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  1. 3 hours ago, IDontKnow4003 said:

    I asked my teacher for examples and they suggested a form of run length encoding.

    LOL. Run-length encoding is 1000x simpler than Huffman's algorithm...


    3 hours ago, IDontKnow4003 said:

    In March 2024, I'm going to have to create a programming project as apart of my computer science Alevel, which I'm aiming to replicate the Huffman's algorithm (which is a type of lossless data compression) in  C# so that it is a functional app that can be used.

    Did I read right? March 2024? Not 2023?


    3 hours ago, IDontKnow4003 said:

    Any suggestions?

    Finish at least one project before you think about a new one..

    If you do it right, i.e. virtual classes and methods, adding any other compression algorithm should not be a big problem..




  2. On 1/24/2023 at 10:37 AM, Markus Hanke said:

    This isn’t always easy, since we generally tend to equate our own preferences,

    ..it's not easy when gay men come and start hitting on you.. which happens several times a year (if it's winter), or every month (if it's summer).. The last time I had such an "accident" was a week ago..

    ps. Don't you feel like a "chick" who refuses a man who wants you?

    ps2. No homophobe here, I gently decline.. e.g. "I'm sorry, you're a great guy, but not my type," etc.

  3. 1 hour ago, CrystalMagic said:

    1 The theory of volcanologists that volcanoes can sometimes create more pollution than all the factories of people.

    Sometimes. Millions years ago.

    1 hour ago, CrystalMagic said:

    2 It is said that scientists studying the pattern of ice noticed that warming had already happened before.

    Sometimes. Millions years ago.

    1 hour ago, CrystalMagic said:

    Do you think this could be true?

    It is true, but irrelevant to human-made global warming due to usage of fossil fuels..


    "Global warming" is not about change on the Earth (which does not bother about such things, being just a planet), but a devastating change that will kill most humans, animals and plants. If you dramatically change the environment, living organisms will not survive, most of them. They are not accustomed to the new environment.



  4. The Sun provides energy, some of the photons are reflected straight away, some are absorbed by the atmosphere, some by the earth and water. The land and water then cool, raising the temperature of the atmosphere. Any additional unexpected gas in the atmosphere can be considered a "greenhouse gas," because its mere presence prevents the Earth from cooling to cosmic space..

    When fossil fuels are burned, air O2 with 32u mass is replaced by CO2 with 44u mass.

    The greater mass of a molecule can accommodate more energy per molecule.


    5 hours ago, lightforyoou said:

    Experimentally, increasing the 400 ppm CO2 (.04%) in a small glass greenhouse to 3,000 ppm (.3%) does not increase the temperature differential yet one would expect a 13° F temperature differential at the upper 3,000 ppm CO2 concentration.

    So you took 3000 ppm subtracted 400 ppm, got 2600 ppm, then divided by 200 ppm, and got 13° difference just because "the atmospheric co2 has increased by 200 ppm which would result in a 1° F increase"..


  5. 4 hours ago, lightforyoou said:

    Are spent fuel rods cooling pools discharging radioactive water (tritium) into the environment?

    Doubtful. Tritium is an isotope we want more of rather than less of. It is/will be used in fusion reactors.

    4 hours ago, lightforyoou said:

    Since the spent fuel rods can still meltdown after 10 years in the cooling pools if the water is removed.

    ..in capitalism everything is a business.. if you can get a job done in 10 years, you'll get it done and have a big payday, instead of getting it done in 1m and having less.. ;)

    Spent nuclear fuel rods can still be useful, so they keep them that way for years and make money from it..


  6. On 1/19/2023 at 4:16 PM, TheVat said:

    Is there anti-tracking software that would entirely remove all Elon Musk news from any news outlets I'm browsing? 

    Make your own web browser extension which scans for specified text which you don't want to see. Here is example project:


    Add, for example, the display:hidden attribute to the entire paragraph with specified text, and it will disappear (but still take space).


  7. 1 hour ago, pacman9090 said:

    Thanks, rathlin and Sensei. I was leaning more towards C and C++ to start because they are fast, efficient, and mature, meaning they are well documented and supported across platforms, which would make them perfect languages for creating games.

    People use Unity and Unreal engines to develop games. They are indeed written in C/C++. But do you ("beginner") really want to make your own game engine? I don't think so.. Having such heavy projects at the beginning of the journey would most likely put you down..

    Scripts that extend game engines are usually written in C# and Python.

    These days, to make a game you need 3D assets and/or 3D gfx artists, and almost no programming skills.

    1 hour ago, pacman9090 said:

    Rust and Go both seemed like more modern choices, C++ is also modern, but C is not, but I was afraid all those modern features would slow down C++, Rust, and Go. I also have an interest in learning about technologies like Raylib, SDL2, OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX 12. C is an easier language to learn than C++, so I would normally prefer beginning with C, over C++, but C++ is considered better for game development, while C is better for OS kernel development than game development. There is just so much to consider.

    C/C++/C#/Java is 75-90% the same stuff. Unless by "learning language" you meant "learning built-in and 3rd party libraries/modules/extensions". Really, you find out what libraries are available when you create a project. For example, you need to open a file, you search the web for "how to open a file in [the language you are writing the project in today].". You can't learn all the methods/functions from all the libraries in advance, because programmers (counted in the tens of thousands) create these libraries faster than you can read them.

    Really, start writing program, instead of talking about it.

    For example, follow this tutorial ("how to create a calculator in C#"):

    There are many such tutorials:


    The difference between this C# code and C++ Managed (C++ which uses .NET Framework) is marginal (99% the same).


  8. Use the right tool for the right type of work you intend to do.

    If you want to write end-client Windows applications (freeware,shareware,commercial, sold to individuals or companies) then you should consider using C/C++/C#/C++ Managed

    If you want to develop front-end web-server applications (installed on a virtual hosting service) then you should consider using PHP (it will generate HTML, eventually CSS, eventually JavaScript, eventually other file-formats). PHP is installed on all/most virtual hosting services (other technologies are not)

    If you want to develop back-end web-server applications (installed on a dedicated server) then you should consider using Bash, Python, Perl, CGI (obsolete, it's compiled C/C++), jNode (server-side JavaScript) and endless list of new technologies. Actually, you can use any language to generate HTML/CSS/JS for users (visiting WWW), because you own the dedicated server and can install anything (unlike virtual hosting, where you are limited to the software installed by the IT company where you bought the hosting).

    If you want to develop applications for smartphones then you should learn (Android) Java, Kotlin, (iPhone) Swift.


    To start, install Visual Studio Community


    and use one of many template projects.


    1 hour ago, rathlin said:

    You'll also want to learn x86/64 Assembly and LOAD your C applications up with unnecessary functions written in Assembly for the purpose of speed. 

    Nowadays, people use GPUs (OpenCL,CUDA) to accelerate applications.


  9. 4 hours ago, pacman9090 said:

    Python is what adds functionality to a webpage. You can write web applications for a website in computer languages like Java or C#.

    ..only if you have a dedicated server.. but on a dedicated server, you can use any language to dynamically generate HTML/CSS/JS on the fly..

    Java applets are no longer supported by web browsers (client-side).


  10. Quote

    How does Jack Sweeney track Musk’s aircraft?

    ..you must be smart.. ;)

    Programmers solve problems such as these every day..

    Check how Flight Radar works: https://www.flightradar24.com

    It does the same thing, but for all aircraft.

    If you know the aircraft's unique identifier, you can even use Flight Radar data.

    How to get a unique aircraft identifier? Find out from social media what a person is doing, where is in a few days, weeks, and analyze Flight Radar history..


  11. On 1/17/2023 at 6:59 AM, Dhamnekar Win,odd said:

    How can I write a program in R or in Octave to simulate this game?

    R? Octave? Never heard of.. ;)

    Write it in C/C++/Java/JavaScript or so..

    On 1/17/2023 at 6:59 AM, Dhamnekar Win,odd said:

    How can I write a program in [...] to simulate this game?

    Write in a computer language you know.

    Where is the problem?


    On 1/17/2023 at 6:59 AM, Dhamnekar Win,odd said:

    How would you answer all the above three questions?

    The homework section of this forum is not for answering questions.. it is meant to help you figure things out on your own..

  12. 2 hours ago, JacobNewton said:

    The USA while not a global governing body of sorts like the EU, is still a force to reckon with, being the worlds most powerful nation.

    ..but US is not the nation..

    Find a person on the street in New York, you'll get "I'm Jewish," "I'm Italian," "I'm Chinese," etc.

    In Chicago, they will say "I'm Polish"..

    The only ones who have no idea where they came from are the descendants of slaves who were captured by force or trickery and enslaved..


  13. @Capiert



    Have you ever seen a pendulum ? Is its speed highest at the highest point (=far from the center of the Earth) ?


    5 hours ago, Capiert said:

    Nature does NOT abruptly change her laws;
     (but) men do.
    Especially when they did NOT understand.

  14. Physically, the molecules are practically unique. i.e. if there is not a single change in the atoms arrangement, there are still differences at nuclear level, Hydrogen occurs with several different isotopes (H-1, H-2, H-3), Carbon (C-12, C-13, C-14), Oxygen (O-16, O-17, O-18), Nitrogen (N-14, N-15).. The number of permutations in DNA is astronomical.. Of course, basic DNA test won't show this..

    Targeted enrichment can be used in research:



  15. On 1/15/2023 at 1:07 AM, Externet said:

    Good day.

    Trying to visit a website typing only the domain and .com;  the address appears as ww12. ------ domain.com and shows blank contents.

    What is happening ?  Seen before a ww1 long ago but was able to access it.

    Some scripts check if you are entering from the correct referrer and if not, do not allow you to view the content.

    Some scripts check whether the user is logged in (i.e. typically proper cookies must be sent).

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