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  1. The soul can do work, because it is what drives our conscience. And then food powers our body. Unless you are one of those scientists that believe that we are just here... I find it amusing we have a religion section on a science forum. I don't think scientists are going to get anywhere discussing it. Then what do you call it. Karma is an abstract concept that most religions have adopted in one way or another, renaming it along the way, but it's still karma. I believe Christians call it going to hell?
  2. I edited my post Reincarnation is about energy, not about the material. Of course, reincarnation would be false if you expect that you will use the same body every life!!!
  3. 1)Nothing to argue there 2)Hitler could of failed his life lesson. Then he could of devolved. Who knows, maybe for the next 1000 years he is doomed to be trees that gets cut down over and over again. Or maybe he was the one who was putting something greater into motion, and there was a master plan up on the spiritual plane. 3)Whats so illogical about that? I feel like you just enjoy bashing something without an argument. 4)With your belief, then whats the point of living. What good is all of those lessons you learned in this one life, just to die, and it be gone. 7)Think outside of the box. What you are saying is that humans are the only intelligent life form that may have lessons. Maybe when you are a cockroach you are learning how to survive. You are a good cockroach if you manage not to be stepped on, and a bad one if you get killed. Same with the Lilly... 8)How is it Tragic? 9)So Hitler again becomes a cockroach. Anyways, we all have our faults. I bet you haven't done everything you can to make this world a better place. 10)Could be karma. Could be that in a screwed up way they all were learning a big lesson. 11)If you knew Hitler did this, do you hope the same thing happens to him... If we are talking about thousands of incarnations, we could say that the Jews could of been incarnations of the Vikings, Romans, that killed many people. 12)So is this an excuse to not take responsibility for your life? Say what has happened to me is everybody's fault but mine? 13)It's not an escape. When Hitler was a baby, do you think his mom looked him in his eyes and saw that he was going to be this evil man. No, he made some decisions that weren't good when he got older. That doesn't disprove the path that we set before we are born. He didn't stick to his path. He was weak and took the easy way. 14)Well, I believe that if animals had souls, then they are evolving into humans. Even if plants had a conscious, then they are evolving. 15)Energy is always changing. We should bring in the String Theory Extra Dimensions, plus the Universe, as far as we know it, is infinite. Also, everything is being recycled, and just think and don't be closed minded. 16)People could be being kicked down, and then rising, then kicked down... 18)Edgar Cayce 20)More and more people. 21)Give me proof that DNA isn't DNA, and carrys other stuff other than DNA. 22)And there's always people that also make up this stuff. Besides the point... 23-26) Do you know how confused and over whelmed you would be if you remembered all of your millions of past incarnations? Also, how hard would life be if you knew your life lessons. There would be no reason to live. Life is about experimenting until you figure out your life lessons. 27)Then whats the point of living. Why are we born, to live lessons, then we die, and there's nothing to show for it. 28)I say that anything that I don't believe is a potentially cruel false belief and nonsense to any logically rationally thinking person. I think we are all different. That's what makes this world interesting. Just because I don't conform to the masses belief system doesn't mean that I am wrong. I could, if I was bored, debunk science, any religion, because everything isn't complete, and everything has holes in it. Just Saying Regards, Joshua You should change your Copyright
  4. You got me there... I was talking in general. Like last night, I promised myself that I would do my math when I woke up, but somehow I justified a reason for not doing it. I did it during break, and got a 100 on it, so that justified my opinion even more. But there is somethings, like I "forgot" to study for my English vocab test, and I know I totally failed it. And midterms are coming up and I have to know 80 old english words that I never have even used that are on average 20 letters long, and don't sound like how they are said.
  5. So, I procrastinate a lot, and it can get very bad, and I am traditionally in a state of constant last minute panic. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should tell my self not to. Thanks
  6. I am sorry I said anything. I just kind of got annoyed reading that.
  7. This might be stupid to say, but what if the universe is really expanding more than the speed of light. If it is going faster than the speed of light, and nothing travels faster than light, then we wouldn't be able to observe the expansion, therefor calling space infinite. That's just want I thing. I can't imagine something infinite. But then, if space isn't infinite, then what is holding space, or the multiverse? Very confusing subject...
  8. If someone wants some speed, a good idea is to not screw around with the normal electric motors. Get some brush less motors, and hock up a 12 volt car battery. The more voltage you can pump through the brush less motors, the better. If you have money, buy brush less motors with 98% efficiency. Then some how make a variable resistor, or if you got a RC car electric speed controller, it could be wire less, and take apart a RC remote, then take out the servo, make the remote hand held(for just one motor, you just need 1 servo, a normal RC car remote has 4 servos). Also, you could have the battery in a backpack. These brush less motors are awesome, if you get a good one, you could get up to 110mph!!!(But it is very expensive) Regards
  9. I shall try that. And hopefully this isn't the case.
  10. ITS SO STUPI D!!! Whenever I want to makesomething from scratch, I can never find out how to. All the internet wants you to do it Buy Buy BUY!!! Don't think, JUST BUY A FACTORY MADE THING!!! >:(

    1. Unity+


      What do you mean?

    2. Lightmeow


      Sorry for the rant. I mean that whenever I want to make something from scratch, like the glasses, I can't find out how to do it. Theres just offers to buy.


      I also wanted to make a electric speed controller for my RC's, but I couldn't find any schematics, which was stupid

    3. Endercreeper01


      I know, right?


  11. That could work, but I'm not spending $90 on a pair of glasses. I am doing some digging around in google. I havn't found anything as of yet though Thats why I asked, because I knew that how to make these would be hidden
  12. I read somewhere last year that a scientist, for an experiment, made some glasses that turned his vision upside down. Then after about three weeks of weeks of wearing them, his vision switched, and when he was wearing the upside down glasses, his vision was normal. I want to try that experiment. Does anyone have any ways to make them? Thanks Joshua PS, I am doing this no matter what. Even if you peoples say I shouldn't, I still will. I think that it will make life interesting. Doing this endangers my life in no way, so I will do it!!!
  13. Welcome to SFN Disenssio. Hope you enjoy our community
  14. How do you define time? Is it a formula, a point. Can you see a way using your formulas to warp it so it could be possible? Like some people say "the river of time". Is there a way we could get on the banks of the river[time] and walk up and down the banks, then plop ourselves back in?
  15. I'm talking about the original star trek movies. I guess that is right. For some reason, I thought that was the new one they made in 2011. Lets not continue this, you can make a new thread if you want. I guess my dad must of gotten them out of order. I know there was one were they went back in time to get some whales and then the whales communicated with the "thing", and it went home.
  16. The first Star Trek movie was about the weird whale like spaceship/alien. The borg was the 8th, first contact. I agree with moontanman, that would be very scary. And if it was that, there would be nothing to do about it.
  17. Some funny ones I found: George Carlin once said: Why do they put alcohol on the arm of a death row inmate before they give him the needle? Are they afraid he might get an infection? David Brenner said: Gasoline prices are highest in Hawaii, closing in on $4 a gallon. President Bush said, “See, I told you it wasn’t only in our country!
  18. I am trying to join this forum, because they have a wealth of information. I can't make an account because the human identification picture isn't working. Does it work for anyone else: http://www.cplusplus.com/user/access.cgi?w=signup Thanks for reading
  19. Lets say to objects are accelerating away from each other at 75% the speed of light. From each others view point, they are moving away from each other from 150% the speed of light... I think thats how it works. But then the universe is expanding, and everything is moving away from each other. I don't understand what you mean in the second paragraph.
  20. Can you hyjack your own thread. Say I asked a question on my own thread, and then it gets answered. If I have a question on kind of the same topic, can I ask it there instead of starting a new thread?
  21. I sometimes have felt very weird. I start to ask myself, why am I here. It is a very random thought, and I feel like I am above myself. But I don't. I can't explain it, because after it happens I can't remember anything. I can't really explain it, but it is very weird. Then my heart starts to beat really really fast, and I get a tickley feeling in my stomach, and I can't breath, and my calf tightens and hurts a lot. I think I might not be giving my oxygen enough blood, because I feel light headed when it happens. It also happens when I am sleeping, and randomly wake up in the middle of the night and get up really quickly. I don't know...
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