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  1. Sorry, sonny, I stick with oscilloscopes and generally figure people who deny what they say are idiots.
  2. Umm, no, it's not false; you still haven't answered post 75. You started claiming I was wrong before you even understood what I was saying. There's no mistake here but yours. Someone told you I was stupid and you believed them. That was your mistake. I've been humiliating you ever since for your disrespect. That's the mistake. You'll want to start trying to fix it with an apology. And not a bunch of bullshit about how sorry you are I was offended, either.
  3. I'd have been happy to explain it except you kept claiming I was wrong before I was finished.
  4. Unfortunately you haven't heard the justification, nor have you actually understood what the claim is (hint: you screwed it up). Typical. And apparently you aren't done and are too stubborn to stop and too mean to admit it when you're beaten. That's fine but please understand everyone knows.
  5. What "new measurements?" You think somehow there's gonna be "new measurements" that define phase instead of describing it, and that don't require a reference for phase to be measured against? Yay Don Quixote. Kill that windmill. Good luck buddy.
  6. I'm not gonna play games, sunshine. You do or you don't. I play nasty with people who are trying to prove I'm stupid. If you wanna play that game I can do it forever. If you're smart you'll stop. You've been trying to catch me in a misstep for fifty posts. What you've got so far is embarrassed. Are you done?
  7. I'm willing to keep it civil if I am not maliciously and subtly accused of lying as you have been doing. If you intend to continue trolling me I'll shortly put you on ignore rather than be accused of insulting you. Now, the Dirac fermion field is explicitly relativistic, correct?
  8. I think I have clearly shown what you're trying to do, and that it has nothing to do with physics. I think you've been trying to create a controversy or a fight since post 75. I think you've failed and you're running away to hide. What makes me sure is that when I tell you what the Lorentz Symmetry means, you ignore it and change the subject. It's quite transparent and obvious. Furthermore as far as your lies about "unclear statements," you were the one who was maliciously unclear about the difference between the Dirac Lagrangian and the Dirac Field. You have repeated a deliberate and previously proven untruth in an attempt to discredit me under false pretenses. I stand ready to provide the proof of my allegations, if it is not already obvious to the members and staff.
  9. Sonny I measured a lot of phase and it's always been two signals' relations to one another. Maybe you can go sell your stuff to a freshman physics student.
  10. The experimental results over velocity or orientation (or position, which is implicit in velocity). See, I think you keep trying "gotcha" maneuvers on me and I keep making you look like an idiot. I think you should stop. But that's just me. You can make yourself look as bad as you want. Go for it. Symmetric means invariant. A vase is symmetric because no matter what direction you see it from it looks the same. People who play with math always forget these basic realities.
  11. Are you serious? This is basic relativity, do you not understand what the Lorentz Symmetry defines as invariant?
  12. This is simple: admit the Dirac fermion field is Lorentz symmetric or go back to school. Period. I'm a fan of reality. I am amazed by the number of people who think mathematical derivations are physical proofs. Your math is nice but the field isn't the math. Especially when you have to superposition it with fifteen other things in order to describe the field.
  13. No, you will not listen to the explanation. Fine. Bear in mind we have not advanced beyond post 75 because you will not admit that the Dirac fermion field is Lorentz symmetric.
  14. I'm sorry I don't see a great deal of advantage in arguing with someone who cannot differentiate between the Dirac Lagrangian and the Dirac Field. You need to learn to understand more than just the math. You don't understand the real fields that the universe exhibits. I told you the Dirac field is relativistic. You denied it, and presented the Dirac Lagrangian to pretend it's not. The Lagrangian is of course not relativistic. You have repeatedly confused the two in order to attempt to deflect, distract, or deceive me. You have failed abominably and are now trying to deny it. Please stop. You have been misled by fools. You should stop talking to them.
  15. You are a plumber. That's why you don't see it. Maybe if you were a geophysicist. The first refugees whose islands have been inundated have already been relocated from the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The Marshall Islands have been inundated and buried dead have been disinterred along with massive damage in the hundreds of millions of US$. This has happened in the last month. I can't see why I should argue physics any more with a plumber.
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