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  1. i would say soo. an if so, to me that seems a big flaw, for when i spar, reading my opponents attacks is my main advantage. also in wing chun, which knuckles are you taught to strike with. e.g the pinky's knuckle? and soo in general, if im of like average build (skinny, small wrists and arms) and my friend is a football player and swimmer with big muscley arms should i be able to punch faster then him, im not soo interested in the power aspect, because he can clearly punch harder than me. but i am also a trained martial artist. ive bin a black belt for 5 years, but i am only 17 years old, implying that i am not some master ive only recently been accelerating in my understanding of my martial art. ha sorry for the long story...
  2. go to howstuffworks.com thats got a heaps great explanation
  3. o right kewl. has anyone heard of the martial art called win chun or win tsung, they seem to have mastered the art of using your whole body to punch. it seems very forceful to me. an can anyone answer why in tae kwon do we dont twist our shourlders but are taught to keep them square. whilst in boxing im pretty sure you twist your shoulders... yeah thanks
  4. as u can see the birds really do talk to me.....
  5. yer i figuerd it out. i am only responding to myself which is somethin to be proud of. if anyone cares. u use the installer shield thing that comes with it to create an installer with all the required database and aliases an such. ok have a good day
  6. ok thanks alot for all your responses. another question if anyone cares or wants to answer. is it better, as in a much stronger punch if you twist your shoulders or keep your shoulders square and step forward with the punch? .... thanks
  7. Hello, im wondering if this is a common misconception: That a man who is more muscley an obviously has bigger arms can punch faster than an person with smaller arms. there strength is relative to each other. like a heavy wweight boxer compared to a light weight is spose.
  8. I have programmed a database with three tables in delphi 5 and now i am trying to put the program on other computers and tryin to run it from the exe file. THe program executes but the database is non operational, because it says the database isnt setup on the computer. Through the database dektop and alias etc. so im wondering how do u bring the database with the program. thanks.
  9. Hello, Can some people please explain the differences between solar cells and photocells. Is it only, solar cells use photoelectric effect to create current and photocells use the effect to detect light. THank you in advance
  10. gaara


    but when it goes thru other medium, like glass, wat is going on. is the light slowing or not.
  11. so i take it ur a programmer or something along those lines?? can u tell me.
  12. its kewl now, thanks alot for ur help, i took wat use had to say and incorporated it into my questionnaire and i handed it up on monday. really, thanks.
  13. i found it in google but told my friends about it. so yeah. welldone team nitro!
  14. its a database with two tables and an order form, in delphi. ok, thank you soo much for ur response. much appreciated
  15. Hello, please help. i have an asssessment task for school that emulates solving a real world solution. THerefore everything about it is supposed to be how it would be in the real world. I need to construct a questionnaire/survey for the (end) user to complete to provide feedback for their opinion on the software solution. Can some one please give me some examples of wat questions i should ask. because i dont really know. Thanks alot everyone.
  16. o right , kewl. thanks for ur response
  17. thanks alot. is there debate that light should be one or the other. or is it just accpeted as both? im just trying to understand why it can be both.
  18. Hello, can someone please answer this question. sorry if answered before. What key relationships observed in the photoelectric effect led to the belief that light has a particle natuture. and also, is the current model of light a particle or wave one. thank you.
  19. thanks alot for ur repsones. so that was it. the worst thing that wudve happend was what u described. i thort it was alot more hyped up about. like satellites would fall from the sky and stuff. where did this orginate? cheers
  20. i cant remember what happened really. But why didnt the Y2K bug destroy the world or whatever it was supposed to do. thanks in advance
  21. i meant to imply that the gravity induced in the one room wouldnt affect the other rooms. e.g 20ms^-1 in the one room and the rest 9.8. if gravitrons where real could we set something like this up by manipulating there presence and lack there of.
  22. why can ants hold i think 8 times their weight and like fleas jump however many times there size. wat is this, just someting random or is their actual reasoning behind its occurence.
  23. on the topic of gravity. is there a way to make a room in a house have a more stronger gravity force then the adjacent rooms. (just in a standard house for example)
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