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  1. Yes that is correct, that is why if you don't understand something, you simply ask. You shouldn't neg rep someone just because you don't understand something. The real breaking down of contact is when the poster doesn't ask!
  2. That's such an ungrateful attitude. None of us here are made to participate here, but there should be a certain level of respect for those who do. Also, going back to another post, when someone said ''who am I to judge,'' well right back at you at all. Who are you to judge? My attitude has been extremely mild. I once replied to bignose, one incident where I might be called rude. But that's all. I honestly don't recall any other case, only that my posts on occasions have been misinterpreted, but hey that's life.
  3. I'll plug in some hypothetical values later.
  4. I am not stupid, I see good quality posts and can recognize them. I cannot force anyone to like a post, but to say my posts don't warrant good rep would be disingenuous because I know better. Most would know better.
  5. It could calculate the lumonisity of quasars possibly, or a large charge which is accelerating the vicinity of a massively warped space and time. The luminosity will certainly get brighter from the source.
  6. Mmm yes but no one has outwardly called me a crank on this site. I'd certainly give some of the posters here a run for their money when it comes to physics. But my posts are almost never rewarded correctly, which suggests to me the system is abused in some type or manner.
  7. I call a spade a spade. If you feel hurt from my comment, go post in another thread. Truth hurts.
  8. Notice someone neg repped the post which pear positively repped? And you really expect me to think anything else? And that other comment was after I had been extremely patient with a poster and they were still wasting my time!
  9. With a forum full of posters who clearly have the mentality of children, this is to be expected I suppose.
  10. I am sorry if my posts came across unfriendly, I have no opinion about you either way.
  11. Yes it seems like it isn't a perfect system, if not unfair as well. I don't think it is a particularly notable feature of the site either, it entices favouritism it seems. I wouldn't be as bold to suggest it should be done away with; that would be a big thing to ask of all posters who have been working on this rep system for many years.
  12. Fair do's. Then why is it all tallied up in our profile? Assuming that you neg a post concerning the validity of scientific content, then what is it's purpose in the profile of people? Reflecting on myself, someone could go into my profile and assume off-hand I am a terrible contributor to the site and personally I don't think that is true. I might not be the best poster but I do give my cents worth when due.
  13. Why do they even exist? Do you not think it is a bit unfair that posters can be biased in their opinions of posters here and so they find themselves negging these people, just because they don't like what they have said? Surely negging posts only paints a picture in someone's profile whether they can be trusted. I think out of all the posters, I make good contributions but I never get positive reps. So what is the deal with system?
  14. missed it. I was in a rush yesterday when I read that comment. However I thought the difference was obvious since I was dealing with the ratio of wavelengths which were written differently. That's such an immature thing to do negging a post timo. Get a life.
  15. No I changed my mind. I am not going to go away. I don't need to blow off steam, none of that, and I know I wasn't in the wrong.
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