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  1. hahahah i already read that. i mentions nothing about EM energy... so from giving me that link.. you are saying there is no EM energy flowing to the light bulb. your saying (the site is saying) the only reason the light lights up is because of the electrons.
  2. hello im trying to learn the fundamentals of electricity an im stuck already "questions to understand electricity #1 What is the stuff that flows through a light bulb and comes back out again through the other wire? #2 What is the stuff that flows into a light bulb and gets changed entirely into light and heat? " i can understand question 1, its electric charge... bla bla but question 2 i dont get, i can understand where the b field and e fields come from .. but the site im learning from says "THE ENERGY FLOW (POYNTING FIELD): Electromagnetic energy flows out of the battery and into the empty space around the circuit. It flows parallel to the connecting wires, then it dives into the resistor. The field of energy flow is found by multiplying the e-field by the b-field (E x B vector cross-product.)" So is it the electrons experiencing "friction" in the light bulb's filament that produces heat then light? or is it the EM energy? i dont get it... its too unclear ... an is it also why when you turn on the light it comes on instantly? cause the EM energy is travelling at the speed of light? Ive searched the net for ages about electricity an these EM energy concepts but i cant find anything.. so if anyone konws a site that makes it clear just post the link please!
  3. ummm... i just looked in the dictionary an it said.... under the pronounciation section: phone -> fown yacht -> yot {http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/yacht} so your completley wrong. or being sarcastic! hard to tell... thanks for your replies... soo... basically.. the stupid spelling of stuff in english... is due to the words usually being imported from other languages. thanks team SFN. cept last dude.. just kidding!. but not really.
  4. hello... ive been having an arguement with mates... is it actually necessary for yacht to be spelt the way it is defined in teh dictionary... or ... in how ever the english language began.. what would of been the consequence of spelling it "yot" for example. or replacing "ph" with f everywhere. e.g phone with fone. i dont see the big deal.. but me mmates say.. bla bla the structure of the language an all this shit. so yeah someone smart fill a brother in!!!!!
  5. like eating heaps of mentos an then drinkin diet coke... chemical reactions like that.. that can create alot of pressure and is natural/plausible/realistic... unlike the stupid dynamite remark.
  6. hahah not explosions like that...
  7. how strong is the stomach? like really? my friend thinks its llike ridiculously sturdy. i dont get what hes on about.. like he rekons if there was any explosions in it... it would flood out your thraot or anus. so eyah... can someone clear that up? thanks alot.
  8. can someone please. explain what the reaction is. thanks. an is it powerful enough to explode a human stomach. my friend an i had a debate. an i dont belive you could eat a packet of mentos, chew them up.. get them in your stomach.. then straight away drink like 2 litres of diet coke. an then you stomach will explode. is that at all possible? what are the circumstances where your stomach would explode. like what would you have to do? drive the coke 1st an then eat the mentos? or what.. thanks...
  9. no not really.. nothing in azureus is working... like at the start when it checks the update.. it actaully hangs on that.. like stops half way. the program is not laggin or hanging its just that update proces.... which is an indicataion to me that the net isnt working properly through that program but yeah.. limewire works like everynow an then... like 1 out of 4 times it connects but then it doesnt download... an like 1 out of the 8 times i connect it actually downloads. yueah... its confusing as shit.. an is there a way for me to see what hte ISP has blacklisted? or not easily... thanks you.
  10. Hello, to put simply. i have an engine and a small sized turbo that allows 9psi of air into the engine. an where the pressure is read from is a 2 inch pipe(lets say) that thereafter goes straight into the piston. ok so the system is EXACTLY the same.. but we change the size of the turbo to a bigger one.. an still have it at 9psi..... my friend reckons that the car goes faster with the bigger turbo... but i dont see how that is possible.... can someone please rectify this problem thank yohu.
  11. I need to answer the following question: Estimate the electrical power requirements of the complex by assuming that the complex has 10 family houses and two 12 storied apartment blocks. i was just wondering if anyone knew where this information could be readily available.. cause i dont really know what to search for ... well successfully anyway.. an help would be good. thank you.
  12. hey.. can it have anything to do with my ISP... cause it seems like on different machines from the same router the same problem exists... so yeah.... its like its the internet connection thats being gay. but i dont understand why its being gay for only p2p programs
  13. ok. thanks everyone. im from Australia. an yeah. i sure dont want a lazy eye.... i will soon try to invest in going to the damn optometrist. thank yo.
  14. hello my friend.. yeha i have already forwarded the port... like you suggested... an yeah even limewire is showing that there is no firewall blocking it... so stupid.. i dont understand. it must be something to do with my router connection... but im not good enough to know .. like if it is something to do with dhp or stuff like that.. an i haven never played around with setting i dont understand. the only setting i have touched are the port forwarding ones.
  15. yeah.. that was obviously my 1st thought .... but like im just a student. with no income. im pretty sure you cant get glasses for free. or see an Optometrist(?) for cheap... so yeah... i wonder if it is covered by medicare?
  16. hello, my p2p program (namely limewire and azureus) wont work. an when i installed windows xp pro freshly. i only installed on this new operating system the latest java (so to run limewire) an serive pack 1 an of course limewire. i turned off the simple firewall on the connection. an opened port 50000 for limewire to use. an still nothing. it wont connect. but i know my net works fine because. i used ie5 to test the new os. an i could download an the connection was 25.6kb/s when i downloaded off a website. so yeah i have no idea what hte problem is. and im not a complete incompetent computer person.... thanks for any help.
  17. Hello, im shortsighted. an when i wear my friends glasses it allows me to see the damn univeristy lecture screens. i have never worn glasses before until i wore his. an it makes it so clear. an i was just wondeirng if there are any health hazards involved with this? cause they were not prescribed to me. thanks.
  18. Hello. can someone please advise me on what to do. if you can. Story: i punched through a piece of wood... contacting with my middle finger's knuckle. (the knuckle at the top of your hand when you make a fist) an it dislocated partially.... when i went from a flat hand to a clenched fist i could see the tendon sliding over my knuckle an the knuckle had visibly been squashed down an was much like in two pieces... there is a whole or a cavity in the middle of the knuckle an it no longer protrudes out. it is plateaued. i got an xray at the hospital an there is no fractures or anything wrong with the bone an i got an ultrasound an the tendon is sitting more to the right of centre than usual an is swelled. the doctor didnt know what is wrong an referred me to a costly hand specialst.. so i was just curious if anyone knew what the problem was.. or how i can fix it.. or if i should just let it go.. or do i need surgery.. like answer questions like that. also.. like its been 2 weeks now.. an it doesnt hurt or feel that uncomfortable... unless i punch something... its still swollen an big an fat.. an the tendon still slides in an out of place. im sorry for writing so much. if you have read this all thank you. any replies that dont involve.. just go see the damn doctor would be good. like im not expecting a university medical doctors answer on here. thanks.
  19. ive been taught that a wing chun punch is more of a pushing punch.. rather than like a boxers punch. i dont really see the point of the push in comparison to the benefits to a hard, sharp, wrist locked, snapping punch.
  20. hello... please help me with this question. thanks. A small block of mass 2 kg is held against the side of a larger block of mass 10 kg which sits on a frictionless floor. The small block does not touch the floor and does not slip down as the blocks move across the floor. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.4. The smallest acceleration the two blocks can have is a) 2.5 m/s2 b)4.9 m/s2 c) 5.4 m/s2 d) 9.8 m/s2
  21. Hello, i heard from my friend that infinity to the power of infinity is greater than infinity. (e.g opposed to infinity plus 2 would = inifinity). he said there is some mathematical model to prove this. and analogies. i know that the maths is over my head but could some people give me information about this concept
  22. yeah ok the bottom three or two. but why??? i am taught to use my 1st two knuckles. and that seems reasonable because they are the biggest and hardest on my hand.
  23. i cant understand what happens to the light, like physically, if one bullet (in the scenario at the beginning) is known to hit first, why doesnt one light hit first, does it slow down?? or what. can someone please try to explain. thanks
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