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  1. have you ever taken a shot of a building right at the base? i take it you do not like bellows equipment? the idea behind this topic is to give the reader a broad definition of photography. there is a rich and colorful history to the mechanics of photography and i feel that the reader should be aware of the old as well as the new. plus how it fits together. so, while my questions may seem a bit off, it is important to discuss this. i do not want the reader to think that they can get one camera at wall mart or Ebay for everything. i want them to consider the weight of the purchase. evaluate what they want to invest in and then make a purchase that will entertain them for years to come. professionals use professional tools for a reason and this idea must be passed to the reader. while a quick toolkit is nice, how about a big investment?
  2. i would say that it IS constricted because there is no port.
  3. not to sound too stupid here studiot, but could this have anything to do with Helmholtz resonation? if you put a tube into a speaker box at the location, then you cause constructive interference. since the sound only has one hole then this would be more complicated. in other words there are natural areas that will have destructive interference too. in the end, there will be a predictable dead spot in the center of the tube. this is where the sound waves cancel out. of course you should also hear the phase velocity which is reminiscent of listening to the uneven operation of a fan. i would call this the "wowowowwoow" of the ring. it may be too slow or fast to hear though. i hope i did not just waste your time. i still think you should check out the toilet's "ring."
  4. that was a neat idea ed.
  5. this may be a crude and unacceptable answer for what you are doing, but if you are just looking for a burnable gas try cooking wood. you put it in a container with a spout or such and heat it. the result will run an engine albeit not very much power.
  6. I felt a cleaving in my mind as if my brain had split i tried to match it seam by seam but could not make it fit i strove to bring the thought ahead unto the thought before but sequence raveled out of sound like balls upon the floor... johnny was a chemist johnny is no more for what he thought was h2o was h2s04...
  7. @Acme thank you for the pic. to me it is an expression of your love of science. @CharonY i love asking you questions. you always have an informative answer which is what the topic needs so please allow me to pick your brain about cityscapes. do you adjust alignment in post process for buildings or would you recommend a billows device? sorry about the short post. i have a bit of business to get out of the way. the next one will be more entertaining.
  8. davidivad


    well, she will pull your cord to get her way. whether or not she could be considered a troll at times is somewhat of a subjective question. we all have different notions as to the way that others are, but this is a subjective area too. I have found that dominant women like to submit as well as dominant men. from reading these posts it seems that trolling here is like everyone's alter ego. trolling reminds me of Schrodinger's cat. by isolating the troll, we find that we have opened the box upon ourselves and are left to shrug our shoulders in the end. the measurement disturbs the result. we are left at the bottom of the foundation upon which everything is built. i must be the troll...
  9. you cannot debate with a fool. only a fool tries.
  10. davidivad


    as long as a woman doesn't fart in bed and scratch like a gorilla i am fine with her being dominant. i must say that woman are of high emotional intelligence and will pin you like a wrestler if you don't watch out. My sister is a real shark in the business world. she is smart, domineering, and an overall butt hole. i still love her though. to think that troll cannot be female is a mistake as they must breed somehow. in another light, you would be amazed at how many powerful men like to submit at times. for each his or her own...
  11. @charonY you are awesome. the idea of using a flash to overcome the limitations of your camera has loud potential. you are such a geek drive on! this shows that while readers may not be able to afford the expense of a high speed camera, they still have options. while this is clearly not something you can do in a sports arena, it may have other uses. i have used this technique with film. if and what possibilities doe this present for a digital photographer? what is the digital equivalent of using the flash to overcome the limitations of the camera or is this only effective for film? give me some more geek! @Acme i wish people just gave me cameras.... the ones that approach me expect top price! i guess i give the impression that i am running a store. do you have anything you would like to mention in regards to high speed photography? i would like to try to cover the subject a bit more. any contributions on this subject would be greatly appreciated. and since i know you like photography, any fresh perspective would be useful.
  12. @imatfaal i agree that regulation can be a real pain in the butt. methods of research that are required can make a simple process more expensive. however i feel that it is important that they are there because they continuously question our current line of reasoning. in short it promotes growth in the area of methodology. in the end regulation promotes growth in fields of science through the time tested act of questioning. a true investment in the future of science. the result is new methodology and new technology leveraged upon our current situation.
  13. none the less, you have shown what the differences are. thank you for your contributions. what of high speed photography? it is a great tool for taking events apart and seeing the physics involved. i bring this up because you see many slow motion catches on tv and the web.
  14. that would be the difference. i use film. old habits die hard. perhaps you might wish to shed light for me on the post processing. i use the gimp. am i going to have to resort to Photoshop here? what kind of process goes on at this stage?
  15. did you guys notice that piece of aluminum is not the projectile that comes out? my guess is that it gets replaced every shot. a railgun is simply two rails with the projectile connecting them in the middle (and a lot of juice). herin lies the magic.... for further reading on the subject of testing this phenomenon of muzzle flash check this link. while not expected from an electric gun this has been a problem for a while. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a156607.pdf
  16. you are obviously very up to date on experiments that delve into the thought cycle. my voices are often the result of extraneous sounds within my environment. i liken this to visual compensation by comparing optical illusion tricks. one question i would ask is to what extent does the average person (establish a control or baseline) fill in the gaps with auditory compensation. i know that if someone is exposed to a continuous audio source such as a tone, they often hear the tone after the stimulus is removed. i also know that you can perceive a false tone equaling the difference of two tones in a binaural session. it is also important to note that the average person self talks for reinforcing thoughts and behaviors (I can do this) whether it be in their head or verbal. in the end, don't talk to yourself because you will put an eye out...lol so in essence i am simply verifying that what you are suggesting is true. in the end the schizophrenic is that one man with a black eye. is there evidence that using such a method does not reinforce the behavior on a long term via exercising the paradox of cognition itself. (if it is that muscle why exercise it?)my basis for this conclusion is that this retraining is based on the idea that it is a thought pattern and not biological in nature. i argue to keep things going only as you are clearly a smart man. it is nice to know the problem is being worked from more than one direction. hopefully a solution will present itself and what a better place than by contribution of those afflicted.
  17. Ask the right question and the answer is contained within.

    1. Schneibster


      Words of wisdom. Asking the right question has made a lot of people famous.

  18. both Ajb and Swansont are correct. if you want a ride of the bus and not just appease your immediate senses be prepared for the full ride. be prepared to read the article i presented because the article itself says that this is a "quick and ugly" interpretation. be sure to read the rest of the article as it goes on to try to tackle all of the important elements involved. you need to read the resource i gave to understand.
  19. Here’s the idea; energy is distance times force (E=DF), and force is mass times acceleration (E=DMA), and acceleration is velocity over time, which is the same as distance over time squared (E = DMD/T2 = MD2/T2). So energy has units of mass times velocity squared. So, if there were some kind of universal relationship between mass and energy, then it should depend on universal constants. Quick! Name a universal speed! E=MC2 http://www.askamathematician.com/2011/03/q-why-does-emc2/
  20. imagine the intuition of not buying the blue car and having to live with that horrid beige beast you mistreat because of the color. what is truly the right color for you?
  21. for me, astro shoots take time unless you are just shooting stars. almost anything beyond that can be complimented with a filter. http://alpo-astronomy.org/mars/articles/FILTERS1.HTM when i first looked through a telescope, i was amazed at the difference between what i saw and what was in the pictures of magazines. for a start only a few objects were that colorful. take andromeda (M31) for instance, you can tell it is a galaxy but it shows little color or definition. filters! can't get that planet to amount to anything but a boring blur with little color? filters again. you would be amazed at the number of shots that go into some pictures by the time you add up all of the exposures. right now mars is in the limelight and wouldn't you know i need a new telescope (child catastrophe). one suggestion that comes to mind right now is temperature changes within your equipment. i usually set up my telescope and let it set for a while to come into equilibrium with the air temp. there is nothing worse than realizing that your pictures are foggy.
  22. davidivad


    i agree. if it were not for burning babies, we would not be who we are now. if it were not for the troll, we would have nobody to blame at all.
  23. @CharonY I love your responses as your arguments contain important information that is crucial in making a purchase decision. i think it is important for the readers to know how your requirements have impacted your purchases. specificly, what uses have determined your purchase response? my first camera was a Nikon. i bought another Nikon with a motor drive later because i could save on lenses of high quality but jumped too far ahead of the game on features. it would have been more cost effective if i had went one model below my purchase. what was your most recent purchase and what have you not liked about it? this, i believe, will influence better questions about the decision process and what to expect from a purchase. on the side of astronomy, i think that colored filters are a must. you can take time exposures of the desired color and combine them. this allows you to bring out details you would otherwise not see.
  24. my argument is not that you can't take a great picture. indeed, some of the best pictures in the world have been "snap shots." if you want to improve your odds though, better tools are hard to beat. i enjoy sketches to which are only drawn with a few very simple tools. but man can they be gorgeous. you can build an entire house with a hammer bet a nail gun can be a better tool. i too am below that line of monetary means (life can be cruel). i would have to sell my "brushes" to get more paint right now. i will not! make the best decision you can but consider the lure of savings in weight of the "gold". i would like to engage the old engine of argument with what an astronomer might be interested in for a gear bag.
  25. i will stick with the advantages of an slr on this one. here is an instance where you must make a trade. my suggestion is that if you have the funds for a slr then you will thank yourself later for buying one. maybe we need to define for the future reader how to decide what is best for them. in the end i think it all boils down to how much you are going to use the camera. am i going to be taking pictures for other people? will this be a week end camera or will i use it every day? what am i taking pictures of? (do i need precision equipment for my subject?) how accurately must i see the picture before i take the picture? in the end the main question you must ask yourself is how serious am i about photography? if you are serious get an slr. if you are just taking pictures, you can cut the costs of a purchase significantly. just remember that quality has value and therefore is more expensive. another advantage of slrs is durability. most current electronics is designed around the amount of use the product will get. if it is aimed at the average consumer, you can bet that it will not last as long. another consideration is resale. if you buy the latest and greatest consumer level camera, then it will be worth nothing when you got to upgrade. this is because the development cycle is fast to meet the latest demands of the user. 5 megapixels is 10 megapixels and additional features six months from now. when you enter the arena beyond novice grade, you often find used equipment that offers what consumer grade can't. quality. i can be quoted on saying "buy a better camera" when a novice has learned the basics and wants to know how to best improve their skills. there are tons of people out there working the best buy. do not be trapped by the consumer level system.
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