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  1. Unit testing must be important. My dad says that when he programs huge programs, unit tests are about 33% of his code. Yes, that is why I am learning C++. I want to be as close to the processor as possible. Javascript is a very dirty language that doesn't have a strict syntax. I know it is quite simple, because it is a scripting language. It was my second language I learned(I learned actionscript first, and I don't count html or xml), but the code can be really slow. I don't understand. Why would I not want to learn C++. What I have done with it so far is awesome. Something that would take 20 lines of code in Java to make only takes maybe 7 lines of code in C++.
  2. Yes, I think I should. Do you have a specific list of things I need to know? I was trying to read Endercreepers tutorial, and didn't really understand it, so I do kind of think I have a long way to go, but I could learn the basics in a month. I also have to do algebra 2. I more or less, when I do my work, learn the stuff that I need, and don't learn everything, so I have some holes in my knowledge. Like I have been doing Trig for the last three months, and I have been using a graphing calculator. Thats why I posted that at Christmas. I have a program on my calculator that solves quadratics for me, but I wanted to relearn how to do it by hand.
  3. Hello peoples, I would like to start to screw around with physics. To do that, I am going to need Calculus. I have Khan Academy, so what should I learn on it to lead up to that. I am doing game design next quarter for school, and want to program my own physics engine.
  4. I think this is good. With the waking up early, I kind of think sleep is a waste of time, so I only get about 5 hours a night. I understand that I need to plan. I have a really good internal clock and can usually remember when I need to do things, except for the schedule. That is a really good idea to use different colored pens, and I need to do that. I am a really spontaneous person, so it is hard to keep a schedule. I often go for random walks and the like. With the don't spend a lot of time on anything, that is also a good point. I obsess on things, then forget life around me(over Christmas vacation I was learning the programming for Arduino I obsessed on it and was awake for two days and nights straight. I, at the end of vacation found out the core reason why I obsess with things. I always feel like I don't have enough time to do everything. I also need to get into a habit of going things at certain times. I forget to eat a lot because I am in my own world of doing something more important. I also don't like doing a schedule because I am a perfectionist, and if I am always thinking of doing a schedule I can't fully focus on my other stuff.. I will admit, as much as I hate schedules, I love school because of schedules. It makes it so I have to eat at a certain time, classes at these times. I am still behind because I don't keep an assignment book. I am trying really hard this quarter to keep it. I just guess I am very arrogant because I usually get A's and A+'s, so I have no reason to keep a schedule I'm trying so hard though I will win!!! Thanks for the advice.
  5. What is the definition of truth? I am good at warping things in my mind... Is it tell the whole truth, the truth, and nothing but the truth(that doesn't sound right) If it is, then no. Life would be boring if everyone told the truth.
  6. 1) hit at the same time 2)Can't answer, don't know how much faster than the flow you are rowing. If you were rowing in place, and I am assuming you dropped the hat at the beginning when you started rowing, you would be rowing 5mph+the 5mph of the current, so it would take you 1 hour to travel ten miles. Your hat is traveling 5 miles per hour, and when you turned around, had a head start of 5 miles, so by the time you reach the hat it would of been traveling for ten miles in two hours. So you would get the hat in an hour. This question needed more info. 3)This one is tricky, I need more time
  7. That's cool, the art teacher did something that looked basically like that, but it was of the sun. It's crazy how if your really good you can really make it look like it has emotion, like the angry sun my art teacher did. Will upload a picture of it when I am done with it. What I am working on is a mushroom lamp for my dad. She needs to fire it so I can glaze it. I am better at drawing though. Maybe I will post a picture of the ice lynx that I did.
  8. I should of said this, we are making ceramic masks. Could you give me some pics?
  9. In art class, I have to make a mask for our final project. I don't know as of yet what I should make. I should note that is has to be complicated, have eyes, nose, and a mouth(i.e. it can't be a Jason mask) Any thoughts would be appreciated. Joshua
  10. So here is a good one: Download the link, this one took me about 15 minutes to do. It is a .pdf If you peak at the answers please don't post the answer: www.maths.usyd.edu.au/ub/sums/puzzlehunt/2013/puzzles/A1S1_Spare_Puzzle.pdf PS: hypervalent_iodine PMed me these. They are very good links. Just wanted to give credit where credit was do.
  11. also, you shouldn't call people bro because you don't know their sex. hypervalent_iodine happens to be a female. And you just shouldn't. People don't like being called a pronoun. Call them by their name. Calling someone bro could be like calling them it, or thing, or something.
  12. Googling it isn't a solution. Science usaully isn't scientific facts that you memorise for every instance. You use logic to reach conclusions. Lets use the scientific method: First, do you think there could be life as we know it on Pluto? Just answer the question, yes or no, then give a fact to back up your hypothisis. And saying yes, because their life support systems could be different isn't an answer. Use something you know to reach how you get there. Don't use any what if's. Can any members see were I am going with this way...
  13. Think of it this way. When you melt an ice cube, what is happining. Do you think water might have any properties that make it easyier for the ice to melt in it then in air.
  14. Are you saying that energy and matter is like space and time? What I mean by that the more energy there is, the less matter there is, and were there is matter, there is no energy?
  15. Sorry, I didn't look, I had to get off when I posted it so I just quickly posted it. Won't do that again. Sorry, mods, you can delete this thread.
  16. So, light can be explained by math by equations, heat can, water droplets can with surface tension, motion can be explained. What can't be, or is life just one big math equation?
  17. And another: “Kant walks into a bar—only he doesn’t, a prerequisite of movement being three-dimensional space, which is merely an illusory construct of pure intuition.” I don't know why I find this one funny
  18. I was just giving a basic example. Here, would this one make you happy Cold is the absence of heat. And coldness isn't relative...
  19. I need to do more research, but I feel that protein is the highest matter that we consume. I don't think that if we grow the meat in the lab, that it would solve anything, because it takes energy. Like the article said, it took around $325,000 to grow that small amount of meat. Even if they did perfect the procedure, how would they be able to mass produce the meat? They took some stem cells, and grew them into muscle, and they needed cow stem cells to do that. This is very confusing, and I can't think about how they could do this... How does the body convert food into energy? Is there a way they could make something so high energy that you would only need to take a pill a day? I like eating, but this seems to be a good solution also.
  20. Wouldn't space be like darkness, the absence of matter?
  21. Some people might think it's stupid, but I managed to write the bottle of beer on the wall song in C++ :D

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      That's cool. But I actually used C++ to write a program that does the 99 bottles of beer song in Windows Live using the beer emoticon (B) to sing it to all my contacts...

  22. And how, shall I ask, is that so. Does that mean sound is a particle too. That fact just totally screwed up my perception of reality. More research for me...
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