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  1. From what I understand, in order for a socialist system to function successfully all individuals must put in an equal share of labor to gain an eqaul portion of resources. Well that would be the ideal I guess. No form of human government/economic system is perfect though..
  2. Can you please explain what it meant? It's not coherent. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged How much is too much? I've met some pretty poor people here in the U.S. You know about the war on poverty Johnson created? Well my family was directly impacted by that, living in Appalachia (Not that they were all that impoverished, they had a farm and were pretty self-sustained). Poverty still exists in the U.S. at a high level. I've known people just about as poor as those over in Africa or w/e. The only thing that separates the two, is one lives off the government generation after generation and the other barely even has a government. Not everybody over here has a slab on the mantelpiece, so to speak, I can guarantee you that.
  3. I'd like to know whether the damage was spinal or brain. What kind of accident was it. Was he in a vehicle? Did he fall down the stairs? This he get shot in the back by gangsters? Did he slip and fall and bang his head on a piece of furniture? I'm just curious. Your God? haha that's funny. Anyways I thought this was pretty sad. vv
  4. I couldn't figure out what that meant so I assumed it was a typo.
  5. Pulse? Hmmm this is strange. It doesn't really say anything about the accident he was involved in or how much he was injured. And what's happened to NPR? They basically wrote the same stuff as AP, seems like NPR would look more into the means by which this guy is communicating. Smells fishy to me..
  6. So is this guy totally paralyzed or what? I'm having trouble understanding how he can type if his fingers are paralyzed... Or does he have slight mobility in his fingers? Can he even open his eyes?
  7. We gotta get this thread restarted.. Who's played Halo:ODST? Great stuff
  8. I assume when they have info about the 4th that is where they will put it. Maybe not, since they skipped 2008 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DARPA_Grand_Challenge http://www.darpa.mil/
  9. http://www.csail.mit.edu/node/113 Source: Google
  10. I like this website: http://www.medicalstudent.com/
  11. Check out this list. I thought about maybe writing a novel where a supercomputer makes all the complicated political decisions for mankind. haha So maybe... Artificial Intelligence dictatorship?
  12. Question one: What causes it to be attractive? Why not repelling, or even sometimes both? Question two: What do you mean by first principles?
  13. I read some thing where this guy used E=mc^2 to convert sunlight to pounds or something. Like the sunlight to hit Earth in 100,000 years equaled so many pounds. I thought that was kinda strange. For one thing the photons even converted to pounds would need to remain at c in order to have mass? If they were at rest, then they wouldn't have mass.. I have another question though. You say photons have a non-zero relativistic mass, which I'm guessing means that they have a mass that exists relative to something which would probably be the speed of light, correct? Is there really anything there though? I mean if photons are considered massless, what causes the forces to act upon them? You say acceleration induces gravity, but in order for something to accelerate it must have mass! It's a bit confusing. Or if you say its just small packets of energy, well then you would have matter and thus mass and thus volume and density. So maybe photons are just kinetic energy? Like insane_alien said. Caused by the acceleration of the photons. So it seems to me that: Photons exists to move, and move to exist? I'm done ranting. Is that the correct assumption?
  14. Does anyone happen to know why matter when acted on by gravity will always fall towards the source of gravity? You all know the pool full of jello and the bowling ball analogy. I understand that somewhat, but why doesn't the matter acted on move away from the source? What makes this work the way it does? And how exactly do gravitons fit in? EDIT: Does it always fall towards the source? That was an assumption btw, correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Is it possible that there's some unknown force we haven't discovered yet? I'd bet money that elementary particles do some veryyy strange (Not behaving normally) things within a black hole. They are so mysterious and fascinating at the same time. I just realized something. Since photons are massless (at rest), how is it that they can have density? By definition since there is no mass, there should not be any volume which means density cannot exist if a photon is confined to an infinitely dense point. huh? But then, on acceleration a photon has mass- because of gravity. Is this a constant value or is it proportional to the force exerted by gravity on it? How does gravity even affect it in the first place, if there is no mass for it to act on when it is accelerating?
  16. ^That's pretty much what my book said. Wouldn't an infinite pull of gravity require and infinite mass on which to exert force? How would we know matter exists in infinite density at a singularity though? Maybe it's just an extremely high value? I mean think about it. What's the maximum density matter can have anyway? What the crap does 'infinite density' even mean on a subatomic level? Are the particles entirely close or do they almost meld within one another?
  17. I don't believe it's possible. I read it in the 'Scientific American Desk Reference' where it talks about black holes. Can somebody please explain this?
  18. I started a thread on this months ago. Most people don't realize that these people are simply practicing their debate skills. It makes for good fun, certainly more so than watching cable television.
  19. But existence of these facets aren't the only grounds for a society. You can have all of these or none at all, and still have a functioning society. There were 'societies' long before the concept of 'Emergency medicine' came about. Society exists for the mutual benefit of individuals in a human community. I agree with you, I just didn't wanna leave that point unsaid. Cheers,
  20. http://www.sdbonline.org/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=23 http://wiki.medpedia.com/Skeletal_System#Bone_development http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=4016 For this one look under the right hand column that says Prenatel Development: Articles There are tons of resources there that should be useful for you. Also, if I'm not mistaken development of the muscles and bones begins intermittently depending on the structures. The heart is one of the structures that form first, and then various bones that make up the spinal column. As far as what you are referring to (Skeletal muscle), I would imagine that bones form originally because they are the support system for the other organs and structures (Every article I've found so far basically just says 'bones and muscles begin to develop.') There should be something within these websites, if I find anything else I'll let you know. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAlso maybe Google 'prenatal osteogenesis' or something like that and see what you can locate. Cheers,
  21. padren already has, I agree with what he says.
  22. Jovial? I perceived it as sarcasm and belittlement. It was still a suggestion. I identified my position as uninformed and that the statements made by Fox should be taken with a grain of salt. It's unbecoming for an intellectual like yourself to get his panties in a bunch over something so silly. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Then you answered my question fairly. See how simple that was? *claps*
  23. I know now in current times music is used in some situations as a device of therapy. There may be a corollary between what you're referring to and this type of therapy. Honestly though I see it only as a tool to relax the patient.
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