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  1. Misty concepts

    I find your explanation of how eye cells are activated really fascinating. I have read quite a lot on this subject and I never encountered such a theory. Again, would you you be so kind as to provide me with references and links?
  2. Misty concepts

    this quote would have been more accurate. I am curious about the classical description you are mentioning. If it means the use of wave theory and vibrations to explain vision, I remain very interested indeed. In particular, I would be very interested in the process of transformation from wave to quanta you are referring to.
  3. Misty concepts

    I am very surprised at this affirmation and would be very interested in references and links.

    I certainly agree with you on this. Anyway, if I had to judge the value of my ideas by their popularity I would look first at my reputation. I am glad I do not. But both reputation and views do give some information about the interests and the convictions of the users of this forum. As such, they are fairly decent indicators.
  5. Misty concepts

    This is what I said in the first post of this thread. There is no theory of vision, that I know of, that makes use of the wave theory of light.
  6. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    you should definitely do that. How would such a diagram look like, drawn on scale?
  7. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    I did, but you find my view apparently so strange that you simply ignore it. Imagine your size, as an observer, and that of the sun. Forgetting about perspective, how much would the sun rays need to converge for you to see (half of) the sun?
  8. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    Please remember that you are thinking in terms of ratios given by perspective. Seen like this I can only agree with all of you. What I am saying is that our perspective, which is certainly unavoidable as far as we are concerned, does not explain space. Objects become smaller with distance, seen from our perspective. But seen from the other side, it is us who are becoming smaller and smaller. At the same time, when we try to think about it, we cannot deny that neither the distant objects nor ourselves have shrunken to a point.
  9. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    That's what I would like to know. Anyway even that wouldn't help. How much would the sun rays need to converge to reach the eyes of an observer on earth? Almost parallel would not cut it I'm afraid.
  10. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    Aren't you changing the theory?
  11. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    - I do not! - you do too!
  12. Misty concepts

    show me, or if you think I will not listen, show the world.
  13. Why is the sky blue on Earth

    Yes, draw a diagram... of the sun, earth, the observer, and keep the same ratios as far as size is concerned.
  14. Misty concepts

    Except that I already know what a sin function is, and what is meant with "continuous" and "discrete" in mathematics. One certainly needs a minimum of knowledge of mathematics to "philosophize" about mathematics, or any other branch of science., but one certainly does not need to be a specialist. In fact, being a specialist might just be a hindrance in such a case.
  15. Misty concepts

    Again, this is only correct if one consider details that only specialists learn to understand after years of formation and experience. But the idea that we cannot understand the universe sounds like some form of obscurantism, or elitism. Whatever the good intentions behind it. This is a view that is easily reached within the context of Quantum theory. The idea that Nature does not comply with our intuition and logic is a metaphysical stance that has reached the status of a scientific dogma.