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  1. Ghent University ranked 71st on the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities! We beat KU Leuven!

  2. Passed all my exams ^^ Off to my 2nd year in medicine!

    1. imatfaal


      enjoy your summer vacation

    2. Function
  3. All exams of my first year in medicine finally over :')

  4. 1 last exam ^^ damn tough one though

    1. imatfaal


      My anatomy viva was possibly the hardest hour of my life. I hope all the exams went well

    2. Function


      Hi, imo, anatomy is one of the most fun parts of medicine (so far, we've handled skeletal muscles and their innervating nerves (although a full block of nerve system is given next year), osteology, artrology, ateriology and venology and the relations of all those structures to one another). The satisfaction of knowing what runs where and all the topographical anatomy is what makes it so fun ^^ Most difficult part, to me, stays stuff like molecular biology.

  5. Hum drum la dee da... 4 exams down, 2 to go... >:)

  6. Passed the entrance exam for med school! Guess I'll be spending the next 12 years on studying medicine (/o.o)/

  7. Gotta love Science Forums :) ...and Fermat ;)

  8. Wiles... Why couldn't you find an easier proof..

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    2. Sato


      I think he's referring to Wiles' rationale for writing the complicated proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. On that note I'd suppose that the proof itself is an explanation of his thought process :P. But then again.. the question was probably rhetorical haha.

    3. Unity+


      That could be it. lol

    4. Function


      I indeed meant Wiles's way too long proof about FLT. Retorical indeed ;)

      Had to find a subject for research competence for maths, wanted to do it about FLT, but my teacher didn't feel like letting me look into a +100 pages proof.. Wasn't my meaning, though.. But whatever.. Now it concerns Fermats little theorem ;)

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