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  1. This is off topic, but if you click on the moderating team link, it says that you have access to All Forums, yet the Residential Experts have access to 37 forums. Is this because there is a secret mod exclusive thread?
  2. I was reading an artical in the New York Times Archive:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/06/science/a-lab-grown-burger-gets-a-taste-test.html?_r=0. It was about some scientists who "grew" some cow muscle, and then it got cooked. Is there anything "wrong" with this. I can't think of any, so that is why I am asking this question.
  3. What is the: Notification method to use for followed topics daily/weekly digests Would that be a blog? And for the Private Messages,All of the boxes were checked off when I got on, and I am not getting notified. I guess I will wait for another one before I jump to any conclusions. I also checked the box that said auto follow threads that I reply to, but there was nothing about auto following a thread that I made, and I find that strange.
  4. For some reason I am not getting notifications when someone PM's me. Also, is there a way to get a notification if someone replies to a thread that you started. Thanks for reading, or replying
  5. Yes, look at all of the movies and special effects. Just because its there doesn't mean its real.
  6. Key Facts you must do before we can move on: Year length, atmosphere, what is in it(gases, solids, liquids), the temperature, how much gravity it has, the day length, and how much light it gets. Lets start with that.
  7. We are assuming that the life out there is carbon based. We are also assuming that they need three key elements to survive. You are right about trying, as I understand it, thinking that there could be different types of life forms, i.e., maybe an intelligent rock, but you can't think that in this context. Think about what humans need to have to live, then, look at Pluto, and compare it with that. Then use logic to think up of if there could be life there. NOW REMEMBER, IT IS LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!!! Also, assume that they have everything we have, so their life support systems would be like ours. You will be chasing your tail thinking like you are. Think about these factors: So StringJunky is saying see what the temp of Pluto is, compare it to earth, and do that for the rest.
  8. Whats the worst case of crackpot this forum has had, other then Endercreeper01(Just Joking) Is there a link to one of the threads?

  9. I just hate it because it insults my intelligence. And also, the email was a yahoo one, and I almost never trust yahoo.
  10. Read this!!! The subject was Dear Friend(God Belss You) YES BLESS WAS SPELLED WRONG My Dear Ms. Diana Morokat is my name. I am the only daughter of late Pnkhmto Morokat, who was slain by the rebel forces during this ongoing civil war in our country Syria. I am 23 years old. I am an under-graduate, level 200 medical student at University. I managed to escape into government refugee camp in London through the help of some Red Cross Personnel's working in our country. I have an estimate of TEN Million Dollars in cash that my father left in a Bank vault. Now that he is no more, I want to transfer the ownership of the fund to you for safe keeping and relocate to your country to complete my medical course and permanently reside there. Please let me know if you can be honest with me and assist me. I proposed to give you 30% of the fund at the successful end for your honesty, confidentiality. All further details will be disclosed to you as soon as I have your confidence. email: [i deleted it] Respectfully Diana Morokat I got another one about the FBI wanting to give me 1 billion dollars that the government took away from me. I hate this, this is total crap that I'm getting this!!! Wonder what site I signed up for to get them emailing me this, oh this makes me so angry
  11. Have they proved that when black holes evaporate, they give off radiation? Black holes already give off radiation. Did you read this some where, or were you using logic to reach your conclusion.
  12. Just a quick question, before I jump into helping Rajnish Kaushik with his C++. How hard is C++. Is it to the point, or is it crazily stupid and has horrible syntax like JavaScript does.(I strongly dislike JavaScript, JQuerys fine though) How hard is it going from Java to C++. Is it an OO language. And do you peoples have any good links. Thanks Joshua
  13. I can take basically anything I want, because I have www.vlacs.org , so if I wanted, I could graduate with two diplomas. I know I need to take science up to physics and beyond, and also maths up to how high I can get. I was just wondering if I should take any economics classes, or any thing like that, if it would help me in the long run.
  14. What are you asking, I know java, so it might not be the same for c++, but a function could be 8+4, if maybe you are trying to make a math application, or are you asking about something defining a function?
  15. I feel like the only way that this world will survive is if the humans evolved again. Just as we have evolved not to go raid the village next door to get more food, I feel like we are going to have to do this. I know this sounds very Utopian, but I see no other way, as the population is growing, and the earth isn't getting any bigger: People do what they love to do. What I mean by this, is the people who love to make and grow food, make and grow food. This eliminates the social class stupidness all together. What I mean, is the farmers, are usually regarded as lower, and gets a lower pay. If it was like this, just continue on. Then, you have doctors be a doctor because they love to be a doctor, not because of the money. My point is here, we could have free health care. It would be offered as a service, as opposed to a crazy money making scheme. Then we would also eliminate the stupid health care and all the crocked business there. Then you have the scientists that love science. Then there would be the builders that love to build ect. If you did this, then you would eliminate the need for money, and everyone would have what they wanted, and we should be a productive society. I think if anyone was not stupid, and in for it for the money, then a lot would get done. People would help to help. But this isn't human nature as of yet. And if we did this, then no one would be hungry!!! But this isn't going to work, because you have the criminals, the hoarders, and the generally evil people. Good Luck To Us All
  16. Screw the system, and what ever they want to jam down your throat. There is a little kid on my bus who thinks I am going to go to hell because I don't believe in god. I showed him the statistics on ALL the other religions, and asked him to ask his mom if all the others are going to hell also. His mom now won't let me speak to him. Just by the way, I don't hate religion, I hate how some people try to shove it down your throat. I had a teacher sub for social studies, and we were discussing gay marriage, and she was just up there freaking out about it, quoting bible verses, preaching, and saying how perfect Christianity is. Then she was saying we should jail all gays, and how much the US has a gay problem.(I shouldn't be saying gay anyways, the correct term is homosexual) That is what I hate. And another thing: From the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: on the final non proof of god
  17. Hello all, It has been over a month since I've joined Science Forums, but never have I realized how awesome this Forum is. Up in New England, because it has been snowing, I have been stuck in my house. Because of that, I have gotten back into my hobbies, remote controlled cars, programming, and a new hobby, called Arduino(that I would have never even known about if it weren't for this forum) So, to tune up my RC's, I head over to my RC universe forum, that I hadn't been on for over a year. I had never noticed it, but it had over 500 Forums!!! Way to big, I had to use the center mouse wheel to scroll to the way bottom. And with that amount of forums, you will never know if your post would of been read. On top of that, when I got on, there was 256 active users, and 54 anonymous users!!! So if you did post anything, your post would be kicked to the bottom. So that is one reason why I love Science Forums, it is just the right size, and has just enough regular users... And the forum is not small, but its not crazy. Then two days ago, I signed up for the Arduino forum. This was a small forum, but it was very technical and impersonal. There were also a lot of strict rules. I wanted to put up my rover/quadcopter project that I am doing, but I was intimidated, and didn't. That is another reason why I love this forum. It is a very friendly forum, but they accept you are human. So to sum it up, this is the best forum I have ever been on. Just to point out some people that deserve to be pointed out who have helped me: EdEarl, studiot, pears, hypervalent_iodine, ajb, and others. I enjoy the patience they have given me, and answering my questions, even if some could of sounded stupid to a college grad, or a very smart person. And a great round of applause for Cap'n Refsmmat and the administrators for making the best forum I have ever been on, and will continue using for years to come. Joshua
  18. Heres a good link: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/functions/
  19. Thanks, I really appreciate the time you have put into answering my questions.
  20. Just note I couldn't find this on Google. So why? Why not slower, or faster? This is a confusing question that I hope someone could answer. And another question along these lines, if a photon has no mass, how does it "fall" into a black hole. Gravity is the force of attraction between two objects, right?
  21. God made man And animals were made for man Got to love good old religion.
  22. I would like to be a robotics engineer, an artist, a musician, a rocket scientist, a computer programmer, or a theoretical physicist.
  23. Thanks, I need to check the links of the stuff I am looking at. I still don't understand how there can be more than three spacial dimensions. How do you think scientists could prove string theory if we are on a membrane that was 3 spacial dimensions + 1 time.
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