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    What warps space?

    so spacetime warps, but not space? .
  2. if gravity expression is due to a warpage of space, what is doing the warping? In space is a sea of virtual particles, I conjecture that the geometric orbits of these annialations are affected by proximate energy/matter, thus extending the annialation process resulting in the observable effect of gravitation. This local change of annialation process expands out in a phononic-like manner at c with the inverse square law with tensor expression into the surrounding sea of VPs, thus inferring then stiff, yet deformable flux being the observable result of what we call space.
  3. I don't suppose it is mainstream to say that various forms of energy are particular fixed descriptions expressible within the mathematical bulk...
  4. I understand that in a normal conductor, the electron going in at one end of a wire will take a long time to get to the other end, and was wondering if the same thing applied to superconductors also, or do the cooper pairs pass more quickly or even at c ?...
  5. my thinking is that larger BHs have a smaller effective gravity felt at the approach of the EH due to the averaging effect on space shear, by it being closer to a flat surface than smaller ones....but that the gravity felt at the EH should be the same for all BHs or else the horizon wouldn't be where it was...strange, I don't understand your last remark about escape velocity of c not being why things can't get out...I thought that was a pretty settled issue...
  6. I saw a discussion of black holes of different sizes having differing gravity forces at the event horizons, but if the horizon is established by C, and C is constant, shouldn't the gravity at the surfaces be equal?
  7. I think that self awareness is an offshoot of generating and processing quantum abstractions of a given a specific stimulus. The stimulus could be considering a math problem, or looking in the mirror. The ability to "show all answers" generated by this stimulus and then go thru the process to pick a few conclusional outputs to place in memory, uses an individually distinct process of information processing each time, regardless of the stimulus. Our individual process pathway, or our particular "algorithmic data set" allows self awareness as it is essentially the same each time, thus we gain familiarity with how our brain works, and self-identify as "it", but really we only "with it" and somewhat vulnerable to "it's" quirks and charms. In a larger sense, our personalities are the way our brains "crunch the numbers", and also remain pretty much fixed throughout life, but are less rigid, as the overall personality is a more complete combination of all brain components, of which are in a perpetually competitive state, not only of behavioral contol aspects, but also of competition for basic nutrients, oxygen and waste removal. .
  8. wow, what can I say but that you may have left out a few steps there...question : does ( mean void ?. You wrote your thinking down in an interesting manner. I have my own floorplan of pre BB events. If you are indeed serious, please elaborate...and why are you sorry for the name?. One thing I noticed is that you equate intelligence with energy. Don't you mean information instead of intelligence? This way you don't violate conservation, as information describes energy, and is not energy itself, and so remains neutral.
  9. fpppt.KAPOW...you sunk his battleship doctor krettin....!.
  10. for what it's worth, there is a utube video that claims that he Titanic and Olympic identities were switched as the Olympic had unrepairable problems, and the re-branded Olympic was sent on the cruise to be "accidently" sunk.
  11. thanks for the reply....I hadn't considered that issue. If some nitrogen leaks out over time, what if little oxygen migrates inward (ambient air is 70% nitrogen), perhaps some benefit would result. I suppose a test of inward/outward gas permeability rates of a wrapper would have to be done. Most convenience foods come in cartons. The products could be in a similarly gas charged overall carton (shrink wrap), giving more time before gas transfers can occur as the nitrogen would have to transpire 2 layers. In practical application, a store keeps the product in the carton until ready to display individual wrapped items, leaving little time for gas transfer in a wrapper exposed directly to ambient air. In the case of the depleted CO2 coke bottles, did any oxygen get in is the salient point, futhermore the food packages will be under atmospheric pressure, not pressurized.
  12. I have heard that one reason hydrogenated oils are added to certain foods is that is extends shelf life if effect by reducing oxygenation of the ingredients. Could not the need for such treatment of the oil be reduced or eliminated by packaging the item in nitrogen or some other appropriate gas? It would seem easily done to purge the air and add the inert gas as a final step in the manufacturing process.
  13. but I am speculating on the topic, namely cause of motion as relates to time, and mainstream science has supported the "math as everything" idea from Pythagoris to Tegmark, and that I am "defending" the OP to the degree that if there is a relationship between the two, a possible cause for that relation, and based upon that cause, a few particular concequences.
  14. when I described motion, I am describing the smallest form of motion, that is virtual particle motion. I see the quantum effect of light being of dual wave and particle, so the same with fundamental particles, and the same with time. I am not confusing electronic terms with velocity terms, I am saying that IF time has a quantum basis, there is unity in the underlying structure of light, particles, and time. I see time as the most fundamental of the three, as that mechanism allows the other two to exhibit their particular properties, not that it necessarily caused it. As far as the big bang causing motion, yes, in a geometric sense, but that property must have been mapped out in the previous era of informational calculations that set up the bb to happen the way it did. So, the ability to move physically was first described mathematically as "little bangs" between the "significant participants", then the "just push play" of the mature program was allowed to begin it's final iteration of this particular universe with our big bang. I further see that there are "less significant" participants, and dark matter is one of those as it is more remotely linked in the mathematical flow chart and so has fewer little bangs (allowable interactions) with the major players. I further see that the intervals between " finite discriptors" as an artifact of the logic that led to formal geometric mathematical properties, formally expressing those intervals as the emergent physical phenomena of "distance".
  15. while time allows geometric motion, isn't time itself a form of informational wave motion of a fundamental oscillation, with each moment as a collapse of that wave into discrete parts when observed (or interacted with in a geometric or physical sense) similar to light's duality status? I see that is why time slows down in a higher gravitational field and through accelerations. The fundamental oscillator interacts with more changes of mass/energy under those conditions, so more interactions slow the completion of time's duty cycle. I further see this related to the Unruh effect in acceleration and Hawking radiation as relates to gravity, where the duty cycle meets it's ultimate geometric slowdown; complete interruption of the interacting virtual particles which are closely coupled to the fundamental time regime.
  16. right, the informational context of the realm of mathematics and may contain "infinites" ( or more precisely, heading to infinite) and geometric reality, constrained even further to the grounding of finite concepts. I see the concept of infinite as not infinite, but as the end product of the fastest possible theoretical calculation begun at the start or a particular universe, that is limited to a finite expression by the lifespan of the particular universe the said calculation takes place in.
  17. yes substitute, I see this universe as having an edge. That is the spherical boundary where space is expanding into the void, dragging matter behind it. I see that expansion as the dark energy, matter and space as finite, only the void is "infinite".
  18. I kinda agree neuro...I see humans as having 3 brains: reptilian, mammalian and human. This set of 3 processors are competitive rivals for dominance, hence why people are so fraught with internal conflict, and so vulnerable to drugs and alcohol as they offer an alteration to the internal battle that gives one of the contestants a slight temporary edge in that conflict.... so the "winning" (ala charlie sheen) is but one example of the phenomena. One brain "wins" as the other two suffer....along with his career.
  19. what about gravity waves passing through the test apparatus? Would a low freq wave lasting through the duration of a test skew the expected value of G at a particular point in time? Could gravity wave noise coming in from the universe affect the result depending on the frequency, intensity, duration, polarity and direction the wave might be coming from? One would presume that the effects would be too small to skew a result, with the difficulty of detecting even large waves from colliding black holes. I am only mention it to eliminate it as a credible possibility of the fluctuating test results.
  20. I see where a black hole can be described by mass, spin and charge. Couldn't another description be the rate of Hawking radiation detected at a standardized distance from the event horizon, or a theorized level occuring at the horizon? Or would that radiation level be a deriviative of the 3 standard discriptions and not independent of them?
  21. There is a fire sentience must go through to escape extinction. Reality is an informational device, and as such all things imaginable by sentient beings are described within the context of the mathematical bulk (sentient free will), and as a childish species we mistake them as our ideas, our "creativity", if you will. Thus the egoist adherence to faulty ideas as well as the good ones. We respond to these algorithmic extensions without the selectivity of maturity, and seems we have run out of time to attain it. A perfect example of this behavior is the last election. We have a masochistic side and express it in the subtle pain of casual self-injury and by seeing others in pain in overtly. Some art expresses choices before us as a culture, and proposes to show a future result of various immediate behaviors.
  22. I rarely have deja vu "like" experiences,sometimes a word heard or internal thought might trigger a near instantaneous feeling of "that stimuli was a repitition of a prior event", but the other day I went and borrowed a part for a heater in my living room. Came home and anxious to complete the job, skipped dinner. This was an all day job. As I finished the task, a movie played in my head of the highlights of the entire day and was accompanied by a warm, rather pleasant feeling, (extending from my solar plexus to the top of my head) of being "in sync" with the universe, that lasted perhaps ten or fifteen seconds. The intellectual reaction after the experience ended was one of surprise of the thought that I had done this all before, almost as a "deterministic act" embedded in a randomized world.
  23. thank you janus, this seems to settle the issue of why the temp increases.
  24. ok, but what is the proposed explanation of that evaporation temperature increase, if not via the uncertainty principle of position vs. momentum allowing particle speeds to exceed C?
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