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    Excuse my poor reputation. I had a meltdown when a person gave me negative feedback, subsequently worsening the problem.
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  1. 1. God: The Failed Hypothesis Victor J. Stenger 2.The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature 3.The Better Angels of Our Nature 4.Freakonomics 5. Thinking, Fast and Slow 2011
  2. Can you explain further?
  3. Can you explain further?
  4. What makes Scientology teachings false?
  5. Was there anything before the big bang?
  6. God - the Failed Hypothesis by Victor J. Stenger
  7. Vexen

    Is the laws of nature God?

    Is the laws of nature God?
  8. I read somewhere that nothing is unstable.
  9. What's the half life of dark matter?
  10. How long will dark energy last?

  11. What are your favorite popular science books?
  12. I'm less confrontational in real life.
  13. That's not a serious answer. I wasn't temporarily banned. I just didn't post any topics.
  14. My progress is underwhelming.