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  1. i am sparticus, and this is sparta in a calm way though
  2. dark energy is around time. its like the insulation on a wire. or the other way around. does anyone get what i am saying. please help me figure this out. i am just trying to bring a new view into the subject
  3. please think outside the box. this is in the theoretical physics section for a reason. heres a brief overview "Atoms are made of subatomic particles that have mass. A photon is a massless packet of electromagnetic waves. A photon is considered to be a particle if light travels in small intensities. Research Planck's theory of light as well as Einstein's Photoelectric Effect."
  4. there are scientists that created a chip that uses light http://engineering.stanford.edu/news/stanford-engineers-breakthrough-heralds-super-efficient-light-based-computers pretty cool. i do know that light can be a byproduct of a reaction (3rd grade stuff) so you would have to convert atoms into photons.
  5. it is possible to slow the speed of light. i am not sure about speeding it up though. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30944584
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