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  1. I am still working on this, but I am not going to try to do this all in one night. Finding 3^256 is ridiculous(can't imagine 3^5000). With the weekend coming up I will have time to work on this. I am trying to find other more efficient ways to do it, but as of now, doing out the problem in the traditional was has seemed to be the "Quickest" (Although I will say this process is anything but quick)
  2. Yah, it would be. I have to do it all out by hand.
  3. Hmm... Seems little point to continue on, but I will, because why not. Any one could do this if they tried, although I am pretty good at mental calculation and concentration.
  4. Just finished 3^128... Moving on to 3^256. This is honestly the most retarded thing I've ever done. Some images for your enjoyment:
  5. Actually, this is the number: 4038997629787155339700863409815084778394498166775976374862318662815021844263163724409589991283112221957087037127264409252982112748591787717033830403441930283161011881290431641966980623569028664868962702914864744551077531848115736772683548758847258321094808160079292956552763171104067984120533836065664635950242364928442451805995078317248461140444139995818842326862989533584638540917303432618956468436267462217689897536939221538008683721591946120333532143917872449136148108372559491267886787639350432567049929505139561975168349141248659914132248759237997505419159471214523173970710571263045668863231323715937900821485506870729657531757026555737371294825429353175800946829026948092511256737220542210787053051595802981233109856012113525552509973235479897937695548807826632854936270847693205577465760839058922819952696676524973128629373786196564822754641929042959146243903855562489356161956878595415082692189276329429991504770124701085279239460876288448740109138574892062762521143251789856063997453896592241444435083741307994418053089747011639244992143617911287606647084965258198883225653388806207929500332230594182854932910480899682575200047468631366224756184671205687777355791309481664752205737723827605017299803707184630307441302672768508598302249090453749312846375484742763396446462760789222817645292649569226868978755368552822174910148014846327742218968086229060583051969616187683845992803504299049605854491308472202616225188587696208053086463207413261782612698498484353406811946592391520876834837681364361483077335648507177704989176676017490814214154945785456307067444808828699697448178044358744486150076115286258469486513402087248384068655658114518474837867145754599634609879861608173455937726377253437847223098072299681760066838942906126088647741119141414552489886289568286295961338739388592134458987217604566798319860335993725331565539619297067041635560635329536488930786913392026253692233350241045325999643532468824953294370688166093949278863664041795436910656750167596038501554362222214884786870393545144578906190448059134680891645361639347000232719153886678836525568811533800230929254497238314075866436365607455976085809437067430000427425918303638570263277678578732590453700918386680277827005016588188884730521045514996708836288180634799955911110684992623893342705163686819347170019922026233208577169337941687350526454980398188591375023783468711359732633600493563136998276100001 It is exactly 2386 digits. This is a doable question. It will just take me a while I will post a picture of the work once I finish it. Currently calculating 3^64 out by hand. Now calculating 3^128
  6. No, she just wants me to figure it out to keep me busy. At least I am exempt from homework for the time being... I will probably have it done tonight, it will just be a really tedious thing for me to do.
  7. Title says it all. I've been challenged by my teacher to do this. I am currently doing it out by hand, it it is extremely tedious and annoying. Are there other more efficient ways to do this? Thanks in advance. (P.S. I know I can put it into wolfram, I do have the answer. I just need to figure it out by hand)
  8. It isn't even a matter of it falling into the wrong hands. Someone could stumble upon the backdoor by chance. Honestly, I am going to take the stance that the back door shouldn't be used. In the case of the shooter, why do they need to get into his phone? They already know he committed the crime. So what help is having access to his phone going to have?
  9. I understand what you mean, that the inverse won't be a function. My question was, how would you solve y = x7 + x5 for x. I used the word inverse improperly, as this function does not have an inverse(unless you were to restrict the domain). But it should still have a relation that, when graphed, is a reflection of the function y = x7 + x5 over the line y = x. Just like the graph x2=y has the graph y2=x.
  10. Is there a way to prove that it is unsolvable by normal means? Why isn't it solvable from an analytic approach? Thanks for saying that. I am trying to figure out what the Galois group is and S7 is. Could you shed some light or links, because Google isn't telling me that much(Or I am using wrong terms, which seems more likely)
  11. I am aware of that. You would factor x = y5(y2+1) But then how would you get y by itself?
  12. Hey all. I am trying to figure something out that I can't. Basically, for some reason I wanted to find the inverse of y = x7+x5. How the heck would you do that. I know it is probably possible, but how?
  13. Windows 10 is a terrible OS. It is a nice bloat box, running at idle using about 1.5 GiB of ram. Thats inexcusable. Just because system hardware is getting better, doesn't mean you can get lazy with your programming. I also don't like the idea of all the privacy violations that Microsoft enjoys having. Windows 10 has a built in keylogger for you people that don't know. Its supposedly to help with their spell checking, but considering that Windows 10 is a NSA box, I wouldn't believe that in the entirety. Hmm... Everything should be backwards compatible. If you are actually a good programmer, this shouldn't be a problem. The Windows Store is retarded, just another sales pitch so Microsoft can get their greedy hands on more money then they already have. Putting the Windows operating system on a subscription based model is another nice way to screw over the users and milk them for more money. When I buy something, I just want to buy it once. I guess it is a smaller fee in the short run, but having a monthly fee, will make it so in the long run the users are spending A LOT more money then they would have if they just spent the money once. Hmm... Back in the day you payed people to bug test your software. These days, just throw out an unfinished product, and make people use it. What you don't understand, is there are a lot more security vulnerabilities doing it the way you do. Throwing "patches" over a problem doesn't really fix it; you should have done it right the first time. Oh, yah, and forced updates. Yep, I guess big brother Microsoft knows whats best. Lets just fill up my hard drive with a bunch of patches and crap. And when Windows gets super unstable because of how hacked up it is in the future, it won't matter. Microsoft knows best. Lol, it won't be the finial OS.... Lets just say that. Oh, and I will be forking out a bunch of money to keep up to date. Did you forget I'm paying a monthly fee?(That you will raise every year due to excuses of inflation, etc) Hmm... One thing you forgot about. As much as I hate Apple, their desktop OS it 100x better than Windows. Oh, and different versions of Linux? Lol. If you are using Ubuntu with bloated Unity, sure, it will be faster. My arch install boots in six seconds(including kernel loading time) and only used 100MiB of ram, and it looks pretty damn nice. And shuts down in about 3 seconds. But honestly, whats the big deal about loading time anyways. I only turn my computer on once a day and leave it on all day, so I really couldn't give a shit if it takes a minute to boot anyways. Oh, and Edge... I don't think Edge is going to steal the market share and take over like your IE did back in the days of Netscape. Nice try. Edge can't run on anything but windows, so I don't think I'm going to be using it. Don't worry, I don't think I'm going to be touching Windows 10 anytime soon. I only used Windows 7 for gaming, but all of my games I play have been ported to Linux, so I don't even use Windows anymore. Actually, the last time I touched Windows on a home computer was back in august but, then terraria got ported to linux, and I have never looked back... Good luck though! That's just personally what I think, but that doesn't mean I'm right. Use what works for you.
  14. Hmm. I agree that the movie was Meh. Honestly, I feel that they were trying to make it for the younger audience(who would buy the Star Wars toys). The plot wasn't complicated at all, and it seemed that it was lighter overall...(I mean compared to the evil in the Revenge of the Sith). Ren, compared to Anakin, is like comparing a psychopath to a little child who is mad at their parents because didn't get what they wanted. You can't even compare them. I kind of expected more... We'll see what the later movies are like.
  15. What Strange said. Javascript is really not that much harder to learn than any other language. Perhaps you are referring to poorly documented libraries?
  16. I am a more hardware-interested person, but of course I also can program, because you need to program the hardware. This is amazing. I have never seen anything like that before. This is something I am going to look into... Wow, thanks! That seems like another cool thing to do. Oh, and I don't know if I took what you said out of context, but when i said that I didn't want to Google, I meant I didn't want some really common project that could be found on Google, where I was going to follow some tutorial(like how to make a clock or the like) I can research, I just want something uncommon that would be unique.
  17. Hi all, I have an opportunity to get some new Arduino stuff for Christmas this year. I haven't choose what I want yet. I am not asking for like some links on how to do stuff from the internet. I know how to Google, and have done some research. Nothing has really interested me. I was wondering if anyone had any unique ideas that wouldn't cost a large amount of money. I have done a lot of AI with Arduino, such as turning one of my RC cars into a UAV rover thing, and making a quadrocopter drone. For the project, I was thinking something not in that direction, as I would like to learn something new(Not saying that I know everything about that!) Any suggestions would be good, it doesn't matter if it is a complex project, or a dumb little project. I'm just trying to brainstorm.
  18. The hash in python is pythons comment, it has nothing to do with the preprocessor.
  19. Sorry for jumping in. Something I would like to ask iNow is how he will regulate the criminals that will somehow find a way to obtain weapons illegally. Most of the school shootings I have read about have been done by someone who has obtained a weapon without going through the proper chanels.(Be it a kid stealing the gun from his father or whatever) So how is even more regulation the people that follow the law going to help? It's not the people that buy weapons and register them(in most cases) that kill the kids... This is the one reason why I do not agree with more gun control. It is a good idea in theory, but I do not think it will help at all. The people that follow the law do not need more regulation, its the people that don't follow the law that do, but how are you going to effect people that don't follow the law anyways, by making more laws. I feel this is like someone stealing something and not getting caught. The company trys to get their money back on the stolen product by raiseing their prices. This effects the people that legally buy the product, but not the people who steal it. Someone steals again, and the prices go up. The cycle goes on. I hope that makes sense. Thats how I see it anyways...
  20. Sorry for bumping this thread, it seems the OP has accomplished what he needed to do, but for future reference to others, if you install one of the major distros(Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSuse, ect) through the gui installer, it will partion the hard drive, and give you an option to install GRUB. GRUB will make it so you can dual boot the computer, and when you reboot after an install you should get the option to use both OS's. If it doesn't, its easy enough to edit the boot record. You probably would rather do this then run it on the VM. You don't compile the source code But seriously it is important to learn the terminal. Here are some useful commands to play with: xkill - (useful if you are programming, if you have a problem(screwed up a pointer or something dumb) Just type that and you should just click on the window and it kills it.(I use this one ALOT!) nano - a council based text editor pwd - print working directory ls - list directory cd - change directory cp - copy this file to that file chmod - basically changes file permissions(I use this ALOT) mkdir - make directory whoami - print whos logged on If you want help on how to use the commands, type command -h Sometimes its useful to log into the terminal as a different user. To do this: type: su - [user] Also, if you type in the command man, that loads the Ubuntu manual in the council. Oh, and there is a lot of dumb programs in linux. Type this in the steam locomotive. sudo apt-get install sl Then type in sl. So instead of getting an error message when you mistype ls, you get a nice train. Theres so much more to linux, but those are useful things that I use a bunch. Oh, and if I was you, I'd use just the CLI with linux, but if you really need a gui change the desktop enviroment, because Unity is really processer intensive(And thats bad when you use a VM). You can use LXDE,(thats what Lubuntu uses as the DE) but LXDE is really feature lacking, so another good choice is xfce, or openbox.
  21. I wasn't referring to the matrix, I have never watched that movie before. Looks cool though. How the memory works is fascinating. But I didn't know that how we understood the brain was not how we understand other things. I just see scientists refering to the human brain like a really complex computer. Maybe if we looked at the brain like a computer we would understand it better.
  22. FYI this isn't homework help, this is me teaching myself. I have a problem where the book tells me to solve for the inverse of the function. Then the book tells me to evaluate the inverse for: [latex] h^{-1}(9) [/latex] and... [latex] h(9)^{-1} [/latex] I can easily do the first one, but what the heck does the second equation mean??? And how do you do it, or is it the same thing just written differently? I've never seen that before! Thanks in advance for help
  23. Ask the person these questions. If atoms were space ships flying around, then: 1. Why can't I fly? 2. Why can't they see the space ships on electron microscopes?(But they can see atoms) 3. How the heck do I stay together? Shouldn't I be a cloud of little space ships zooming around?(And possibly crashing into each other?) 4. What makes up the little spaceships? Or are you saying little space ships are the fundamental building blocks of ALL matter in the universe. I could think of more but frankly I don't have the time to entertain this idea anymore than I have...
  24. I would like to clarify this quote, because it could be taken two ways. Alan, are you saying that faith is something that can be proved or disproved? I think know faith is something that cannot be proven, thus the word faith. Also scientists cannot prove or disprove faith, because if we could, then religion would rule our life, or it would have been wiped off the face of the earth a long time ago. Odd logic... I guess odd is in the eye of the beholder, for I find your logic strange myself. Don't philosophy and religion go hand and hand? I think the debate of "The Almighty God" existing is a very philosophical debate. As for me, I think the thought of going to another place forever after this short life would be pretty boring, don't you think? There is much more to this Earth that I would like to see. And just the thought of being stuck in a place after I die forever is really scary for me... I feel I would get bored as hell after a few billion years. Isn't it nice that all of our arguments conveniently self fulfilling? Then why are you here? If you want to help him gain perspective, you need to help him comprehend it. What would be the point of having this science forum if no one wanted to help each other comprehend the info? What would happen if I asked a math question, and the people here said, here read this, and if you don't understand what you read, then, thats your problem. I find your above statement fairly ludicrous. Please help him out instead of telling him he is ignorant.(And may I note, conveniently playing off of his ignorance) Lets all be friends and get back on track, will you people? This is a great thread, and I would hate to see it closed! And also Alan, even though I totally disagree with you, you do have some really great points! :-)
  25. I have a pretty crazy idea, that probably won't work, but it's still worth thinking about. So you know with how we have to go to school, and learn. How cool would it be if we could "upload" information into our brain. I don't know how we would do that. So I have a few questions. When we learn something, are the things we learn put into our memories(like what we ate yesterday), or does what we learn go into a different part of the brain? And what are memories anyways? How does the brain store memories? And are what we learn memories? How are things like learning karate or gymnastics stored in our brain? Is that stored in our memories, or is that a whole separate part of the brain. I am asking that specific question because learning that stuff takes experience to do, and you need to do it over and over. You know, you just don't just read about how to do a back flip, and then be able to do a back flip. And can modern medical science read memories? And if not, what would need to happen so we could do that? Thanks in advance for the time spent reading and thinking.
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