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  1. This isn't really a puzzle, but it is more of a brain teaser. The site is : http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/ Sign up for an account, it is basically lumosity, but for free. I think peoples should post their high scores here, so I should start: Memory Tests: Spatial Span: 6 Monkey Ladder:8 Digit Span: 6 Paired Associates:4 (My memory is very bad, short term that is ) Reasoning Tests: Double Trouble:66 (I HATE THIS TEST!!!) Grammatical Reasoning:20 Object Reasoning:36 Odd One Out:14 Concentration Tests: Rotations: 215 Feature Match:182 Polygons:129 Planning: Hampshire Tree Task:37 Spacial Search:8 Spatial Slider: 46 Hope you enjoy the Resource!!!
  2. I disagree, if someone wants to be smart, they can be. Just because our society labels someone like an idiot, doesn't mean they can't break out of that... I was labeled as an idiot down at my school, and was in a lot of special help classes est, then in first grade, I was sick of people calling me stupid, and started to learn. Now, I can list out my achievements: Fourth Grade, Elementary School Chess Champion, Sixth Grade, Captain of the 6th grade math team, and also the chess champion, in seventh grade, I did the Lexus Eco Challenge, and only eight schools in America won, and our school won, also, chess champion(I have been undefeated for 3 years), In eighth grade, I was the Captain of the 7th and 8th grade Math Team, and now in ninth grade, I am on the varsity math team, honors Algebra Two, honors english, and am on the high honor roll, and got second place my district for a drawing that I did for the fair. Hey, I could be taking AP Calculus as a Sophomore next year. I am one of the smartest student in my grade, and one of the best artists in my grade. I don't need to study for math tests or anything and anything that I hear I remember, so your argument is invalid. On top of all this, keep in mind that I am dyslexic. And I have also learned an instrument and am musical. Again, all of this stuff comes naturally to me. I don't need to study for hours on end like you were saying. I disagree that it is based on genetics... I think it is wrong, wrong, wrong. I that is like saying that I am the Jack of all Trades, Master of All, based on my parents. That is not true. I hate this thread, because it is biased, and think it is wrong that you want to make your kids your own science experiment. This is just stupid what you are thinking. You gave yourself these labels... You enjoy being able to say this, and in your mind it is true. Hypochondria??? I had to look up what this means. Hey, do you take drugs for all of this??? Hey, take some drugs for depression as well, half the kids in my grade are on that shit! I wonder how many brain cells are being killed from the drugs. The pharmacists must be laughing all the way to the bank... Hey, I'm lazy, lets blame it on my dad... I have a harsh, unpleasant personality inherited from my paternal grandfather... Blame it on Grandpa. I need to stop... Good day, when I am in a rational logical mood I will put up something that is not angry. This thread just annoyed me on so many levels, and I had some flash backs as well.
  3. Infected Mushroom: Vicious Delicious www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ6QxEfcs3c Then maybe some deadmau5, and after that maybe some Trance Til Dawn, or Steve Aoki
  4. Or they sleep in, so they do live as long, but they have more time because they sleep more.
  5. Playing around with quadcopter ideas...

  6. On swansots post, the link said this: I think that is cool. Then: Delta 1212 also said that a fly must eat something every 90 seconds. I agree with that, therefor the meal time of animals must not be universal Also an interesting point. This is were we need to bring up more philosophical, that I am not in the mood to talk about, because everyone will have a different take on things... Then Dekan was nice and hashed out more things. The humming bird is much faster, therefor it dies faster because it has more strain on its body. Compare that with a turtle. Turtles are generally slow moving, and live long. The animal reproduction is self explanatory. Then the third thing that was brought up was the "subjective perception of time". This I can agree with also. For us, how can time slow down and speed up. English class, for instance feels like it takes forever to finish, were math is a very fast class. Why is this? Thanks, some of the evidence helps my case, some brings up more questions, and some disprove what I am thinking. I will try to get a formula together for people to tweak around with within the next day. Joshua
  7. Hello all, Question, what is energy? My science teacher vaguely defined it as the ability to do work. What does that mean? Light I believe is energy, but it doesn't do anything like work? This is a really hard question to explain, so sorry for my not explaining it enough. Hope you can help, and thanks for reading...
  8. Ok, I am developing a new theory that I think could work, but it needs a lot of work. So the short version: The smaller something is, the faster time goes, and the shorter it's life. I will need to explain this more now. So, we have a fly. Doesn't live that long. Now this is something I will need to study more, but, does it live a full life, relative to humans? How many times a day does a fly eat? If my theory is right, then the average fly will have eaten as many meals as a average human. That is what I am getting at. Tomorrow, I should have a better explanation, but from those facts you could draw some conclusions. Of course, there are some holes, like why does a turtle live as long as it does? More thinking for me Joshua
  9. So, this thread is going to be dedicated to the trial and error of me making an Arducopter(autonomous robot helicopter) Now first things first, how would one suggest me make a electric motor with enough power to lift itself into the air, plus say, another 2kg . Also, is there a formula to find out how much the motor could lift? I really don't know how an electric motor works, because I usually muck around with gas powered engines(and for my RC's, nitro glow plug engines), so this is entirely new to me I am thinking of making some of the prototypes out of balsa wood, because I can make everything with it. If anyone has any other suggestions, they would be welcome. The propellers will probably be made out of oak or something else. For the first month of this project, it is mainly going to be me hashing out ideas, and diagrams, so I can have something to go to my parents and have them buy everything needed. Any safety precautions people say I should go is also a must, because you peoples are adults(most, that is), and might think of something that I wouldn't of. Also, I am making EVERYTHING from scratch, except for the computer stuff Thank you for reading Joshua
  10. I mean to fast of velocity changes. You can land on your butt or do a half flip if you accelerate to quickly.
  11. The Arducopter looks awesome. I was just about to ask some questions today about how to build one from scratch. I have my RC cars, so right now I am thinking about turning one of them into a rover.
  12. OK, b does never equal one. It equals 2 or 0. I must of gotten lucky when I did this problem. Thanks for the help peoples. I can't wait when I am a senior and in AP calculus and am sad that I had this question. Joshua
  13. I just finished Stephen Kings The Shinning. "Come take your medicine like a man". Very good but scary book. I just picked up the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare. People who like the Twilight Sega love this book, but I hate the Twilight books, and this was nothing like them. Also, in Language Arts, we had to read Of Mice and Men(Good book, but not like I will read it again), and are reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
  14. Is there any cool science science stuff that I should ask for? I already have a huge chemistry set, an erector set, a microscope, a lot of electronics components, and a very good telescope.. Is there any advanced physics stuff, or cool astronomy stuff I should ask for. I am asking if I can renew my membership at the planetarium, but that is all I can think of.
  15. Sorry I haven't gotten back in a while on this topic. I found the answer, it was -3 and the square root of 3. I was just getting hung up on the fact that the question was |x|=x2+x-3, so it wasn't in quadratic form, which is ax2+by+c=0. Oh, and for studiot, I know that b is 1 because x is really 1x, and one is the coefficient of x. Thanks for the help
  16. Can you explain more? This is a funny theory... The illusion of reality? I don't feel like I am living in a illusion. Everything is relative, so you can't say that. Hey, the SIMS game might be a little universe. Then the universe in the computer of the SIMS are using would be another universe. And you can't say something is moving if it is moving relative to nothing. Read up on a theory called the Holographic Universe. I fell like if this is real, then there should be a way to project us into the circuit boards. This is an interesting thought. Tomorrow after I ponder a little I shall post my take on your theory, and expand upon. Just one question, is the sub atomic particle unique, only one in the universe. And you also say it occupies all time. Does that mean I am just for filling my destiny writing this? Read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, it is a very good philosophy book. I could call it my bible Regards to You Never mind about what I said. This is a crazy idea. How I understand it, there is one particle. So how does it change form to allow for all of the shapes. Now when I was going to write something, I was going to say it changes form when it travels through something. But, it doesn't work, because there is nothing else...
  17. I got another math team packet, this is in the advanced math section, i.e., Trig and Calculus, but I still want to know how to do it. So lets see, I need to solve the Quadratic for all values of X. The equation is |x| = x2+x-3=0. So I see that is in Quadratic form. So I get the coefficients of the variables, plus the -3 at the end(ax2+bx+c=0) So a = 1, b = 1, and c = -3. So I plug that into the Quadratic Formula. This gets me to: [math]/frac{-1 \pm \sqrt13 }{2} = |x|[/math] So |x| = -1 +- sqr(13)/2 The Math Drawer isn't really working... Don't know were to go now
  18. This has holes in it. String Theory says that we might be on a D-Brane, a place in space that is limited to 3 +1 dimensional universe. There for, we would be a four dimensional universe. It's going to be hell for scientists to try to prove String Theory, or M-Theory(11 dimensions instead of one). I am a strong believer in it though. Some of the things I don't understand though, like all of the other dimensions(I get up to dimension 6, then it goes over my head) You should read up more. A two dimensional creature would not have height, if it did, it would be a three dimensional creature. I think the two, one, and zero dimensions are very abstract concepts though. I can't think about something with no height.
  19. Anything in your age group. Take a trip over to the planetarium in NYC. I've always loved astronomy. See if your state has a online school. With me, I have VLACS (www.vlacs.org), and that is a free online school for residents of New Hampshire, and I'm sure that New York has the same thing. Currently, I am taking Latin I, Astronomy, and Geometry on top of my classes I am taking in high school. Also, there is another learning place called Khan Academy. It is free, and you can learn a lot.(http://khanacademy.org/). Just learn, and love learning. Some good books that I would suggest is as follows: The Fabric of The Cosmos, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (String Theory) Any of Carl Sagans Books, but my Favorite is Cosmos. Also, NOVA has some good free science movies that you can watch, instead of watching your youtube.
  20. I could give you a way to make them, but it involves strapping a chain saw engine to the back of one skate, but it works. I am working on a way to make them work on both blades. Anyone have any suggestions on a smaller motor I could use for mine, because the chain saw engine gives you a little to much torque. Here is two links of what it looks like: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bid8z7-XvTUwww.youtube.com/watch?v=50b_DKRothM‎
  21. Hello, just a question, do you go to a public or private school? What is the degree of difficulty in the work? Are you taking all honors classes? Answer those questions. Now, what food do you eat... I feel like you must not be happy about yourself if you need to ask these questions. Do you have a cell phone, do you surround yourself with technology? How much do you read? I don't believe at all that you need to take drugs to become smarter. It is not "natural". What will happen is you will gain a dependency on these drugs, and will have to take them all the time. It's like come on, 15 pills at least a once a day!!! I don't know, but I say listen to music. Breath oxygen(learn how to breath like a baby again, THATS HOW YOU INCREASE YOUR OXYGEN FLOW, baby's fill their whole lungs with oxygen, not just their chest). Get in some good habits. Have good hygiene. Exercise, and do stuff that is healthy. Hey, if you want to increase your memory capacity, play memory games. If you want to increase your reaction times, play fast games, get a hobby like four wheeling. If you want to help your over all thinking, play chess once a day against the computer. If you want to increase your vocabulary, play scrabble against yourself with a speller, or go to a dictionary site and learn one word a day, or how many you want. What I'm saying don't do, is take the drugs. I am a freshman as well, and I am probably the nerdiest person to ever walk into my school. I read all the time, so I learn new stuff all of the time. Because I'm reading higher level science books or story books, I gain a bigger vocab. I run cross county so I could re make my breathing so I could do deep breathing. Hey, also get into the arts. I make music, and am probably the best artist in my grade. All I am saying is smarts or the ability to think outside of the box isn't something you can pray for or have a doctor give you a pill for. The smart people had to work for were they are now. Joshua
  22. Hello, I was doing my math team practice packet, and in the writers choose section, I had three questions on the problems. Lets see, for the first question was this: How many integers (10<x<100) are increased by nine when their digits are reversed. So my answer was eight numbers; the numbers 12, 23, 34, 45, 56, 67, 78, and 89, and I know that is right. I had to do it all out by hand, until I noticed a pattern which was you take the last digit of the number, make that the first digit of the next number, and have the number in the tens place be one less than the one in the ones. It took me about five minutes to reach that conclusion. Now my question would be, is there a way to find out the answer to this question mathematically without having to do it all out like I did. Say if they gave me a different problem(I made this one up), like how many integers are decreased by 6 when their digits are reversed, how would I find that out using algebra. The second question was, how many natural numbers give a remainder of two when divided into 83. My answer was 4 numbers, the numbers being 3, 9, 27, 81. Again, there was a simple pattern. it being 3x<83. Again, how would you do that mathematically, without having to d it all out. Say you had another problem, how many natural numbers give a remainder of three when divided into 275(I just picked a random number). Could you help me there? The third question would be N is a 5 digit number 8A65B in which A and B are digits, and N is divisible by 24. What is the smallest number N can be. My answer was 82656, but I had to do it all out, and that took a while. I am asking these questions, because when I go to a math meet, I only have about ten minutes to do these problems, and it took me twenty minutes to do them. Is there a way that I could make the solving of those questions go faster. Thanks for you time, Joshua
  23. I have a basic question. My science teacher is talking about momentum and inertia because we are going over the laws of motion, and he gives us the formula for inertia for the first law, which is I=mv, and then he gives the equation for momentum, which is p=mv. Why are the equations the same for momentum and inertia? My science teacher just said that inertia is a property of a unmoving object, and momentum is a property of a moving object. I get that, what I don't get is why, quote "Inertia stays in an object even when it is moving, but momentum goes away when an object is not moving." So to clarify, what he said is Inertia will be in an object no matter what, moving or not, and momentum is only in an object that is moving, and it isn't there when it isn't moving. So why do scientists need to have two words? Or is my science teacher wrong and just wasn't in the mood to tell me something. Oh, and another quick question. How can something not have any mass? I know that a photon, the particle that carries light, or creates it, has no mass, so according to the second law of motion, it cannot acceleration, therefor it travels at a constant speed no matter what. But why does it not have any mass? How is that possible? Or does it have no mass because it's mass is to small we can't detect it. And my last question of the night, I know that light travels at about 300 million m / s. What decided that it travels at that speed? Thank you for your time.
  24. I am sorry, I sometimes get confused with words. The word I was referring to was wielding, not soldering; soldering as you know is used for electronics. I was also referring to metal broomsticks. I appreciate the clever pun you made... My dad is also a computer programmer, was a land surveyor, and likes mechanics. I have many nitro powered RC cars and a four wheeler and am very good with mechanics my self. I apologize if you thought that I was insulting your intelligence, and hope that you will forgive me. My native language is English I can assure you. I have very poor attention to detail, and am dyslexic, if that explains anything. I am only fourteen also. I may post some ideas, but I don't have any math behind them, or they may have some holes because of some thing that I haven't learned yet. I do hope that I contribute something to this forum. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please private message me.
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