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  1. If a modern scientist takes a person's DNA and compares it to that of a parent, he/she will detect whether they are the biological parents of that person (with some degree of certainty). It is a tool often used in courts today to reject father's parentage.

    Now if a modern scientist compares the DNA of a currently living human with that of a modern ape, monkey, pig, dog, cat, mouse, rat, etc., this will show how closely a human is related to a given animal (percentage of genes shared in two or more species).

    It does need any fossil remains, just genetics.

    I wonder why some creationist accepts the genetic test as a reliable way to find parentage in civil court, detect the identity of a dead body by the police, detect genetic diseases, detect a murderer in criminal cases... and when the same test is done between human and animal, they reject final conclusions...


  2. On 9/12/2020 at 9:41 PM, Phi for All said:

    Or, stupid is an aspect of behavior, or cognitive choices, but NOT an aspect of humans themselves. People can do and say many stupid things without being intrinsically stupid. In fact, by labeling the whole person, you're discriminating against groups you've judged as "stupid".

    How else you would in one word call people who believe that e.g. Earth is flat, who believe in that vaccines were created to harm people, who believe in conspiracy theories, and spreading them further (and contaminating minds of similar to them weak minds. with their mad theories).. etc. etc. ? Such a person has an almost permanent brainwashing..

    How to call in one word somebody who can be easily manipulated, who is vulnerable to socio-technical tricks?


  3. 36 minutes ago, John Cuthber said:

    "Less likely to get salmonella"

    Which might kill you

    "more likely to get unwanted growth hormone".
    Which won't

    Unless you catch COVID-19.. the likelihood of dying increases rapidly among obese people..



    2 minutes ago, John Cuthber said:

    I'm saying they don't take care to keep the dead bird's gut in one piece until they have separated it from the edible bits and, as a consequence of this, they need to bleach it

    ... this is quite a controversial hypothesis ...

    I would say that after slaughtering animal, its guts have what animal ate prior death, regardless of whether you're in USA or any other country on the world. Unwise separation of internal organs may contaminate entire meat. But it can happen regardless of the country.


  4. 1 hour ago, dimreepr said:

    I'm guessing the lobbies worked then.

    It is all because of money and greediness.. Somebody creates company, investors join in, and want to create and sell as much products as possible. The only matter is increase sales, increase sales, year by year!

    ..but there is limited quantity of buyers, with limited volume of stomachs..

    It cannot go to infinity with limited market capacity..


    1 hour ago, Endy0816 said:

    Most of our obesity issues are more due to lack of physical activity and portion sizes than anything else IMO.

    That is true.

    People don't train enough for the amount of calories they eat.

    Want to eat pizza for supper (after a heavy lunch!).. ? No problem. Just train enough to burn the extra calories. Or the next day fast.

    I always hear excuse: I don't have time for training! People will always find some excuse... Have no time? I am saying: 100 pushups per day, takes 100-200 seconds per day.. You don't have 2-4 minutes per day, but you are smoking.. smoking one cigarette takes more time...


    BTW, the amount of meat on typical non-vegan pizza is pretty meaningless. Less than 100 grams. So concern must be cheese?

    Does vegan cheese have less calories than milk cheese? Debatable:

    "Vegan cheese slices contain 35-70 calories per serving, depending on the brand; dairy cheese slices yield approximately 50 calories each. Vegan cheese in block form can contain 40-100 calories per 1-ounce serving, compared to 90 calories from 1 ounce of dairy cheese.Jun 1, 2017"


    Vegan Mozzarella has pretty much the same amount of calories as normal one:


    1 hour ago, Endy0816 said:

    Food poisoning in general just seems to increase as eating out increases in a society.

    After invention of refrigerators amount of food poisoning dropped. In the past prior refrigerators it was much more common. Some butchers were even arrested and sentenced for selling non-edible anymore meat..

    But modern food poisoning changed characteristics. Less likely to get salmonella but more likely to get unwanted growth hormone.

  5. I'm kinda surprised that you all worry about "chlorinated chicken".. I would worry more about "bad GMO"/"improperly done GMO" (there is also "good GMO"/"properly done GMO"), overuse of growth hormones, overuse of antibiotics, overuse of pesticides etc.. In comparison to them "chlorination of meat" is a piece of cake.. "You become what you eat". If you eat genetically modified organism, part of their genes, can be horizontally transferred (HGT) to human genome (less likely), or to microorganisms or viruses in human body (more likely).


    "Gene transfer from GM foods to cells of the body or to bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract would cause concern if the transferred genetic material adversely affects human health. This would be particularly relevant if antibiotic resistance genes, used as markers when creating GMOs, were to be transferred. Although the probability of transfer is low, the use of gene transfer technology that does not involve antibiotic resistance genes is encouraged."


    There are farms where all animals receive antibiotics in their feed the all day long, even if they are not ill... (example of "bad practice in the food industry").

    It is recommended by sellers of the antibiotic industry (quite obviously, because they receive MONEY (ARGH!) for it..)


  6. On 9/19/2020 at 9:58 PM, zapatos said:

    I hear this argument about American food standards versus European food standards often and was wondering if anyone knows if the difference translates into health differences for consumers.

    Check adults obesity rates between EU and US.



    If maps won't show up, use this link instead:



  7. Quote

    of Russian Cornelius KPV15. pdf 3200% high-altitude valve, 3-stage filter, 2-picamsanlomat, 4 5 mm Right, intermediate relay, 7-core spring, salt core- Honda, 9 contacts, plug connector, 11-elastic switch, 14-electric motor, 15-fashatr-oil- separator, It-filled with Bella, p-edskraintelny valve. Start and stop of the compressor is automated pneumoautomat 3 and intermediate relay 6 (ER-S625). Air from the balloon is fed to the membrane 5, which bends and Yes- Vit through the lever 4 to the elastic switch 11. At achievement pressure ATI contacts 11 and 12 are closed, the current passes through the relay winding to the ground, draws the core of the solenoid 8 and interrupts the power supply of the electric motor 14. When the pressure decreases up to 45 ATI, the spring 13 opens contacts II, 12, and the spring 7 moves the core 8 and, closing the contacts 9, turns on the electric trodvigatel. The pneumoautomat is fixed on the body of the electric device. an intermediate relay is connected via a plug-in

    Made by yandex. It has option to upload image from PC web browser.



    2 hours ago, Charles 3781 said:

     Can anyone come on here, a serious scientific forum, and ask:  "How can I translate this  - it's written in foreign".

    I mean, seriously,  if this is the standard of modern contributors to the forum, what hope is there.

    It is a forum where people with knowledge help other people without knowledge in some area. e.g. years ago there used to be people asking for help in translation of ancient manuscripts.. With Russian cyrillic it is not that far away, as the most of people (7.5-7.6 billions) have no idea even how to pronounce these letters. People have installed their own local language locales and keyboards (operating system driver, not hardware) which don't have foreign language characters outside of western character set. So even entering letters to Google Translate text area is problematic.

  8. 15 hours ago, random_soldier1337 said:

    Something I've seen in nuclear materials research is that all of them are basically, I have a material, I am going to shoot energetic particles at it, I am going to record the numbers, take some before and after pictures and talk about what I saw. It does make sense that you would research like this considering most materials in nuclear environments do suffer bombardment from energetic nuclei and subatomic particles. The consistency in the formula of this research process, however, is something I did not expect. Is this how it works for every field when you get into something very specific and become an expert on it like in a PhD? (...)

    Now that I put all my thoughts down, the answer seems like yes mostly. So I guess I'm probably looking for confirmation, unless there is something I didn't take note of.

    Wilson even received Nobel Prize in physics for invention of Cloud Chamber.


    Particles with low kinetic energy leave short traces. The more kinetic energy has particle the longer trace.

    If we place inside external source of electric and/or magnetic fields e.g. magnet/electromagnet traces are bend accordingly to charge of particle.

    Positively charged particle behaves symmetrically to negatively charged particle. Neutral particle does not change its path due to external electric field influence.

    If particle is unstable after making a few circles, decays to new set of particles which leave, or not (neutrinos/antineutrinos), another traces.

    Cloud Chambers later evolved to Bubble Chambers, and Spark Chambers and others.


  9. There are many phobias:


    "A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.[1] Phobias typically result in a rapid onset of fear and are present for more than six months.[1] Those affected will go to great lengths to avoid the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger posed.[1] If the object or situation cannot be avoided, they experience significant distress.[1] Other symptoms can include fainting, which may occur in blood or injury phobia,[1] and panic attacks, which are often found in agoraphobia.[6] Around 75% of those with phobias have multiple phobias.[1]"


    Many teenagers and students are known to have "lessonphobia"/"sciencephobia"/"knowledgephobia"/"schoolphobia".. ;)

    Wow. There is even Wikipedia article about it:


    "The literature estimates that rates of school refusal occurs in 1–2% of the general population, and in 5–15% of clinic-referred youth samples.[8][7][9]"


    BTW, I like modern treatment to acrophobia by wearing VR googles and playing simulation/game like this one:

    (I have no idea how modern teenager can have acrophobia if he or she is playing modern 3D computer games.. )



  10. 4 minutes ago, CharonY said:

    C) Unless you want to ban all animal farms and limit folks entering animal habitats and eradicate all potential vectors, there is no way to prevent infections occurring.

    Zoonotic pathogens can be transmitted from original animal to human through intermediate host such as mosquito, flea or fly..

    Zoonotic pathogens can be in excrement and urine and contaminate water, food or surface, which human is drinking, washing, eating, or touching.


  11. 14 hours ago, drumbo said:

    Fossil fuels satisfy all of these requirement like no other fuel does. Fossil are a dream, they are perfect. God must have put it here for us to use, how else can you explain its perfection?


    Coal is the remains of plants growing hundreds of millions of years ago.

    Oil is the remains of animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

    They lived here on the Earth, died, and their remains drowned in the muds, drowned in the swamps etc. They were covered by new layers of remains and sand, pressed by them, decomposed, released methane gas. High pressure and time turned them to coal, oil and gas. They are your prehistoric relatives.

  12. On 9/10/2020 at 5:51 PM, Airbrush said:

    Sooner or later governments will place restrictions on population.  Like China's one child per couple policy, but maybe not that strict.  Maybe a 2-child limit.

    If somebody wants to be immortal, cannot have, or rather should not have, child.. You have to choose.. Only mortals can have children.

    If you're immortal, children will want to be immortal too (and you will want them to be with you forever (I hope so!) ), and their grandchildren too etc. etc. and it will go on..

    It's function f(x) going to infinity. Which will take the all resources, the all matter, and the all energy from the Universe.


    Netflix even made movie showing such hypothetical future society which has immortal people class.

    Altered Carbon


    In the movie, people cannot die because the all data from their brains are recorded all the time, and stored in the cloud (servers), once per day, or more often.

    So, if somebody kills somebody, or they have accident etc., clone of a person, with restored data from his/her brain, is recreated.

    They want to have the all power they have forever.. and their children (even though they are mature! and living hundreds years) are treated like children.. Which causes their frustration, because they are not appropriately treated.. etc. etc. and many other similar issues (unknown to the modern humans).

    *) replace "immortal" by "living hundreds/thousands/millions/as long as they want to/ of years", if you need to..


    Today people are living 3x times as long as in medieval and ancient times.

    Now imagine situation in which people are living 3x times as long as now. And are healthy, powerful etc. because of nano-robots fixing them all the time or so..


    ps. Move on, to the cosmic space, right now..



  13. Any changes should begin with an analyze of historical accidents, drawing conclusions from them, and correcting them. e.g. if there is a part of the road where is abnormal number of collisions, there are rational reasons for it (like curve uphill, decreasing visibility). If it is not clear why accidents happen, people should start from making 3D simulation of that area, with weather conditions simulation, on a computer, and pass through it simulated cars, and observe what happens.

  14. Change code to

    fun_list3 = [lambda e,i=i: e+i for i in range(5)]
    #The lambda function returns e+i for i in range(5), Note e is the argument of lambda function
    print([f(10) for f in fun_list3])

    It is making yet another argument for lambda function which is by default initialized to i (which is taken from for loop).

    or if you want it to be cleaner:

    fun_list3 = [lambda e,f=i: e+f for i in range(5)]
    #The lambda function returns e+i for i in range(5), Note e is the argument of lambda function
    print([f(10) for f in fun_list3])

    It will give you expected result:


    [10, 11, 12, 13, 14]

  15. Do you realize that you can use Python Debugger and figure out by yourself the all answers to questions about your Python scripts which you are starting on this forum?

    Enter "Python online debugger" in net search engine, copy'n'paste Python script in it, and observe how variables are changing with each "step into" and "step over", line by line..

    e.g. https://www.onlinegdb.com/online_python_debugger

    It will be simply faster for you, as you won't have to wait till somebody answered your question here..


    1 hour ago, zak100 said:

    However, I have problem in understanding the '[....]' in the print statement. If I run the above program without square brackets like:

    print(f(10) for f in fun_list2)

    I am getting the message:


    <generator object <genexpr> at 0x7f87fca11ba0>

    Somebody please guide me.

    [ .... ] initializes array

    print( [ ] ); is just printing newly dynamically created array..

    It is not much different from using print([1,2,3]);


    If you want to do it without generating new array, you can write:


    or you can make for loop like:

    for i in range(5): print(fun_list2[i](10))

    or even better:

    for f in fun_list2: print(f(10))

  16. On 9/3/2020 at 2:38 AM, Jo-Jo said:

    and I hit a snag and I know I am fundamentally misunderstanding something.

    You can send one electron (in electrons double slit experiment), or one photon (in photons double slit experiment) per second (or fraction of second).. after a while you will get interference pattern on the screen anyway.

    Screen/detector detects one particle hitting it at a time and counts them (or reflects them in photons double slit experiment performed at home). Pattern area where more particles hit screen/detector is brighter.

    In the case of photons double slit experiment, wavelength of photon is given by formula [math]\lambda=hc/E[/math]

    In the case of electrons double slit experiment, wavelength of electron is de Broglie wavelength. Read article from Wikipedia, if you're not familiar with it:



    What you should start with is getting equipment allowing you to perform double slit experiment at home for photons.

    Search net for "double slit experiment ebay" or "double slit experiment amazon", "alibaba", "aliexpress" or so.

    You will need filter like this:


    and laser (preferably multiple colors, red, green and blue, to see difference between them).


    Pattern changes with different color light source.

    Pattern changes with different space between slits.

    Pattern changes with different width of slits.


    Once you have equipment at home, tested various colors, various widths of slits, various spaces between slits, you can figure out equation which will satisfy the all cases.


  17. There is one true "Mona Lisa" painting made by famous artist hundred years ago.

    and there are hundreds (as many as you want) replicas of it.

    So value lies in 1) who made it 2) how long ago 3) how many quantities exist 4) quantity of collectors willing to buy


    Take a look at ancient or historical items. The less units have been made, or the less remained to our times (as majority were destroyed), and remaining items gained on value for collectors.

    It is normal capitalistic "fight" between supply and demand.

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