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  1. For example : A person 'A' objects to a tattoo of symbol of Venus on 'B''s shoulder, but uses it against 'B' by saying 'B' killed his own mother though he had Venus tattoo on his shoulder.
  2. Is there a logical fallacy in this statement : A person 'A' objects to presence of an object with a person 'B' but uses that object to further an argument against 'B'.
  3. If you ask me "Experience makes more impact than Knowledge". This deduction has been from my own experience. 2+2=4 is knowledge. Experience : Watching work done by 2 persons taking time. When two more men join work gets done faster.
  4. I mean if you look at the progress of science you will see that it has changed from empirical evidence to mathematical models explaining physical laws. For me every equation represents something physical. For me it all started with a mathematical function of mass and energy, but I do not know how space was formed.
  5. I think the Big Bang was a reality. There is a mirror math function at the centre of the Universe.That which is reflected by the math function is something that causes space to vibrate. The expanding Universe is the result of reflection by the math function.The space vibrates and the cause of its vibration is within space itself. The math function at the centre of the Universe controls the extent of expansion of the Universe. Once all that is within space vibrates with a frequency equal to this math function, the Universe will collapse. I think I have explained it properly.
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