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    A small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse
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    Biking, Hiking, Reading, Programming, Making Music, Cross Country Running,and Other interesting tasks.
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    7/8 of the way through high school
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    Theoretical Physics, Robotics, Cosmology, Mechanics, Pyrotechnics, Maths
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    Student, attempting music

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  1. House is infested with FLEAS!!! And in the middle of winter!!! Had to give my cat a bath...

    1. Moontanman


      This has been a bad year for fleas here as well, I had to bathe my three basset hounds the other day. I hate to use poison but it might come to chemical warfare soon...


    2. Unity+


      I wonder if there is an UN for fur on pets...

    3. Lightmeow
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