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    I enjoy thoughts of higher learning, self-realization, and the supernatural... they all tie in together, and science is how I choose to explore them.
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    i do not know much about many science topics, but i intend to learn as much as I can.
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    mother of 4
  1. If it were legalized, I believe more people would smoke it. However, I believe people would smoke it less over time. It perhaps would be like candy to a child at first, but as we age, we desire candy less even though we can have it any time we want. When I was younger, I was not allowed to have candy much. Every time I went to the store, I promised myself I would buy one of every kind of candy when I was old enough to do whatever I wanted. I never did do that, because I no longer desired the candy as much. People throughout history have wanted what they couldn't have. once they could have it, it didn't matter as much anymore.
  2. Let us teach love, respect, and freedom to the new generation. Let them know from the time they are born that they are sovereign and worthy of a good life. Teach them to think and evolve from babies into fully conscious, creative beings. Let us teach this to EVERY single one that is to be born on earth. This will solve alot of problems in the world.
  3. I say do not torture yourself over it. I died and was brought back. God does not require anything from you or any of us. We are and always will be One with the All and the Source. Live your life as happily as possible without trying to cause pain to others. God IS Love. Search for Love for yourself and for others and you will die satisfied. I love you all unconditionally. That is the way it is in "so called" Heaven.
  4. My family has Schizophrenic tendencies. However, I have been categorized as having PTSD. In my opinion, I could not tell the difference in other family members "seemingly" schizophrenic episodes and my own PTSD episodes. As a very young child my imagination was a huge distraction which limited my ability to fit in with the world around me. I walked in a dream state more often than not, and I cannot remember much from my childhood due to this. Even my family members said they observed this while I was growing up. I never seemed "quite there."The things I do remember are moments from photos my family have... and some traumatic events. I still cannot remember common daily conversations, but i can remember facts from books. My imagination is my favorite part about myself. I do wonder if what you have pointed out has anything to do with the way I live my life. I am social, but in a limited fashion due to the unimaginative reality of the world around me. I get along very well with young children. I know I share their view of the world more than that of adults.
  5. That is interesting... I still hate the process, though.
  6. I love to take long, hot showers. I don't get dirty or sweat, but I love the burn!
  7. I think it depends on the lady. I know women who cry and whine if they do not get dinner and a gift. However, I appreciate it when my lover shows a sense of compassion towards others. Material things mean much less than the evolution of feelings and common understanding. but I did get an electric blanket... and I LOVE IT!
  8. It is too bad the children cannot be removed from the area while they fight it out. They are the future of their country and culture. If they grow up in that type of environment, their mindset most likely will be similar to that of their parents. The cycle will not end if the children are not taught a better way.
  9. Greetings to everyone here. I look forward to meeting new friends. I am interested in anything anyone is willing to teach me. I have a great sense of humor and look forward to lots of laughs while I learn. I was looking for how to make penicillin when I found this site.