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  1. there is no doubt that imaging pictures of the brain and its functions are works of art. for me, the human condition can be categorized but not logically constrained. it is for this reason that lawyers make money. they realize that perception can be manipulated. one of the goals of science is to remove this human error and deal with strict measurements. "the human soul can never be had" it is not logical but a consequence of never being able to touch the world. it is the thing that cannot be had. we are figments of our imaginations...
  2. they have a blind spot... i used to leverage this on a cooworker by jumping out of a trash cart when she was looking right at me with that one eye...
  3. for me, there are two scenarios. one where god is a supreme reason for all. one where existance can be logically explained. i will never force a man's faith because it is his choice, but the most reasonable answer is the winner for me.
  4. i have been considering the legalities and i think a basic lab is ok, but i will not be able to actually experiment in that way. there are some things i can do at home, but i will probably only get as far as sending samples to the lab. this would not include modified bacterium but only a spectral test or such. i still find the field interesting and need a decent lab set up advised by someone who has some time under thier belt. i trust first hand experience over books not that i am not researching these things already. thanks for responding guys. any other advice is appreciated. i am in the process of making a plexiglass clean box right now. i have a filter for the intake and continuopus negative pressure planned. edit: lol, not that i will need it.
  5. it all boils down to whether you are arguing or working a problem. if you can answer without arguing, then you have won the battle before it begins and there are two victors instead of just one. thats right scientists multiply.
  6. hello all, i am currently studying the area of genetic manipulation in fungus and bacteria. my goal is to discover various traits and apply them to other organisms at differing times in the life cycle. i know that some of the techniques will have to be sent off to a lab, but i want a basic setup for this kind of work. what i am looking for in this thread is firsthand knowledge of the equipment or some kind of experience that can help me decide how to best set up shop. this is just for personal knowledge, but i may write a paper about my results for fun. any information would be helpful guys.
  7. communication skills are so important. as a scientist, you must be your own representative. in my personal opinion, it is important to foster the idea that science does not have to be unfeeling. science teaches you how to think but as a citizen you must know how to feel.
  8. peer evaluation can be the hardest step in the process.
  9. i think that the precision of such an endeavor is important due to the value of the extra information. you can do work with it...
  10. that sounds like a great idea. as much of a pain they can be, they are a potential resource.
  11. you can do this by creating a statistical model of this very site based upon an established response quality. the quality may be determined by adherence to the guidelines here. one example would be the number of responses without validation or findings. another might be number of fault submissions or even help requests.
  12. guys you only need an rf transmitter in the microwave range still need line of sight edit: no need to hack genetics is opening up new tech in the area of body devices fairly soon. they are working out the encoding now. this is a vastly superior tech and much less invasive to the body.
  13. i believe that a line can be straight and curved at the same time
  14. thats ok, i completely understand. it can be frustrating at times. that is the very reason we practice these things here.
  15. one of the goals of this site is to foster argumentation skills. this is first base. second base is being able to talk at the level of your peers and also to submit when you are proven wrong. the proper application of science requires good communication skills. this is our sandbox. please keep it clean as it is for educational purposes only. this is for both sides.
  16. we already have holy darwinism... we need no more than that.
  17. there is a good question. which one has the best support.
  18. i bring the the gift of a trade because nothing is free. blind technicality must never rule.
  19. if you cant find the definition i wil give it to you again p.s. i dont think he is a biologist.
  20. while the earth does not fit the definition of lifeform, it clearly fits the accepted definition of organism. this is a silly argument...
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