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  1. I have long thought that consciousness is a defacto 5th force. Not a fundamental, but an emergent force having an ability via observation to, under certain conditions, modify to varying degrees, the behavior of the actual fundamental forces resulting in a purely physical and very specific change or set of changes. I see an analogy that as matter warps space, consciousness can have.a similar effect on extant reality. The effects are almost always negligible and lie below the threshold of awareness, and when the interaction rises above the trivial, perceived as a statistical fluke and a meaningless coincidence. Since the quantum has the underlying structure offering up non locality, based upon an "imaginary" logic structure of an "impossible" sq. rt. of minus one, it seems natural to point to that as possible framework that supports some perceptional anomalies. A spectrum of events can occur, making it difficult to pin down an actual cause/effect relation to observed oddities generated by a sort of "feedback loop" between the observer and the observed, very dependent on the situational mental state of the observer, making it difficult to track in a meaningful way an understanding or explanation and largely forming a barrier to even attempting an understanding. This barrier is reinforced by the simple fact that in normal human societal interactions, the effects can be ignored, and do not add to overall societal needs and familial duties. I have considered that since the quantum offers the ability to allow the electron the property of not tumbling into the nucleus, thus negating matter, doesn't this fundamental property mean that the quantum effect may show up in other, less obvious manners in the brain?
  2. I have question ....when a photon waveform collapses, does the entire energy that is contained in the waveform get "collapsed" to a localized point, conserving the energy, or is some inefficiency observed in the transformation process?
  3. well, the EHT results will be along soon .maybe the accretion disk geometry will show wave influences from close encounters with near orbiting stars.as they decelerate away
  4. yes, sound on venus would be implosively loud, and then explosively loud on mars...seriously, I presume that any gravity wave experiments are done in space, since there are no bh's on either planet, and if for no other reason than to rule out atmospheric transmission from the tests of gwave transmitters...the jokey nature of your response indicates that you think that gw tranmissions are nonsensical. We have no complete understanding of the phenomena, or even if it is fundamental. Lately it seems to have a probability boost from the recent talk of gravitation as an emergent phenomena. If it is emergent, that seems we have a better chance of interceding in it's workings...
  5. Even if the ear doesn't directly pick up the sound, the air in your spacesuit would, although a high gain hearing aid might be needed. The major medium of transmission would still be space.
  6. as the wave component that passes near the bh continues on...could that close encounter cause it to be "lensed" by the encounter, and perhaps enhanced in areas and nulled in others, creating a secondarily lobed field that continues on in a defined, regular, but fading pattern?
  7. yes, but since the bones of the ear are vastly more sensitive to this jiggling than anything else in your head, sound should be perceived....kind of a "headbanger" experience, familiar to concert goers. I am thinking that since gwaves are quadrapole in nature, that the perceived sound would be affected, perhaps in a "chorus" like fashion, in guitar effects speak..
  8. thanks again, and I upgraded the questions to the ligo site with another related one. If a spectrum of a range of gwave freqs. could be used to probe the bh interior...(if some pass through and some don't in a freq. dependent manner, then could some inferences be made of the results)...of course, the spectrum would have to be "tuned" to the bh diameter, ranged slightly above and below the observed diameter. Of course, an agile bh wave generator would have to be invented first...so this is more of a thought experiment.
  9. If an audio frequency gravity wave from a GW transmitter, or being near a merging black hole (chirp), either of which might jiggle the bones in your ears...in which case space itself is the medium of transmission.
  10. what would happen to a gravity wave traveling through space and passing the region of a black hole? In considering the part of the wave which intersects the hole, does the hole swallow that part of the wave like any physical object ? If so, does the wave energy add mass to the hole? Thanks.
  11. what would happen to a gravity wave traveling through space and passing the region of a black hole? In considering the part of the wave which intersects the hole, does the hole swallow that part of the wave like any physical object ? If so, does the wave energy add mass to the hole? Thanks.
  12. Ted, my take on the question is that there was a void, and out of that void came chaos, from that came logic, from that came structured mathematics, from that came the this universe's description set, which accumulated in a singularity (a defacto ROM) for actualization of geometric reality within the mathematical bulk. Only when all the prior steps had been achieved (maturation), could the big bang (actualization) have happened . The starting "seed" information was that there was, and only could have been. 1 void....the only information possible to assign to the earliest situation, and marks the first appearance of fundamental logic in the proto-universe. This "1" gave us the real numbers it's first identifier. The imaginary number system developed alongside the classic system, perhaps as a later manifestation due to it's more complex and foreign logic base, but both may have been present for maturation to allow the material universe to be sustainable. I also think it's possible that a math error or errors were made as the universe cobbled itself into existence, and that might explain the slight overabundance of matter over antimatter, and a possible reason for the "error correction" algorithm within the mathematics of QM (S. Gates).
  13. yes, best in the world is an overstatement at the present time, with our bill of rights still holding despite efforts to effectively rid them. And I did say "arguably the best" knowing full well of the horrible contradictions, yet considering other country's histories (of which they tend to not advertise either), we have been better than most, most of the time.
  14. having said all that....we are arguably still the best country in this world, and that point is well taken, as all humanity is represented here with all the little problems delivered to us by the forces of evolution to grow bigger brains and we are slowly succuming to our ability at high levels of intellectual thought, as we have artificially extended the ledge we have been driven to by mostly instinct. We have gotten away with this until the population has risen to an unsustainable level. We as a society have the usual "social entropy" of all countries, that is a cleansing of the heroic war component of history, and a deliberate forgetting of the even more horrible parts. This deliberate forgetting is analogous to physical entropy as a supposed inevitability, so just "go along" with the general llow is the social norm. This is the main way we are deceived by the equating of the two, and the more you know about entropy and it's various form in the physical world, the more it seems not true. Just because the term is rather a recent one, the underlying paradigm was always there, as most countries self destruct. Another facet of this whole mess, is that wars are somewhat a desirable thing, they lower the local populations and the "fog of war" is a huge cloud under where both men and women get away with sexual crimes, in the normal sense of the word, as defined by the conventions of the time. Make America great and go out and grab some unwilling pussy...
  15. The USA is a parasitic bully, does anything for the dollar including destroying the world if necessary, based upon an economic philosophy of short term gain, under the guise of a pretended good will. This is not to say that the people want this, but are easily manipulated into acting against their own interests by shallow and very obvious propaganda. by the government and corporate entities. This is not to say that this country hasn't done good in the world, but only when "good" coincides with economic gain, such as our involvement in WW2, the shining example and perhaps the only justifiable war since 1812 within the many acts of barbarism committed around the globe. These imperial acts include the murder of 250,000 people in the Phliiapeans, theft of Hawaii, theft of Cuba, theft of half of Mexico, theft of all Native lands worth stealing, theft of Africa of millions into the slave trade. And more fake wars in recent years based upon falsified evidence such as Vietnam, and more recently Iraq. I don't want to leave out the subversions of the governments in Chile, the central american countries, destruction of the democracy in Iran in '53, at the behest of British Petroleum under Churchill in order to control their oil supply by installing the Shah, a brutal dictator The list of atrocities is not complete, I suggest you verify these listed, and then research the details of others. It is all public information and not difficult to do.
  16. doesn't information itself have a slight mass that upon whirling about at relativistic speeds, gives an increase to mass/energy that allows measurability, such as with the casimir experiment for virtual particles and some other fundamentals such as the photon? It does seem unlikely that information in an SD card or other small storage device could be measured by weight, but then, isn't a black hole an example of how information can be accrued into a weighty substance? Any experiment with weight of such small devices would have to figure in the background noise such as air pressure variations, if not weighed in a vaccuum and also variations in gravity on the earth, and even if done in space, with the impinging effects of variations in microgravity and even of gravity waves noise coming from all directions...
  17. if science proves that the universe is a mathematic equasion set, and if that equation set includes all various gods descriptions, then by default science would do as the poster wishes and prove the existence of all gods....and set accurate limits to their properties giving them "short range" effects on real physical entities, namely the brain that thinks them. The fact that they are irrational imaginary constructs means that they are "in the realm" unlike things that are not yet derived by the Bulk. These things are beyond sentient ability to conceive, as the Bulk has not made them available as of yet, the true unknowables. This sets an upper limit to present day sentient free will, but as the wheel is still in spin, stay tuned.
  18. I might venture that there is a god, but under a certain restriction. I would also say that there are a near infinite number of other imaginary concepts competing for your attention, should you decide to indulge them. To say that they are imaginary is not a put-down, only a qualifier. In the model of everything existing within the mathematical Bulk, you have the possibility to think of them should you decide to do so, as an expression within the Bulk, accessed by the phenomena of free will. What happens when you think of your personal god? Do you think of it the exact same way each time? Each perception is only a rough approximation, each approximation is a different alteration. Add in generations of variations since the stone age and I think you can see what I am getting to. The real reward here is that we can perceive these things, not that they are real, but a nice topic for thousands of years giving the human intellect a good workout. The development of these "intellectual lead boots" attached to our societies is a noble attempt of the why anything question, so the "gods" had their use in history, but it seems past time to take off the training wheels...we have arrived, the gods have done their job, let them retire in dignity...
  19. it would seem that in order to advance a particular "most correct" theory of everything, one would have to have an understanding of the particular steps that led to the BB, should that ever happen....
  20. considering the rapidity with which we are self destructing...I say, give AI a chance....welcome to the fermi paradox.
  21. I suppose this whole idea of observed waving speeds for both astronauts is dependent upon the size of the BH in question due to the smaller gravitational gradients apparent with ever larger BHs...but if the falling observer of his reflection gets the light waves redshifted going out and bliue shifted going in, wouldn't he see his reflection waving in sync with his own hand waving locally, independent of size, while his friend's observed decay rate of wave freq. of him is BH size dependent?
  22. so, how does the relative wave rates appear to the two astronauts even if that analogy is erroneous...?...it would seem that the infalling astronaut's perceived reflection would travel twice the distance in the high gravity field, with his wave rate slowing twice what his friend sees, and that the infalling astronaut sees his reflection as if from a remote observer's virtual position twice the distance of the stationary friend... I order to clarify a point, what if the two astronauts agreed that they both will wave and at identical rates. Would the infalling astronaut see the same slowing of wave rate of his friend that his friend sees of him? IOW, does the appearance of time dilation work equally both directions?
  23. I would think that the rate of waving would be seen to be slower to the infalling observer's reflection, as the time slowing in a high gravity field upon the light beam as it travels twice, just as a fast traveller leaving the earth and coming back would be aged more slowly. The fact that the traveler comes back to the earth does not reverse the time slowing effect as he is leaving it....
  24. If two astronauts were near a large black hole, holding onto a mirror which was affixed so as to remain still, and one astronaut was to let go of the mirror and descend into the hole waving goodbye at a steady rate, would the falling astronaut see the identical wave slowing of his reflection in the mirror that his friend would see of him directly?
  25. I have a related question as to charge mobility of conductor vs. superconductor.... Is there any charge speed difference observed in the two materials?
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