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  1. During a maths lesson in primary school in which we were flipping coins and doing other prob-related stuff, my coin landed on its edge. The girl I was working with and I just sat there and gawped before telling our teacher, who didn't believe us. It was seen by one other kid, and for the rest of the lesson and the lunch break afterwards the three of us tried to recreate it. Of course it all gets simplified, otherwise prob textbooks wouldn't talk about P(head) = P(tails) = 0.5. This is why I prefer something like algebra (in the main): simplifications make me nervous.
  2. Lyssia


    I've only read it a couple of times through, and not in any great detail, but it doesn't seem to make any glaring errors (not that I'm an expert of anything, however). I'm not sure if it's been submitted anywhere, so I wonder what kind of peer reviewing it would get.
  3. I'm one of those people that can't just wing it; when I do I tend to just whitter away the entire day in front of the tv or something. I usually use a program like Korganiser to make to-do lists (not just relating to work - I'm as scatterbrained with everything else too) and organise what I'm doing each day.
  4. Lyssia


    All right, I'm looking for text recommendations now. Anyone (looks significantly at Matt Grime in particular) have any blisteringly good experiences with texts about abelian varieties? Thanks in advance!
  5. Lyssia

    Merry Christmas

    A rather cool teapot/milk/sugar/mugs set and some Christian devotional stuff. I'm happy
  6. Lyssia

    Merry Christmas

    Indeed, a very happy and blessed Christmas to everyone on sfn, and a prosperous 2006!
  7. Lyssia


    Hm, I'm not sure I could read a work from that far back (no matter how much of a classic it was) without my head exploding...
  8. Undergraduates all over the UK (and probably some other countries too) do it every year. Whackloads of international students do it too. I've just done it for the upteenth time but I'm suffering from worse-than-average culture shock - and it's not like I live a huge distance away from the UK normally anyway. This afternoon I got on a bus and spoke to the driver in Dutch. When I walk along the street I automatically step to the right. I've lost any sense of "If someone's in your way, you'll apologise politely and step round them" - rather I've become a Brush-Your-Way-Past-And-Glare-If-They-Don't-Like-It rotter. I actually miss my bike (given my physique, that's laughable) and got lost in the University Library earlier because the signs to everything were in English. On the plus side though, my bed here is much more comfortable! Anyone else travelled "home" for Christmas? Any expats? Any similar weird stories?
  9. Perhaps you could use the [math]y = mx +b[/math] to find a vector for each line and then use the scalar product?
  10. Darn it, we need to be able to use HTML on here
  11. I've just realised that I didn't post the image of my own result. Of course there's not much difference in any of the books as they're all yellow. But that's not the point. Here we go (hoping that the image attachment will work):
  12. Oh, and you didn't even include the picture? For shame!
  13. But the rationals are countable, right? A countable set isn't necessarily well-ordered? Hm, but the rationals are dense. Don't mind me, I forgot all my maths soon after I graduated.
  14. Just for fun: http://www.math.mcgill.ca/~dsavitt/GTM.html I was the Warner book on manifolds and Lie groups. Which one are you?
  15. Lyssia


    Has anyone read God created the integers? I just found it on Amazon today and wondered if there's some feedback from here*. *it was a long shot, but there's no harm in trying.
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