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  1. Dimreepr, have you ever been to the southern United States? Judging by your words, there's no way you've ever been exposed to true religious ignorance and zealotry. I invite you to visit us here in the Bible Belt my friend. Spend some time trying to engage with people in my hometown. You'll become just like me before you leave. You'll be ready to backhand a motherfucker with pair of brass knuckles (figuratively). Evidence and reason is of no concern here. Its simply not taught to these people. You ask us if we've ever tried to make change on these things. Of course we have. It's IMPOSSIBLE! There is simply NO getting through to these people. I guarantee you that winning the lottery is more likely than changing people's minds around here. Its just not going to happen. There's a saying that being atheist is like being the only sober person in the car and no one will let you drive. That's exactly right. You can have no clue my friend.
  2. Once again, when I take that second function and paste it into the main(), it works. All I need to do is call that function from the main so it will execute. How do I do that? Our instructions say to do all of the calculations in a separate function from the main(). I have the main(), which contains the arrays. Then there is a separate function from the main() that does the calculations. When I post this other function into the main, the program runs and does what it needs to do. Now I just need to know how to get the main() function to call that other function and execute it without it being inside the main().
  3. I'm doing my last programming assignment. We have to make a 1-D array for wind speed, a 1-D array for temperature, and a 2-D array for wind chill (set to 0). Then we have to take the formula for calculating wind chill with the given temps and wind speeds and calculate the wind chill. Then we have to output the results in a table onto the screen. The instructions specify that we have to do our calculations in a separate function from the main, however when I try to do that it never works. I don't know how to call the separate function in the main. I copied and pasted the body of the separate function into the main (as you'll see below) and it works. Please tell me how to call the separate function in the main so I can meet the requirements. Here's my code: #include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <math.h> #include <vector> #include <array> using namespace std; int temp[6] = {0}; int wind[7] = {0}; int windChill[7][6] = {0}; int main() { int temp[6] = {40,30,20,10,0,-10}; int wind [7] = {5,10,15,20,25,30,35}; int windChill [7][6] = {0}; for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { for (int j = 0; j < 6; j++) { windChill [j] = 35.74 + 0.6215 * temp[j] - 35.75 * pow(wind, 0.16) + 0.4275 * temp[j] * pow(wind, 0.16); windChill [j] = windChill [j] + 0.5; } } cout <<" "<<temp[0]<<" "<<temp[1]<<" "<<temp[2]<<" "<<temp[3]<<" "<<temp[4]<<" "<<temp[5]<<"\n"; for (int i =0;i<7; i++) { cout<<wind<<" "<<windChill[0]<<" "<<windChill[1]<<" "<<windChill[2]<<" "<<windChill[3]<<" "<<windChill[4]<<" "<<windChill[5]<<"\n"; } int c; cin>>c; return 0; } int calc() { for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { for (int j = 0; i < 6; i++) { windChill [j] = 35.74 + 0.6215 * temp[j] - 35.75 * pow(wind, 0.16) + 0.4275 * temp[j] * pow(wind, 0.16); windChill [j] = windChill [j] + 0.5; } return 0; } cout <<" "<<temp[1]<<" "<<temp[2]<<" "<<temp[3]<<" "<<temp[4]<<" "<<temp[5]<<" "<<temp[6]<<"\n"; for (int i =0;i<7; i++) { cout<<wind<<" "<<windChill[1]<<" "<<windChill[2]<<" "<<windChill[3]<<" "<<windChill[4]<<" "<<windChill[5]<<" "<<windChill[6]<<"\n"; } } Thanks!
  4. I'll give you an example of why this doesn't happen. This year, at the Christmas parade in my closest larger city, an atheist group built a float and joined the parade. They didn't do anything out of the ordinary. They just had a float that stated who they were, they threw candy out to all the kids just like all the other floats, they smiled, waved, and acted jolly like everyone else. But the people of the town were not going to have it. There was a social media storm locally about them being in the parade, despite not doing anything out of the ordinary. Whenever other groups try to do something, they get repudiated and ostracized. These atheists we're just trying to be who they were and join in on the fun. But the Bible thumpers we're not having it. You can probably attribute this same type of motivation to why secular groups don't often become successful. If it ain't Jesusy enough, they're not having it.
  5. Why do you keep ascribing intentions to me that I've never expressed?
  6. What exactly makes me arrogant? The fact that I think there are problems with my own culture and that I express misgivings about it? Tell me what I'm supposed to think about such home-grown ignorance? What is the dimreepr philosophy about how we are supposed to perceive an insular, bumpkin, culture that rejects evidence and clings to childish fairytales? I'm not arrogant. I don't hate these people. I love them, in fact. I'm still very much a part of this culture. I still love my country upbringing. I'm still southern, and do all those cliche southern redneck things, its just that I'm reacting to a certain style of dogma prevalent in my neck of the woods that fosters the most insular breed of ignorance imaginaginable. I understand it very well. My family is this way. Everyone I know is this way. I get out and interact with it everyday. I've lived in it for the 25 years I've been alive. I was introctrinated by it myself. I know I'm a strident and bombastic individual. I mean no harm to anyone. I'm a good person. I think everyone here would like me if they met me.
  7. The reason I know about these people is because my hometown is comprised of 3,000 people total, and I know every single one of these people personally (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM). I know how the rural South is, I've lived here all my life. I know these people, and I know them well. I know what they think, how they think, and what they believe, etc. These people are my family and friends. I go way back, and my family goes way back, with all of them. I talk to them every day. I know exactly how they think, what their worldviews are, and the reasons they give for believing what they believe. There are no reasons why they believe what they believe. Its just the tradition and culture they were raised in. There is noting more to their beliefs than that. I know, I was raised this way too. I used to be right there with them. I know this as well as I can know anything about people. And I know you don't understand because every statement you make demonstrates that you're talking on a completely different plane than me. You are obviously talking about moderate Christians, or at least Christians who have some sort of sophistication in how they view their beliefs. This is not the people I'm talking about, and I know this for a fact about them. There is no nuance or sophistication in how the people in my neck of the woods view the Bible or Christianity. They believe with all their hearts that Adam and Eve literally sinned in the garden 6,000 years ago, man fell, and Jesus came to die for them. They literally believe that the book is perfect in every way, and are petrified of, and hostile to, anything that offers a different view. You should see the reaction you get around here if you mention something like the word "atheism" or something they consider to be an evil or satanic thing. I'm not saying I'm oppressed, but you should see what its like to be a non-believer around here. You have to keep it to yourself. If you possess socially-liberal views, you have to keep it to yourself. If you support a woman's reproductive rights, you've got to keep that to yourself. You will find yourself in the middle of a giant argument in which informed dialogue and evidence are out the window. And as I stated before, the worst part of all is how this type of belief causes people to think. When you try to initiate discussion with these people, you never witness a concern on their part to offer good reasons, evidence, and support for their beliefs. All you get is circular references back to the Bible, or you get told that they think the devil is trying to steal your soul, or that you're a sinner who works for the devil, or whatever nonsense sophistry you can think of. When you try to explain evidence and how claims of this sort work, you can never get someome to indulge you on that endeavor. Their poor little minds just won't have it. There is not a bit of thought or concern for truth that goes into how people here obtain their worldview. It is purely a process of having an insular, hidebound, and unassailable set of beliefs offered up to you as a child, and being taught to be afraid of anything else. These people do not learn what science actually is. They never learn the proper ways to think about anything. Thus, what you get is a toxic form of ignorance that puts its thumb down on these people's ability to think, their ability to grow intellectually, or to ever break out of the box they are in. I know you'll probably come back with more fabricated nonsense to say, but I'm done for now. Please do not ask me the question "how do you know," again, dimreepr. Nothing you say ever makes any sense. You don't even seem to get what people are saying most of the time. Your replies are weird and stupid, and just a bunch of nonsense words and sentences thrown together that make no sense at all, and are out in left field. They don't even seem to really address anything that has been said. That's why I referred to them as "word salad". You've been operating on a different astral plane than me this whole time, and our thoughts are not connecting. I literally can't make sense of the things you say. I know I'm a jerk and a half, but I can't keep my opinions to myself. I'm forced to hold them in all the time, so I usually just let them run free on here. I guess its the hidebound redneck still in me.
  8. You don't even understand what I'm referring to when I speak about these people. If you ask them, none of the sophistication you seem to ascribe to their beliefs or motivations is accurate at all. They do not take into consideration the things you mention. You are willing to grant them much more than I am. And to suggest that I follow norms is to completely disregard everything I've said in my time on this forum. I don't even follow the norms of my fellow non-believers, much less the norms of the pious culture I live in.
  9. Not a single thing you've said in this forum so far makes a modicum of sense or is indicative of someone who knows what they're talking about. Its just word salad, word salad, word salad. Its getting quite annoying if I'm honest. Why not try saying something that actually has a point or a change?
  10. There's no way to maintain the norms around here and be even remotely enlightened or content with the rate at which you're gaining knowledge.
  11. I know I'm likely wrong with most everything I think, but defying cultural norms is just too satisfying. Its not that my reasoning is so superior to theirs, because its not. Its also not that my opinions were formed by high degrees of reasoning and critical thinking. Its more that I just adopted the most contrary and rebellious opinions I could for where I'm from, and it just happened that I found myself on the right side of most of them.
  12. Its true all of those things happen in the service of other ideologies or causes than just religion. However, where I live, religion is not a cause of war, or violence, or destruction, its just a cause of mass stupidity and ignorance. That's the American South my friend.
  13. I'm dubious as to whether they've found them or not after they post memes like this and try to pass them off as morally good.
  14. It wasn't any better or any worse. Wasn't intended to be either/or. It was merely an expression of my misgivings with this particular ideology. I'm not opposed to certain aspects of Christianity. But the central teachings of it I think are grotesque and terrible. And it is frustrating when grown-ups read these things and think that they are good moral precepts to live by. My frustration could not be greater in the face of this reality.
  15. It wasn't a response to a reasonable argument. It was merely an expression of what I feel like when adults in the 21st-century believe in psychopathic nonsense such as that in this meme. I'm not the bombastic, hateful, person you think I am. Koti can attest to this.
  16. Its a figure of speech meant to convey the intensity of my frustration with their hidebound and ignorant views.
  17. Dimreepr, answer me this question. Are you fucking shitting me right now? Are fucking serious with any of the bullshit you've said in this thread? How many unfounded, slippery-slope, assertions are you going pack into this thread? What gives you the indication that I want them dead? I'll have you know that I love all of my Christian friends and family. You should take that accusation back right now. I'm personally insulted by it. I demand an apology from you. I don't hate them anymore than I hate someone who has cancer. Its the patently absurd ideology they believe in that I hate. I want it out of their minds, and I want its poison to stop infecting them. The difference is that people who have cancer don't go around making up euphemisms for it and talking about how cancer is a good thing. I would mightily oppose this position as well, and call anyone who holds this position a knuckle-dragging idiot. You're damn right I despise this belief system. I'm an antitheist in this respect. Don't you ever forget it.
  18. These country bumpkins around where I live think this is good. They'll "amen" it all day long. I just want push them off a fucking cliff.
  19. Here's what I'm talking about. Here's one of the memes currently posted by one my knuckle-dragging friends on facebook: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fchristianfunnypictures.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F10%2Fthings-that-wont-get-you-into-Heaven.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fchristianfunnypictures.com%2F2015%2F10%2Fthings-that-wont-get-you-into-heaven.html&docid=8Z_njbwPxOxv8M&tbnid=6BdNEAINX-H56M%3A&vet=1&w=445&h=445&client=safari&bih=331&biw=667&ved=0ahUKEwiVmYzn1crQAhUG7yYKHXAEDHwQMwgbKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 If this psychopathic and deranged view of morality can somehow be construed as morally-wise and beautiful, then I must be the psychotic one. Forget about whether or not this is what the Bible actually teaches. This is what people believe. The sickest and most deranged psychotic in the world could not dream up a less moral view of the world than Christianity. This is the poison that simply must be purged from the human species as soon as possible. There is no good in this vision of life at all.
  20. Do you want beautiful music or do want mankind to be on this planet for another long while? I'm not saying one or the other is the right or wrong answer, but destruction will surely overtake us if we cannot somehow convince the better part of humanity to drop dogma, forget about this bullshit emphasis they place on tradition, embrace the methods of science, and start caring about discovering truth by admitting when you have no evidence for something, and trying mightily to make your beliefs scale with the better evidence and the better arguments. Do all of this and we can still have love, friendship, community, hope, happiness, family, joy, bliss, dreams, passion, and yes, even spirituality. It doesn't have to come from some fucking moronic, antiquated fairy book.
  21. Prometheus, fair enough. I'm just sharing what I actually think.
  22. Dimreepr, I'm impressed by your goal-post moving tactics, and your unsupported assertions. Religion doesn't offer teachings or guidance on morality? Wtf? That's like the main thing it tries to do. As if the metaphysics were actually true. The sinister part of this story was not that a man had to be tortured and killed to forgive the entirety of humanity, it was that God refused remove the threat of punishment and hell. He could have just said "You know what, I changed my mind, there's no good reason for me to hold the wrongdoings of Adam and Eve over everyone's heads like I've been doing for the past few thousand years, I'm just going to get rid of hell and stop torturing humanity." But oh no, this God isn't ready to stop torturing people, so instead of reforming his own standards, he still insists on holding everyone accountable for these nonsensical "sins" , and sends himself (or his son) to be executed as a gesture of "love" to save mankind from his own vindictiveness and wrath. It is an insanely stupid and immoral story. Jesus' self-sacrifice and love is not real self-sacrifice and love because it comes with the catch that you must venerate him or else you are excluded from it, and subsequently punished for it. Religion is poison, and it always has been. The world will be better off when it purges dogmatic, superstitious thinking from its mind for good. Whatever replaces it will almost certainly be superior because it will likely just be some form of humanistic values that we already generally harbor. It will also be derived from a much broader understanding of the world than the narrow, tribalistic, barbarism of the ancient middle east.
  23. God, the people on this forum can dream up some whoppers.
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