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  1. It is mostly academic psychologists that use it for the purpose of research. If we can use science to describe properties of squares and triangles, why not human personality?
  2. For determining people's peronality traits even in a rather rough and not comprehensive manner. At the root of the Big Five is the so called lexical hypothesis. A hypothesis that all important personality traits will be reflected in the language. A group of psychologists analyzed words describing human personality and came up with (IIRC) several dozen triats which was later narrowed down to 5 traits and 30 facets. It is by far the most widely used personality model in psychology and other popular ones like Alternative Big Five and HEXACO are basically variations of it. There is certain % of people whom the Big Five cannot deal with - stuff like Autism, Schizotypy/Schizoprenia do not map nicely into Big Five but the model is good enough to describe majority of personality variation in vast majority of normal people IIRC thriftiness is covered in the Agreeableness facet Industriousness and honesty under Agreeableness. Humor is also at least partially a function of certain facets of Extraversion and Agreeableness
  3. Do you think the tse tse fly might be the reson why civilization in Africa never developed to the same level as in Europe/ It carries deadly diseases that kill livestock like crazy. Therefore draft animals never took hold in Sub Saharan Africa, severely limiting amount of available power.
  4. Soviet/Russian war films are excellent
  5. Did any of you guys try to estimate what Big Five traits of some historical figures might have been? i have tried for Hitler - Neuroticism - above average, average/low on depression-anxiety, high on angry hostility, vulnerability and self consciousness - Extraversion - average or high, most probably moderately high - Openness - low. moderately above average on intellectual curiosity, below average on everything else Conscientousness - low. He was known for being lazy and could only work on few things that mattered to him, i.e. his political cause Agreeableness - low. Only good for a small group of people, a bastard for everyone else
  6. Do you think being high in systemizing makes people better at judging other people's personalities? Systemizing is the ability to see patterns in the world and a drive to analyze and create systems based on logical principles. When applied to people it means seeing patterns in human behavior. I myself have a combination of high systemizing + low trust and I am considered a good judger of people
  7. The Big Five inventory is the most widely used personality inventory. it consists of five facets - Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientousness. While valid, it does not tell everything about one's personality. It's said that one may get a good estimate of someone's Big Five within the first minute of knowing them.
  8. If you guys have met people with extremely low level of Openness to Experience, what are they like? Also what do you think would people with unusual Big Five combinations be like? Like someone who is very low on intellectual curiosity but very high on aesthetic sensitivity/creativity?
  9. This would give an early civilization a boost. Today not so much although in the US large scale cattail faming was considered as late as ww2
  10. I wonder whether with enough selection a variety that grows on land could be created?
  11. Cattails are not bad tasting. All parts of the plant are tasty
  12. ANy ideas how far north they can grow?
  13. Cattail was never farmed. We don't know what crop varieties would look like after several centuries/millenia of selective breeding. Just look how much domesticated varieties of wheat or corn look like compared to wild ones
  14. More importantly it does not require any work other than harvesting. No need to plow the fields.
  15. Do you think cattails would be good as a crop today or as a founder crop for a civilization? This is an ubiquitous plant that grows on shores more or less everywhere in Europe. All parts of the plant are edible at different periods of the year. The root is the most nutritious, 266 kcal/100 g from the wild variety.
  16. What if your job happens to be in your interest area? Like when you love languages and you are a langauge teacher
  17. The Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Children With Tourette Syndrome: A Preliminary Study (Dec 2020, n = 5) https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2020.554441/full At least 25% reduction in Tourette symptoms after a single FMT
  18. Do people who score high on conscientousness like to work/find working pleasurable?
  19. Possibly not even one. Chernobyl and Fukushima were very peculiar incidents that occured due to very particular circumstances. Given that for example France generates 80% of its energy by nuclear power and has not had a single accident.
  20. Do you think gut microbiome has a potential to affect non-hippocampal neurogenesis via some mechanism (like modulation of neural stem cells org glia to neuron conversion)? It definitely does impact neurogenesis in the hippocampus/SVZ.
  21. Where exactly is Inferior Supra Credulus in the brain? I've read that it's a brain region controlling guillibility
  22. I am writing this eating a piece of Munster cheese. There are basically a few cheese making organisms - penicillium camemberti, penicillium roqueforti, penicillium glaucum as well as geotrichium candidum and brevibacterium linens. Why so few? Out of so many species of fungi and bacteria, aren't there any others that could be used to make cheeses with a distinct taste?
  23. Does anyone know what Big Five traits or personality disorders are associated with hiding/not telling people what one thinks or what one is doing?
  24. More or less anything above 25,000t that is not a carrier is a battleship. I am of an opinion that modern lack of battleships is due to cultural choice rather than actual lack of combat effectiveness. A battleship weighting 40,000t could carry 3-4 helicopters, 1-2 F-35 and a ton of weaponry. It would be a very formidable weapon
  25. I was talking about a battleship.
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