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  1. And I can tell when someone is lying before they open their mouth.
  2. No, me neither. I was under the impression that electricity was the movement of charged particles, ions in this case. Any effect would be very weak in any case. Critique away, I'm not invested in this.
  3. Understand that. Have great difficulty composing a scientific paper, emotional blocks etc, if I do I shall present it here as a new topic. That being said, the videos average about 10 minutes.
  4. Interesting article. I had a random thought on this subject a couple of weeks ago. Messages travel up and down the spinal column using electricity, this will create a magnetic field that can interact with the Earth's field. What if our lack of a directional sense is because of our upright stance? That animals with horizontal spines will get a different feeling when they are oriented in different directions. Biogenetic crystals of magnetite are a new wrinkle for me...
  5. You would have to watch my YouTube videos. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLReMG9UJjkqyM8xyIoIaaK2eYCJsoPAhQ Yet String Theory goes by that name and is not falsifiable as far as I know. If it makes you feel better I will call it a conjecture.
  6. Thanks for that, I thought I might have missed something, but no. All those theories are as speculative as mine! At least mine is falsifiable... just need someone to do the experiments.
  7. Exactly, the Planck length is about 1.6x10-35m, a long way from 0. I am not aware of the theories you mention, names? references? This is the reason I'm here...
  8. Not a law of the Universe, but has a symmetry. The natural numbers are reflected into the interval between O and 1 by taking the reciprocal. 1 stays the same and 0 becomes the reciprocal of infinity, aleph 0 if I remember Cantor correctly.
  9. Infinity is not real in the sense that a brick is real. It is a mathematical extrapolation of the natural numbers. This should be explained to any 5 year old. Surprised to not notice any reference to the Planck length, if the infinitely small is not in our Universe then why should the infinitely large?
  10. Amaton You might find this useful needs a little tightening up but has the intuitive visualization you are looking for...
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