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  1. It does seem possible that a sync-up between the generators may have caused a periodic frequency change in the main driver, causing a slight upsweep of the signal during each scan from the basic 88KHZ. It seems worth considering to deliberately mimic this idea. The speed of the shock wave should remain steady regardless of frequency driven, and if that shock wave is overcome during mid cycle by a frequency sweep that desciribes a higher wave speed than physically allowable within the stack, an interference between the two may offer some interesting behaviors as the signal speed "drives through" the physical speed.
  2. it seems possible that any thrust measurements seen are due to a random sync between the main generator and the trigger drive generator. The trigger generator normally starts the scan process at any random piezo, so limiting any chance of seeing positive results. It seems as though, unless the scans are reliably started at the only the first piezo, any shock wave will be much attenuated. I have begun to use the last output, normally unused, to trigger the enable pin, which temporarily halts the scan, and with appropriate delay as provided by an R/C link between the two pins, allows the scan to start again from the first piezo. At this point I have a 30K variable resistor in series with a .0082 cap and the traces now mimic what I was getting with the previous setup, With success of this arrangement, the separate trigger generator will be unnecessary and the scanning sequence well regulated. During last Tuesday's positive results, I could hear a new sound that was like a theremin being played through a "drip echo" reverb unit used by surf rock guitarists. After a half hour of getting thrust readings, I shut of the machine for 15 minutes, and tried a restart. No thrust reading have been seen since then, and none of that new sound has been heard.
  3. upon considering why the new stack doesn't supply any useful looking traces, it seems possible that the piezos need to act freely, to a limited extent, and the problem is not due to the change of the areas of connection. So, I am going to place the same poly washer thicknesses into them to try to replicate the original stack spacing and torque, while leaving the altered connections, to see if the traces will then match up closer to the original.'s traces. I am also going to hook up both stacks in parallel to see how they interact. There is a lot of broad resonances going on between the individual piezos, it will interesting to see how they would all interact as a driven pair.
  4. correction...the aforementioned weight gain of 8 mg was achieved at 88KHZ and 3.1 KHZ.
  5. I discovered a wiring error that went undetected until hooking up the new stack yesterday. The firing order for piezo 3 and 4 had been reversed when I added a quick disconnect plug between the stack and the driver chassis, when I moved out to the warehouse last spring. This explains my negative results all summer. Upon correcting the error, the new stack still didn't seem to provide a trace that seemed interesting, so I hooked the original stack back in and now am getting weight gains or loss of up to 8 milligrams on a consistent basis. The maximum weight change is an increase of 8 mg occuring when turning off piezos 1 and 5. At that point I was driving the stack at 88KHZ with a trigger frequency of 31 KHZ. Small variations in drive vs. trigger freqs determine whether the stack becomes lighter or heavier, although the 88KHZ main drive frequency seems the most stable trace, which makes sense since the resonant frequency is listed at 44KHZ, Oddy, when I purchased the piezos,, I was sure they were listed at 25KHZ resonant. There is a resonance at the frequency, which may indicate that the overall resonance may have more than one peak. I still suspect that the acoustic pressure is a possible source of the readings. I am in the process of attaining a vaccuum chamber to eliminate that possiblity as it is rather loud, but some of the higher readings seem independent of the volume of the tone. There is a "singing sound" that coincides with the 8 mg reading that is rather pleasant, unlike the harsh normal tone that usually occurs when the stack is giving lower weight changes in the 3-4 mg range.
  6. Initial hookup of new stack gives larger voltage scans of very different appearances from previous stack and responds to generally higher frequencies of scan rates.
  7. I have found that the original face contacts can be easily removed with a fine grit abrasive paper. The removal process reveals that the piezo faces were not quite flat, so the removal process results with flatter surfaces, which should increase shock transference.
  8. Three of the piezos have been more difficult than the other four to get the paint to stick well to the inner surface. I cleaned and repainted this three and used a normal hair dryer set on high heat, low air to attempt to get them to be bonded well. As I was holding the dryer I began to notice small sparks emanating from the piezos. At first I thought the dryer element was arcing slightly, but quickly saw that the sparks were from the outer edges of all 3, which have had their new contacts on for several days and seem sturdy, sparking over to the original contacts, on the faces. This went on for a minute or so, of these tiny white sparks. I stopped the blow dryer for a few minutes and then resumed the same settings blowing onto the piezos and saw no further sparks. The new outer contacts had been kept about 1/32" gapped to the original ones. This is where the sparks occurred, at random points of this gap junction. Upon checking the piezos with an ohmmeter, the new, still uncured inner contacts were quite shorted to the orginal contacts, as the painting process is rather messy, and the intervening edges much be cleaned up to provide the small gap after full curing of 24 hrs. So, it appears that the only gaps in the piezos that weren't shorted out were between the outer new contacts to the originals. Perhaps some chemical reaction of the solvent being rapidly dried has an unusual electrical side effect.
  9. Am having some trouble getting the paint to stick, but they should all be ready in a day or so with experimenting on how to cure them. One mod I have made to the existing stack is to parallel the first buffer piezo (normally disconnected) to the first active piezo's input This couples it's pulse in tandem, offering a larger initial pulse, creating a slightly larger overall trace with no observable increase in noise. The last piezo is the end pulse "turnaround element" buffer, and as such can only be used as the scope signal source, at least as the stack is currently configured.
  10. the nickle paint I ordered off amazon is much more useful as the amount of 12ml is sufficient for the job of coating new contacts on all 7 piezos. The paint seems to be of the same consistency of the pen, which is rather clumpy and dries flaky, but does provide for low ohm contacts. I have finished one piezo and it does respond to an input across the new contacts. A 10V p-p 1KHZ sine wave across them is nearly as loud as to attaching to the original tab faces.
  11. today new youtube videos are up that claim a low power/ high thrust including videos of traces accompanying observable movement of the latest version of the the woodward device. They are claiming thrust up to the millinewton range. These are from SSI APW 2020 zoom meetings just completed of several speaker with many interesting side comments. I have found that the conductive pen i have tried does work, but requires an entire pen to do just the outside perifery, so will get some aluminum or silver paint and try to make the contact change economically feasible.
  12. Steminc, the manufacturer of the piezo materials has agreed in principle to make the altered contacts, but would need a minimum order of 300 pieces, which is beyond my resources at this time, so I will proceed with altering the contacts as described.
  13. I received the conductive pen and am finding the conductivity is rather low on the Chemtronics CW2000 nickle based pen. It might work well enough to try to see if the alternate contacts can be done here, but I suspect the paint will not properly bond atomically to the ceramic, and will offer a weaker response or perhaps a mere capacitive transfer of energy. I have attempted to register with steminc, the manufacturer, with no good results. Somehow it doesn't recognize my inputs, but have sent two emails through their website as an unregistered guest to request a small custom lot of the alternate contacts I want with no response as of yet. If anyone has had experience with conductive pens as to particular quality and ease of use, and has a particular best choice, please let me know. I tried to add multiple layers, with poor results. After the first layer dries, a second layer added has the rather harsh solvents that accompany it, dissolving the first layer, making a clumpy mess of nickle flakes that fall off, and not giving me a good result of a smooth low resistance contact. I will try a phone call this coming week and see if something can be arranged with factory applied alternate contacts for a small run. I see they offer a similar ring piezo with no contacts, which might work better on trying to add my own if no alternative is available from the factory. If no alternative is available, the outside of each surface will be crimped and soldered with a narrow copper thin sheet for individulal inputs and the interior of the ring coated also, with a slightly oversized steel spring expanding to maintain outward tension on the interior, coupling all the stack elements with a common ground.
  14. could it be that the Fermi paradox is caused by a population achieving a sufficient knowledge of physics to infer the end of the universe itself? This perceived act of betrayal by the very fabric of existence upon not only sentience, but even of microbial life, engendering a subconscious form of mania of self hatred that ultimately results in the failure of basic societal functions of these populations. I am not saying that these breakdowns would extinguish life in every case, but would remove or delay significantly the possibility of any continued intellectual advancement. If things keep going down the drain environmentaly here on earth, the obvious delay to address the situation could be an emergent and common feature of all forms of sentience, and as such could signify a defacto "universe immune response" that eliminates or retards defective civiliizations to keep them isolated from civilizations that have managed to have "survived the fire" of it's phase of the cultural domination of super-contrarianistic self negation.
  15. the pursuit of truth does not, in the short run, imply happiness or even the need to be happy at the present time.
  16. even if it fails to provide at least some minor protection against a moron fascist who stole the office, it's something to do while we watch him complete his agenda of world destruction. The real question here is why are we humans behaving this way, and does this behavior infer a "sentience entropy" and this effect is universal and a possible solution to the Fermi paradox. He has access to the nuclear launch codes, and being clearly insane, the removal from office for non compos mentis should apply, regardless of impeachment possibilites.
  17. even if what you say is true, they should do it anyway. There are enough impeachable offenses, to offer a new set of impeachement articles everyday for months.... "I welcome their hate"....Franklin D. Roosevelt
  18. The re-impeachment of trump could and should happen, as there are multiple legitimate offenses to be considered not covered in the first trial. It is my understanding that if the dems on the house side vote again to impeach, the work of congress must stop until impeachment is resolved, one way or another. This could allow sufficient time to elapse before Trump has her replaced, given the short time to the November election. If our democratic electors claim that there is no recourse to having yet another arch conservative on the court, they are complicit in the further destruction to our democracy in their inaction to do a simple and logical task, and a direct affront to the constitution they are sworn to uphold.
  19. hoola

    new religion

    It was inevitable that your justified complaints should arise, so as I have expressed the basic tenents of my idea, I am over with it. Thanks for your forbearance on this. You may close the thread at this point. Lets end all religions beginning with this one......
  20. since they used a magnetic field to tunnel through, couldn't that be reason for the seemingly very slow transition rate? Like a magnet dropped down a copper tube, the fall is slowed down due to the back reactions.
  21. hoola

    new religion

    thanks for your question, getting but that's too off topic for the religion category. I would refer you to classical physics to give real information, as my ideas are largely symbolic, as religions tend to be, and cannot be held to any accuracy in detail. Unless, of course, you want to know what my particular religion has to say on such matters, then I would be glad to say something. I just started it yesterday, so am working out the kinks. Praise sagA
  22. hoola

    new religion

    If space is filled with quantized particles and antiparticles, when they appear/decay, the process manifests in the classic world, so must behave according to it's principles of some minimum inefficiencies of process. Is that the basis of dark energy? Each bit of space giving off that minimium loss?
  23. hoola

    new religion

    this does seem to infer that with the pure informational state carrying out the implicate order that filled the ROM proceeded in a perfectly efficient state. A theoretical 1+1=2 with no losses, as opposed to a mechanical effort post BB to replicate this function having the minimum amount of inefficiencies, due to the energy loss required to accomplish this calculation, leading to a surmise that this is why the universe began in a low entropy state. bb to
  24. hoola

    new religion

    religion in general seems to indicate that a desire to answer the "why anything" question is the main theme, and the rest is folk wisdom added on. This question is one that may preceed sentient development on earth, or even predate the universe. If everything is information, and this information informs our universe how to behave, then earlier forms of data could have determined exactly what and how this particular universe came about prior to the big bang, and the BB functioning as a transition state from pure information to a rapidly refreshed projected description of that earlier state, making this universe is a defacto ROM readout of that prior condition. I submit that the development of sentience is the "work" required by the universe to know it's own origin, and we being elements of that system, are the mechanical process by which this is accomplished. It does seem that the inherent inefficiencies of the universe's physical systems are a factor in the phenomena of entropy.
  25. hoola

    new religion

    if the gravitational effect of the central black hole on earth is above the plank level of measurability, that is an interesting thing...thanks Janus for the good input. What level of measurability pertains to the holy ghost? None, therefore my idea is a plank level more relevant than traditional religious methods. In the end measurability doesn't matter, where attention is focused is, and again, the thing you worship is at least real and has real local effect. Black holes are quantum objects, recent work has suggested a quantum based awareness with the Penrose/ Hammeroff conjecture of the microtubules in cell structures. I make no overt inference of a connection between the two concepts.
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