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  1. Is it possible we should not classify bats as animals; because they have a natural ability to perceive the world in a wholly different way through echo location? I don't know how the ancestors of bats thought, but even if they were able to hear they would have been unable to locate a moth's position and trajectory with precision. I think this amazing ability is the main way bats advance. They combine their astounding flying and gymnastic ability with this unique way of perceiving the world. So is it possible to put bats in a different category because they are mentally too different? Maybe this just comes from the fact that I hate when people call bats animals. it makes it seem like they have not evolved, but I always amazed at how evolved they actually are and how much better they have become from the first tentative attempts at echo location to where they are now.


    :D :D I like this post a lot



    Question for the OP,

    How about people with down syndrome? They have developmental and intellectual delay, should we consider them as just regular animals? Which category should we put them in?

  2. Something I did not learn until after I was out of school and done with Martin Luther King Jr. reading was that Martin Luther King Jr. relied on people removing racism in order to create a more unified Christian America. Martin Luther King Jr. relied on religion to make his arguments rather than just saying it was the nice thing to do. I felt lied to by the public school system, as I was never told about the Christian excerpts from his works. Thus, I look back and see it as 1984-Orwellian brain washing. Sure, the school system managed to create a division between church and state, but just prevented me from knowing his work as Christian and instead sophisticatedly pushed it as non-religious (emphasis on sophist).


    I like the black lives matter thing a lot more, though, because they aren't pushing religion, at least Christian religion.

    In his speeches, I really didn't feel like he was forcing religion on anyone...on what MLK speech did you think he was guilty of this?

  3. If we are doing it for the benefit of the Earth then perhaps we should also include the handicapped and people who have a BMI > 18%. I'm sure we can come up with others with a little thought.

    We like to play favoritism and make up our own rules to suit our need though...just like in the US, it is animal abuse if you hurt cat or dog but not pigs and cows



    You're ignoring all of the innocent black people stopped by the police, simply because they were black. How does this education change that?

    If more black people have education and a decent job thus reducing amount of crimes committed, it might remove the stigma of bad black behavior that hurts their race. And hurting their innocent counterparts.


    I agree with everyone here, it is not just blacks need to make a change, but also the police, the employers, and justice system.

  5. Are you looking on desktop or mobile? The desktop site gave a breakdown by state, race and allowed to filter by total or per capita. New Mexico has a scary per capita police shooting rate.


    Total number of white people shot so far by police was 388 and total number of black people was 194. The per capita was, iirc, 1.9 something white people per million shot by police vs 4.56 (I think) black people per million shot by police.


    Native Americans were actually the highest per capita group killed by police.

    Oh ok I see it now. How can one tell if this is accurate though or it's just one of those things you shouldn't believe online?



    So based on that, exactly twice as many white people as black people have been killed by police this year in the US, but because of the population disparity, a black person is about 2.5 times as likely to be shot by police as a white person.

    Where in the website did you see that twice as many white people as black people have been shot?? Cuz all I see are pictures of people who got shot
  7. Education will work because if black people finish high school instead of dropping out and if they go to college, they are more likely to find a decent job so they wouldn’t have to resort to robbing or other crimes. They will less likely to be arrested and get into altercations with police. Numbers of black people incarcerated would go down.



    Plus you can’t really believe everything you see in the media. A white person being gunned down unarmed is less exciting as a black man being gunned down unarmed. So ofcourse they are going to show more of that stuff to entice viewers. All you see on tv are cops gunning down people but actually many of them use tasers to put down a person but you don't see that because it's not that exciting.



    On the other hand, maybe the entire world is just messed up. History has shown over and over again that the less advanced people or species are the ones that are “picked on” or “bullied”, we see them as “below” us. :-(

  8. Black Lives Matter can be a reminder than we need to help the black youths. If more blacks are educated, they will less likely to resort to robbing and murdering(although blacks make up 13% of population, they commit half of the crime in the US, according to Bureau of Justice report). Supporting organizations such as Negros College Fund would probaby produce a more positive effect. To end the cycle of blacks getting shot unarmed, it all starts with educating the youths so they can prosper and the stigma of black people being seen as criminals might cease. With Black Lives Matter, it deters some cops from going to the ghetto areas to protect civilians which in turn increases crime rate in major cities.

    And some protesters take the Black Lives matter movement out of hand. I saw a video where they are chanting "We want dead cops". I don't think that's what Martin Luther King would want to see

  9. You are much less likely to forget an experience as opposed to some bit of knowledge acquired by reading or listening. On the downside, learning from experience can be painful whereas passively acquired knowledge is not, usually.

    Hmmm...I actually thought that knowledge that came from your own personal experience is more memorable

  10. Studies have been found that once all of your basic needs are met, any more money that you make is only going to bring you temporary happiness but then you go back to your base line of happiness. Do you all think it is not possible for a homeless man to be happy? Can the brain be trained to be happy no matter what the situation?


    Well you have defined your use of the word "energy." Now maybe you might go back and define the word "God" as you are using it in your question as to whether your reader believes that a God with energy created the universe and lives within us, as you say.



    God definition = energy (to some people)



    I think god is an illusion though. God is anything we want it to be

  12. Do most human species truly love unconditionally?


    IF your spouse cheats on you multiple times, would you stay with her? IF your best friend kills one of your relatives, would you still talk to him? IF your uncle molests your daughter and impregnate her, would you lose all love for him?


    Can love really have no IFs? Up to what certain point can you honestly TRULY love someone?



    Cats are known to toy with mice rather than kill them outright. but this is probably because they never learned how to kill, rather than being cruel on purpose. Something I have never understood is how anybody can love a cat - as animals it is perfectly obvious that they are phenomenally selfish, probably autistic (if that's possible). What people see as affection I see as learned behaviour for their own benefit, and is totally false. But there I suspect I am in a minority with that opinion. I even prefer people to cats.


    Can you give some examples of how cats can be selfish?

  14. Some people believe God is energy. It created the universe and it lives within us. Do you believe in this? If so.....


    the energy definition linked to God must be number 2:


    1. 1.
      the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.
      "changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being"
      synonyms: vitality, vigor, life, liveliness, animation, vivacity, spirit, spiritedness, verve, enthusiasm,zest, vibrancy, spark, sparkle, effervescence, ebullience, exuberance, buoyancy,sprightliness; More
    2. 2.
      power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines.





  15. Hmm I always thought women are by nature monogamous because of the hardship of pregnancy. During the time that they are pregnant, they need someone they can rely on to provide for them. And later on, someone who will help with raising children. So they need someone who will stick to them in the long run and this is also a reason why women are pickier when choosing a mate. Men on the other side, their main concern is spreading their seeds. But of course, humans have evolved and we are now smart enough to know that we have free will and we don't have to act by instinct.


    And since some women today don't even want children, have financial independence, and want to just focus in their career, women who are cheating or who practice polygamy have risen.

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