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  1. I know that HIV is a virus that attacks the white blood cells making other bacterias able to capatalize. But isn't the job of white blood cells is to kill viruses and bacterias. Why doesn't the white blood cell just attack and kill the HIV virus?
  2. So I'm confused on what is the actual cause of gravity because I heard that gravity is caused by the curvature of space time from the mass of objects. I also hear that gravity is cause by a massless particle called a graviton. Which one is it or do they both play a role in the cause of gravity.
  3. I read somewhere that we can see galaxies that are farther away than what the age of the universe is and they say that this is because the universe is expanding. I'm still a bit unclear on how an expanding universe can do this. So if anyone can clarify is this is true or not. This then led to me to believe that the fact that the universe expands has an effect on the speed of light. The speed of light should be faster in the direction that the universe expands and it should be slower in the direction against the speed of light.
  4. It is known that creation of iron in stars causes stars to explode. But this (to my knowledge) only happens in the most massive stars. My question is why does this only happen in the most massive stars and not in other stars like our sun?
  5. Just because many advances have been made by unethical means, that doesn't mean ethics is a hindrance. Who's to say those same advances can't be made by ethical means as well?
  6. Drugs in general are really harmful, both heath-wise and socially. So in my opinion, not prohibiting drugs is letting people get away with things that they simply shouldn't have.
  7. Anything by Jiddu Krishnamurti like Freedom From the Known, Education and the Significance of Life, On Love and Loneliness, and Think on These Things. Also Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Aristotle for Everybody:Difficult Thought Made easy and Ten Philosophical mistakes just to name a few.
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