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  1. The part I disagree with is where you say "Science is subservient to [and dependent upon] nature." If that were the case, society's science-based inventions would be organic, contributing more than taking. As Jack Johnson so nobly sings, "They paved paradise . . . and put up a parking lot!"
  2. Carry a flashlight as you would an umbrella. It tracks time relative to the second shadow. The sun casts light throughout the night while the moon is present. It's not dark at night. The light of night is a lesser light. Use your entire stature--your hands, some paper and a pen or pencil. That one must take a chemistry expert. [i'm sorry, I couldn't help it]
  3. Is it a fact that if you're not careful when striking a nail with a hammer eventually you'll get hurt? I couldn't substantiate that nor could you, unless you're so foolish as to prove it. If you would look with as much respect to the stellar regions as to the microscopic regions and as to the natural order, you would acknowledge that matter decays because that's the course nature takes. I don't prove it to state it as fact, because it is indeed fact. Yet I will offer the comparison of the stellar regions to decaying matter. Without gravity, matter would decay outward, as the "satellite
  4. I do have the answer but you don't usually care for my answers. I disagree.
  5. The universe appears to be expanding, but is not. It's being broken down into infinitely smaller parts. In the end certain parts will be mended and perfected. Others will continue their destruction (death).
  6. The truth about the Jews was already established. Satan's men are against themselves, which is why they destroy. The Bible is in Hebrew and Greek (Aramaic not relevant here). The authors' intents were in Hebrew and Greek. The Hebrew terms usually used are several, together comprising a short amount or a marker of time, that will be swallowed up, with a yet a tone of peace and tranquility. The Greek conveys a quick or swiftly passing portion of time. News is most accurate nearer the event. I'll bank with the ancients. Christ was very clear that Moses' law was to a
  7. It is the motive of a person and group (in my view). That person and group are indeterminable, thus, not assigned. Neither. Your shadow tells time on the basis of where you are relative to the sun. So does mine, keeping perfect time. Even when the sun is obscured by the clouds, a nearer, stronger light will cast a second shadow. As the sun continues his course, the first shadow will extend, contract or turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Perfect time. But when sun and moon are no more, one day remains.
  8. Sure, music for example can be studied mathematically. But it can't really be studied scientifically or analytically. You can try, but it doesn't work that way. My guitar and technique can be analyzed but my musical approach and performance cannot really be evaluated scientifically. There are an infinite number of processes I could apply on my guitar if time permitted. But music requires more than processes and infinity and analysis. Nature and life are more musical than analytical.
  9. Of course infinity is infinitely dense. But infinity is always finite, and is only understood in the context of eternity. These are 2 very different concepts. ---------- [The second line of my answer was edited in.]
  10. Fascinating. Is there something like this at the molecular level, as you would observe any kind of matter through a microscope? And an electron microscope?
  11. [Mod notation: this is in answer to Memammal's question. I'm attempting to answer him precisely, not preaching.] Since you ask, I mean the body of Jesus of Nazareth, struck and crucified; raised physically and having appeared alive to hundreds of his closest friends, as promised throughout his ministry and from the dawn of time. He himself had said before his arrest that his words are his very life that proceed from God his Father. His closest follower, John the apostle, writes long after, that God's Word became flesh. So it's his Word, living and being in people who are of faith. So
  12. The problem is, that the basis of what the Bible says goes like this: Faith comes first, then God himself proves what the Bible says. Scientific people won't test the Bible by faith, which is the only way to test faith or the content of the Bible. As children, we were willing to test things like trying to walk with someone's help, or riding a bike, even though we knew we might fall. We trusted someone. But most scientific folk never trusted the Christian testimony.
  13. Not assigning to anyone or to people. Asserting, and attesting (on the basis of a subjective conviction), hidden motives, in certain indeterminable groups of science. Very different from assigning to a certain someone or to people. It's a charge of vice, not a sentence of conspiracy.
  14. "Where the moon will be," is insufficient. You need to know from what places it will be visible, and invisible, during those places' night-times and day-times, which are always numerous.
  15. No, actually every interval of time is in essence a moment, a moment by definition being of indefinite length--always relative to a point of reference. In the context of eternity, or even in the context of a mere million years, 3000 years is a mere particle of time. I see why you use lower case, "god." Yes, the heathen religions all approved those. Judeo-Christian Scripture condemned them. (Yes, I'm prepared to answer) Certainly not evidence to the unbeliever, unless you know a devoted Christian well, before and after faith, and the transformation that took place.
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