      Well I am sorry but thats just what you have to accept. 

      StringJunky said it best: "Time is what clocks measure. A clock can be anything that has a rate of change, so an aging person can be a clock."

    2. StringJunky


      Yes, the only difference between an aging person or an opening flower etc is that a clock is finitely graduated so that we can measure elapsed time to a finer degree or  some arbitrary precision..