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  1. If you said in your post that the wheel is made out of carbon nanotubes, the strongest material, you probably already knew that it was going to break.
  2. Dude just hover over the link and you'll see it is a link to imgur. Unless of course you use internet explorer
  3. I was thinking about how astronauts aboard the ISS poop in zero g. I creatively had the idea of an axis on the ceiling of the toilet (I know there is no up or down, but you get my point). The stall would be manually spun by other astronauts (to save power) and the poop would naturally fall. That wouldn't be possible, obviously, because it would make the entire space station spin a little bit too. I was thinking if the bathroom could be temporarily detached from the space station. In that case it wouldn't transfer energy to the station. However that would be risky because there is a chance you'd fly away into space while pooping (that would actually be pretty funny, when you think about it. It gets funnier when you remember you're spinning as well. Well - nevermind ) Well, back on topic: Consider this hypothetical situation. If the toilet is free in space and spinning, would you have weight forever? Is energy lost? Also, a philosophical question: If there was nothing else in the universe but the bathroom stall, would it make sense to say that it is spinning? spinning in relation to what? Would you go weightless just because of the lack of reference?
  4. Many of you must be familiar with polandball comics. Well, I decided to make particleball comics, where balls represent the subatomic particles of the standard model I've created two comics to get things going. Upquark is sad Tiny but heavy (it may be hard for some people to understand this one) what do you think?
  5. For the same reason the gravity of planets and stars accumulate. They don't have to be touching one another. Each star has a small role in the whole gravity of the galaxy
  6. Instead of posting so many equations, can't you guys answer with a yes or no?
  7. Intuition is like a brain fart
  8. I have gathered some questions that have been bothering me for quite a good time.I hope you can ansswer them and help me out. An one paragraph long answer is good enough, no need to go so deep in each one. This can take some time but I hope you'll learn a lot too by answering it --- 1. What if there IS a center of the Universe? By analyzing the cosmic microwave background, we can see microwaves that got redshifted due to the expansion of space, right? And the CMB forms like a sphere around the observable Universe, I assume. If we travelled billions of ly to any direction, the waves coming from that direction would be less redshifted than the ones on the other side, right? So can we find the center of the Universe that way? 2. The inflation theory is a complement of the Big Bang theory added to describe the similar temperatures at opposite sides of the Universe. If the Universe was at a single point and it was in contact, why is a theory of inflation needed? 3. Why is the Universe so asymetric? It would make much more sense to say that all galaxies are identical and are at the same distance away from each other, right? 4. What if the whole observable Universe is actually the whole Universe? Howcan we know that there is more light coming? ---- That's it so far. I don't wanna flood you with questions. Thanks!
  9. In order for gravitational information to flow, it requires space. Another universe wouldn't have space connecting itself with out universe, so I assumo gravity can't affect that other world
  10. A possibility is that the two stars are orbiting very close to each other and the planet is much farther away from both, so its orbit could be pretty much stable
  11. that makes sense. If you consider a single particle, the electromagnetic force will win
  12. I've been thinking and I came to the conclusion (probably a wrong conclusion) that gravity isn't that weak. All the matter we see is made up of almost entirely of empty spaces. If you had a spoon of pure matter, it would be incredibly heavy and would have a very significant gravitational pull. The thing is that we don't have such material. My question is, if you had pure matter, would the gravitational force be stronger than electromagnetism?
  13. The Graviton is just a frustrated attempt to include gravity in the Standard Model
  14. Their shapes wouldn't be possible if they weren't spinning
  15. When I registered here, I didn't intend to be an active member, so I just came up with that dumb name. I want an admin to change it to Cosmobrain, please. And sorry, there was no other place I could start this thread. thanks cb
  16. When you think about it, pretty much everything has gravity. Even light. That means that photons of light can emit gravitons? Without changing its momentum? that doesn't make sense to me
  17. The idea of Gravitions is just a frustrated way to include gravity in the Standard Model. There is no such thing. As far as we know, Einstein's GR is the best we've got to explain gravity
  18. Yes, but that's a fallacy. You are basically explaining the strong force using the strong force. QCD is a theory, but it doesn't really explain the true nature of that force. Just like electromagnetism doesn't really explain how particles can attract or repel each other. But it's ok, no one can answer such questions anyway
  19. a photon is a photon an electron is an electron
  20. Why do quarks have to exist in the first place? It just makes things more confusing than they already are. Why three? (or two, if it is a meson, but anyway...) What is the nature of the strong interaction? I think that unfortunately I'll never be able to understand nature
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