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  1. wat is the hyper cube used for do u know. a model for something?
  2. oh i see, is it at all tangible.
  3. please exlpain wat the fourth spatial dimension is. like wat is its nature or components
  4. hello, kids, what is a hyper cube and i understand wat the first four dimensions are but wat are any other dimensions that can be talked about. like i can comprehend time and space but wat else could ther be. thanks men of earth
  5. gaara


    Hello science forum kids i am at school and my teacher doesnt have a proper understanding of the term validity in relation to experimental practicals. for example a question like is the method valid cannot be properly answered by the teacher therefore i dont know either. Can someone please tell me wat it actually means, is defined as or entails and the same for reliabiliity. thanks with reliability we only continually talk about repeating the method to see whether we get consistent results.
  6. but if the sun's length contracts does that make the distance longer away from the spaceship.
  7. can some one please explain to me how we are or arent smarter than 2000 years ago. just say if 2 IQ tests could be created that were equal but suited to a man from the past and a man from now's context, would they score the same or different.
  8. hello if im going at a reltavistic speed, .9c, and im travelling towards point A, does pt A become a shorter distance for me due to length contraction. i see that it cant because the distance isnt moving, but im unsure about what this person would see outside. .e.g length contraction of pt A which lets say is a sun. if the sun would contract doesnt this make the distance even longer. thanks
  9. hello, what are other constants an i have a question about lenghth contraction. whilst goin at relativsitic speeds does the distance to a destination decrease or what? thanks
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