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  1. Here's a riddle- Thirty White horses on a red hill, First they champ, Then they stamp, Then they stand still. What is it?
  2. No solutions yet? It's not as difficult as it seems... It has to do with angles and such
  3. Maybe you're thinking of the North Hollywood shootout. Happened back in '97 got alot of press. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOne of them actually had an AK-47 I think..
  4. A one legged man stands on a Ledge; in his hand is a Wedge. The man falls off the Ledge, loses his Wedge. What happened to it? Answer: It was broken into a "V" How did I come to that conclusion using subtraction and simple geometry? This is a simple puzzle I made up last night... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedHint: Pay attention to the in-bold letters..
  5. I pretty much agree with all that.. Pistols are easier to conceal also.
  6. Depends on the market. The gun market in Rwanda is gonna be a tad bit more "problematic" than the one over here in the U.S. Not all gun markets are created equal... And gun-related crime is precipitated by different factors. IMHO
  7. What kindav boogley bolical crap is this? Are you sure you weren't high?
  8. Nope my "claims" are opinions and you are drawing false conclusions.
  9. Nope, not even water guns. Remember, the Taliban doesn't believe in "wild and wet fun."
  10. I agree. But I'd be slow to forget that socialism and communism have become very attractive ideologies over the years to some very sinister leaders. Wonder why that is? I would further state that if I had to make a choice between the two economic systems- Capitalism and Socialism...Or even a hybrid of both... I know that I'd probably have more than a few people to disagree with me on both sides of the table. Cheers,
  11. What is it you are saying then? Some criminals may attain guns legally. But most get them by somewhat shady methods. One misconception people have is that gun criminals often steal the weapons. This is wrong, nine times out of ten, they'll just have a buddy buy it for them.. This is called straw purchasing. Another way they might weaponry is contact a licensed gun dealer who sales guns illegally at his house. They'll often buy them that way. Ability to attain guns legally is not the main cause of violent gun related crime. It's the illegal or shady methods that criminals will often use. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Well you have to take into consideration that alot of weapnonry can end up on the black market when a nation goes bankrupt. Sattelite nations ended giving alot of their stuff away. Litterly saling AK-47s for pennies to terrorist organizations. Remember Afghanistan's big heroin trade? Like you said maybe a few guns get thrown in as part of a deal, then shipped over here. And I don't see the heroin trade slowing down anytime soon. Who's cares that its cold war stuff, most of it never even got used and is still in good condition I specifically agree that solutions to these problems won't be found in more laws and penalties.
  12. Well can you at least provide us with what conclusions you came to?
  13. I just thought it was sad that such fallacious arguments were being used to further an agenda such as this. Is there any rationale at all for deciding not to eat meat or use animal products? There's been research into the diet of our descendants and it was found at the time our brain the developed the most, vast quantities of protein were being consumed. It's been speculated that humanoids had more time to think since they weren't spending all their time foraging for veggies.
  14. Yea but did you take that gun and go shoot your neighbor in the back? No didn't think so. My question was "Where do criminals really get their guns?" "Criminals" being....People who attain guns...then use the guns....as a tool...in order...to commit crimes. Certain crimes are alot easier to commit with guns, for instance, its much easier to murder your *neighbor* with a gun, than by repeatedly striking his foot with a plastic spoon. "Criminals" could be definitive of literally millions of different terms. Do criminals get their guns from licensed dealers? No, I don't think so. Most seem to get their stuff from black market trade. I'll need to find some evidence for that though.
  15. haha..seriously... Here, I'll put us back on topic. Socialism sucks! If you take away my compensation what makes me wanna go out and be successful? The good of my neighbor? To "help" the government? Haha yea right...
  16. Actually I'm sure there is at least one person on here who hasn't jaywalked. For the purposes of this discussion though, I'm referring to criminals who commit fatal offenses, personal offenses, property offenses, and Participatory offenses.
  17. I guess the short answer would be, a person who commits crime.
  18. So there's been all this talk lately about whether or not gun rights are in jeopardy with our current congress and president running things. My question has more to do with: Should Americans be allowed to own and use firearms? And is the ability to acquire firearms the main cause of gun-related crimes in this country? Where do criminals really get their guns?
  19. Even going back and reading the previous posts I'm having trouble understanding how this is at all relevant to "What's wrong with socialism?" Seems to me the discussion has drifted into topics of Theoretical psychology and.....garlic. Can someone please explain the relevance?
  20. Your a medical student?


    That's what I want to get into. I'm in highschool currently. Any advice?

  21. Friend of mine uses Floops to make music..Awesome program..Expensive though
  22. Oh and think you kind sir for acknowledging my apology. I'll remember to be extra civil to you next time...
  23. http://philtforpontefract.blogspot.com/2007/05/socialism-doesnt-work.html The question I believe was.. "What's wrong with socialism?" Hybrids does not equal pure socialism. Lots of things are born out of even more expansive ideas and concepts. You keep what works, not the additional garbage that has been packed on by hundreds of years worth of morons thinking they know what is right for the people. And a note on morality i.e. Greed. Greed has absolutely nothing to do with if capitalism/socialism works or not. Greed will always exist, doesn't matter what form of economic organization we use. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged The Founding Fathers created government to provide Justice, not fairness.
  24. We didn't 'create' math in the sense of the word. This entire thread is preposterous...
  25. Interesting point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion
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