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  1. I first got the idea from Dan Winter and through his sources i found out a bit more about it. I didn't pursue the topic much further then this level because it satisfied my question and i had a lot of other things i wanted to look into first. As soon as i understood more about harmony this source just started to make more and more sense. But i don't personally know enough about the heart to stand my grounds here.
  2. A musical key is a toroidal field. A musician isn't just making pretty audiovisual shapes. He's emulating or rather speaking in the language of nature. Harmony is a symptom of singularities. Harmony in people is emotion and is created by the 7 muscle layers of the heart which throws the blood into a vortex which which encodes the emotion in its tilt. SPAM LINKS REMOVED
  3. No, i thought science had already improved their standards, or were busy doing that in order to move forward into the realm of spirit, where it will have to go eventually anyway. Quantum physics... Objects that are not connected mirroring each other over vast distances, or viewers influencing the outcome of experiments. i mean come on!
  4. Ok, well thanks for the introduction guys. Sounds like a good place to learn to answer opponents! Interesting and enormously surprising to hear how you think. I wouldn't have suspected anything near this. I've been addicted to studying for as long as i can remember, and it's given me a world of knowledge that's made my life a lot more fun, but in this one page you have shown that you wouldn't agree with any of it. Or with any of the people i admire the most. I have never come across any serious thinker that doesn't believe in a soul or a spirit. We are like different species. And this was like a science experiment for me to study you. hahahaha I completely understand why my post didn't hit anything. It's like the right brain trying to explain a thought to the left brain. But, respect, you obviously know a lot of facts and can express them quite efficiently and clinically. I'll try again later. Although i would have no idea where to start. I take every version of the truth on board respectively and decide my perspective every day. A theory overrules another when it makes more sense to me, feels better, resonates more, clears up the entire picture better. And i would never say something is true or not true because there is simply no need and every version brings you to new places and broadens your horizon of possibilities. So yes. I have prove in my mind for the things i say but they are not the sort you speak of. I navigate by feeling and intuition. Non of the important issues of this time can be addressed with just the left brain, so i don't really understand how you can be into science in one of the most inspiring times in history, that is all about spirituality and science coming together and regarding it all as bullshit, whereby nailing yourself to the ground.
  5. Damn. This would be a lot of work. I would have to quote about ten years of talks, books and movies, and make you listen to them. I think you're right. I'll come back in a few more years. Maybe people are a bit more awake then. But you have a Fibonacci spiral in your profile picture. Symbol of the building blocks of conscious creation, revering to the old sciences, which are the highest sciences (the great year) and the biggest of the ancient sciences is astrology and all the cutting edge scientists are coming back on their appinions on astrology. And astrology is not just about your sunsign. That's like saying there's nothing more to a Ferrari than wheels.
  6. Pfff... you guys play hardball around these forums! Collective consciousnesses; Our minds are connected. As soon as an idea reaches critical mass (in the minds of enough members of a species) it is introduced more quickly in the minds of the others. Research done with monkeys learning how to clean patatos on islands and with people being asked to do certain tests around the world before and after they told a big group the answers. Look it up. Life after death example http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/german-scientists-prove-there-is-life-after-death/ Brain and Universe https://www.google.nl/search?q=a+brain+cell+and+the+universe&safe=off&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=sLYuVI-vLsiWapjFgbAI&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=937 Everything mirrors itself outwards and inwards. Microcosm and Macrocosm. Torus http://holofractal.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Torus-Fractal-galaxy-to-atom.jpg But i didn't give a thought to have it raped. It was a mind experiment. Meant for people who at least don't doubt things as astrology. Caus that is so 5 years ago It sounds like you're trying to do science without spirituality but that is not possible. The two have in recent years become one.
  7. Damn, that comments needs an extremely long answer, which i would like to shorten with a friendly; do some more research. Which you deserve after your New Age reverence Well we know collective contentiousness is proven and true, the soul is the thing that comes back after being dead for short periods of time which has recently been researched again in Germany and their findings strongly suggest or rather prove there is life after death (if you still wanna have that proven to you after all the ancients telling us about it), and what do you think a brain is? Put quantum mechanics in the same picture as the universe and hold it next to a brain. Also all living things have a torus around them. So have we, so has the earth, so has our galaxy and so has the universe. Yes, there is evidence and scientific proof that cells receive there identity through antennas / self receivers. For this i revered you to Bruce Lipton. Listen to Walter Russell, Nassim Haramein, Tom Campbell, Marco Rodin... Hermis! and other people like that. It's fun!
  8. I have a theory or rather a suggestion or idea. (before i get pounded again...) And to my mind it's elegant. Where are our souls? Take Bruce Lipton's "Self receptors" / "Antennas" on the membranes of our cells."The cell receives its identity from its surroundings" "The self receptors distinguish one identity from another identity" "No two humans share the same Identity" "If the cell is here or not makes no difference to my identity, because my identity, my signal is still here" Our identities / we are not in the body but in its / our surroundings. Each persons cells receive a unique bandwidth. Now take a frequency spectrum.A frequency spectrum is basically build upon a line which can be divided into however many bands. (A line can be divided in infinite points.) (You can build a 32 band equalizer and theoretically a million+ band equalizer) So a line of increasing frequency is also dividable into infinite frequencies. Only this line is not representing sound within the range of human hearing, This line of increasing frequency represents consciousness This line represents the consciousness of the universe. And it is divided by the number of conscious beings. These different frequencies are everywhere in the universe and originate from the consciousness of the universe itself. God. The sea of consciousness the TM'ers are talking about. This "sea" of universal consciousness is us. We are the individual waves / frequencies upon it. Our bodies are machines, tuned into this one remote control-frequency that is unique to us. What are our characters made of? The story of life is like a piece of music, only there to experience. And the story of life on earth is directly mirrored in the planets around the earth. This is of course what Astrology is all about. The planet show the state of our collective life precisely at all time. If you want to digitize a piece of music on a computer, you take a sample of it's state, for instance, every 41000th of a minute (a CD). The universe also takes samples of its story and gives these samples a life of their own. There are 4 babies born on earth every second. Their character includes the entire state of the world on the exact moment they were born, and we can look at the stars to define it more precisely. All our births in chronological order tell the story of life. What do you think? It's an open source theory I might come back and ad to this in the coming time. I could ad a million things now but they haven't yet reached this level of clarity for me.
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