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  1. well, i need a schematic to see exactly whats up. i could easily guess but could just as easily be wrong. that looked fun. in my opinion, the resistance applied compared to the number of windings is out of whack. i assume this is to keep the other side intact as it is ceramic. by the time he invested in all those resistors he could have just as easily rewired the whole thing. as hindsight is twenty twenty, id say he will alleviate this in a later project. (sometimes you want something that simply works and you improve it as you go) i still think a standard transformer is the best bet due to the firing threshold of the flyback. (a flyback stores energy in the flux between the windings and a circuit manipulates its firing). this is why the top end of the flyback is left intact. the windings are spaced out and the viod filled with ceramic.( a mess to take apart) imagine a basic circuit that outputs a standard audio signal (ipod in your case?) then a basic amplifier circuit to make the signal strong enough to drive a standard transformer wired for the appropriate output voltage. if you use a flyback, then you will want the ceramic high end output to be able to build flux fast enough to fire at at least 20 khz (or less if you are deaf and dumb like me). i do not know at this point what those specs are. since high voltage is not my fortee, and i am not fully educated on flybacks, here is a resource that better explains the function of it. http://www.butlerwinding.com/store.asp?pid=28336 in the end you need a source, and amp, and a coil that increases the voltage to arcing levels. an equalizer might be a nice interuption of your device to tailor the input to make the output match the original sound. remember that coils are sensitive to frequency.
  2. you are correct. the earth is the same earth just in different locations. frames of reference are additive. this builds up as a value that i would consider a distance. the question of the thread is a consequence of the answer.
  3. even our own reflections are the past. you cannot see him nor he you. heck, you cant even see your current reflection as this is a different frame of reference.
  4. i would suggest bridge created by someone who has traveld the full dimensions of the experiment.
  5. light is manipulatable to quite a degree. i will go the other way for arguments sake and say that it depends on the configuration of the medium. if a civilization lives within a long enough time frame they have the capability to take advantage of it.
  6. cloning isnt very efficient. what do we do with the less than par results? i suppose we could test at "pre-sentience". destroy any anomalies... i believe this is the process anyway. horribly innefficient. from a science standpoint it would not really be useful. mariguana is legal in some states yet controversial. lets take a lesson from this... you can only make so many clones before you need a fresh source. cloning humans when needed to fill an imaginary moon base would require the process to be redone routinely. it would be much easier to keep the gene pool accessible in the way it has already been provided. to top things off, alleles attatched to the bung hole wont kick in the same way every time. this means there is still variation between clones. fact is, no matter how high one can count mother nature will always have the experience. sooo... stem cell research is great. i shudder when i imagine growing clones and eliminating the unneeded males.... i would rather put my money on the gene pool size. dont get rid of the males, i want to live...
  7. take a pic of your set up and post it. to inject a signal, you must first have a carrier. this would be your hi voltage source. are you running a 60 hertz high voltage output? if i were to build one myself, i would go fm on the project. frequency modulation. tell me that you are not using 60 hertz as a carrier... i bet it looks funny on the old oscilliscope.
  8. i see what you ae talking about now... do you consider yourself ethical? are you left with a distaste in your mouth about current process handling in the science community? it sounds as if you are at odds with the current structure of the science community. if i am coming from the wrong direction, please forgive my silliness. you are doing what is called "presenting" like the animals of the forest floor, we present ourselves: like a deer nodding its head to the group to signal danger. you must get this off your chest by giving away the whole thing (not just part). tell me why you dislike the process in more detail...
  9. you want as much mass of your bearings to not be moving as possible. the over all weight needs to be as low as possible for the bike.
  10. you dont need cold fusion to have a fusion machine. they are easily built with a bucket of cash. thats right, fusion already can be done at home. the whole problem though is that the process is innefficient. i have no response to whether or not fusion is taking place because the powerplant regardles either way has not been demonstrated working at an acceptable level for the community to agree. edited... i actually had to overcome my disregard for such voodoo and take a close look at the product... not what i thought it was. still in the same boat though.
  11. you will want as much of the working mass as you can get on the axle instead of the wheel. also tires rule this kingdom so you will want razor thin tires with a high thread count. drag can be reduced by smoothing sharp edges and replacing raised surfaces with flush mounting. the majority of drag comes from the rider so a smooth contoured shell with a small cross section is your best bet.
  12. if your magnetic bearings are strong enough to suspend the wheel around the axle, then yes to a degree. however, the biggest speed killer for a bike is the drag coefficient. the question is whether or not you can keep down your rotational mass.
  13. to be honest, you will not need caps. 746 watts is about one horsepower. a 30 amp outlet can produce quite a kick that you will not get from a cap. you can add resistance and slow down the discharge but will not make up for an adequate power supply. i would invest in relays instead and run full current through the full length of each stage instead of a dwindling charge. the price of a relay compared to a cap of decent size is small. caps are useful but they must first charge up through a charging circuit which is additional components. they do not put out full power across the discharge either which relays do. if you do use caps, make sure to have more than you might consider needing. if you have enough charge depth to your cap banks, you can set the gun up to only use the top end of the charge. this actually helps because the caps are already partially chargted for the next projectile. if you have any issues with your sensor set up, you can always whisker switches. this will slow your projectile slightly but i doubt you are shooting for escape velocity.
  14. the trick is not knowing the formulas because they are given where needed. at least thats what i remember...lol they will even have trig problems and so forth. what will work best for the test is the ability to step back and find the QUICKEST solution. an sat book teaches you not only the neccessary formulas but the best techniques to save time. ... you will not be looking to get right answers but instead find short cuts to the problem. so, short answer, you need an sat book for the sat. and a firemans hat to respond quickly.
  15. your best bet for it is a sat study book... if i remember correctly, isnt that the college entrance test? if so, then you will find they are prepared to weed out those with all memory and no brain. it tests something else. you will need a sucessful angle of attack to answer your questions as they are designed to see if you catch the simple stuff and make you spend time on pointless calculations. testing skills for this one.... you dont need formulas, you need a fireman's hat...
  16. yes. part of being smart is being able to wear one's shoes for a moment. you may not like it, but is it useful... of course it is... part of effective communication is being able to CONNECT with your audience. i do not understand why sympathy bothers you... but, thats not what im really talking about anyway. do you have a disability that prevents you from feeling sympathy? if so, then i understand. it must be hard...
  17. there are many ways to time coils together. you could manually calculate the coil timing. this could cause untold problems due to nonconstrained variables in your experiment. it is best to let your first coil gun decide the best time by position. you can do this with light bulbs or leds and cds cells available at radio shack still i believe. if you put a hood on the front of the cds cell, you can block out all but a straight shot from your light bulb or led. a simple circuit with only a few parts will do. your cds cell will change value when the light is blocked and can be set up to switch power to the coil in question. i would say that for small projects, better efficiency will be found with a single coil and a large pulse equivelent to the amount of force required to accelerate your projectile to the desired speed. OR... instead of using a dc coil or two, why not create a linear ac motor? it only reqires a shunt winding to offset the field temporarily and create positive movement. not only is this a more efficient design by removing components not needed (fewer places for loss), but you can decrease the size of the field windings and core material by multiplying your frequency... in other words 120 hertz is better than 60 hertz. this is one reason ac motors are so important to the future of electric cars. they are more efficient and you can make them with a higher power to weight ratio because you can increase the frequency. just like using more energy to find smaller particles in accelerators it is the frequency that determines its kick. http://www.alliedelec.com/ if you do not like radio shack. too bad you couldnt get one of those twenty dollar raspberry pi cards as it is in essence a smart controller...
  18. i always find such arguments only shadow how we see things which is subject to perspective (a very powerful tool). after all, what can we argue without a point (a matter of human condition). the truth is that nature works without reason. does evolution follow the scientific method? no it is not an entity but a word used to describe something.
  19. if i were young, i would keep track of the news so i knew when events took place. i would then get a insulated catch bag and fill it with ice and soda. one dollar gets a cold coke... anything else i can help with? bring forth the next generation. its time. lets make an investment. this is how money works and it is what makes the world run. black and white is only a dream. dream harder.
  20. i grew up in st louis you point at the cop, that is understood by all hoodlems the community will prosper only when it decides to take care of itself where are the committies that create community involvement? the community must grow beyond and quit living in the past. investing in your community should not be a secret. we lost track of community and made it a race thing. wanna fuss, get involved with your community first. show ferguson what it needs to do.
  21. there seems to be a big trend toward antisocial behavior. this is not an advantage that so many fools percieve. if you do not care, then how can you understand. it is that simple. "to walk in a mans shoes is to understand him." only a fool could argue with this and everyone knows you cant argue with a fool. the end...
  22. why not just use something else. you can write your own formulas?
  23. ha! i was speaking figuratively of course. i will explain better next time.
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