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  1. 1. God: The Failed Hypothesis Victor J. Stenger 2.The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature 3.The Better Angels of Our Nature 4.Freakonomics 5. Thinking, Fast and Slow 2011
  2. What makes Scientology teachings false?
  3. God - the Failed Hypothesis by Victor J. Stenger
  4. Is the laws of nature God?
  5. How long will dark energy last?

  6. What are your favorite popular science books?
  7. That's not a serious answer. I wasn't temporarily banned. I just didn't post any topics.
  8. What achievements are you proud of in your life?
  9. This is just a rough overview of the DNA isolation of E. coli: Centrifuge Discard supernatant Add lysis buffer Add phenol Spin A white layer should appear at the bottom and an aqueous upper layer and a middle phenol layer Remove the upper aqueous layer and add to tube To remove phenol add equal volume chloroform Spin and remove aqueous layer to new tube Now you have to precipitate the Dna Add ethanol to precipitate Dna Spin See the Dna pellet and discard the supernatant Rinse in 70% ethanol Resuspend in TE buffer (Add RNase to digest RNA) Check on agrose gell (https://bio-protocol.org/bio101/e97)
  10. Dna absorbs maximally at a wavelength at 260nm. Nucleic acids absorbs UV light because of the heterocyclic rings. A study found "the level of fragmentation did not influence the accuracy of spectrophotometric measurements of DNA concentration". Fragmentation of DNA affects the accuracy of the DNA quantitation by the commonly used methods Tatiana Sedlackova,1 Gabriela Repiska,1 Peter Celec,1,3 Tomas Szemes,2,3 andGabriel Minarik1,3
  11. When cell encounter dsDNA they presume it viral based and degrade it through RNAi. The Dicer enzyme cleaves short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) into siRNA (single stranded RNA). The RISC complex binds the siRNA and guide it to complementary mRNA strand where it gets cleaved and eventually degraded. This is how cells degrades viral dsRNA. RNAi will still work for multiple viruses invading a single host cell since multiple dicer proteins recognizes dsDNA. ^ Lee, Young Sik; Nakahara, Kenji; Pham, John W; Kim, Kevin; He, Zhengying; Sontheimer, Erik J; Carthew, Richard W (April 2004). "Distinct Roles for Drosophila Dicer-1 and Dicer-2 in the siRNA/miRNA Silencing Pathways". Cell . 117 (1): 69–81
  12. Religious people think of the soul like dark matter. It hasn't been directly observed but its effects can be seen like consciousness and near death experience.
  13. So, I shouldn't ask too many questions and only ask science and philosophy related questions in small portions and add substance to the questions?
  14. Does your online personality correlate to your real life personality
  15. I'm not new here. I've been here since 2014. Are you going to ban me for asking too many and treating this forum like a chatroom? I don't think I'm that bad. My questions aren't that easy to answer.
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